Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dance Legend - Fruity Milk

I have two more Dance Legend polishes to share tonight. These ones are from the Fruity Milk collection which cosists of pastel milky polishes with coordinated glitters. There are six polishes in the collection.

Kiwi Smoothie -  a pale green milky base with bright green and pale green metallic hexes.  There are also tiny green and gold hexes.  The formula was good but a little sheer.  It took three coats to build it to opacity, but you could always layer it.  The glitters lay smooth and flat and were easy to spread on the nail without creating bald spots

Pink Marshmallow - a pastel pink milky base with a variety of glitters.  There are larger red, green, blue, gold and silver hex glitters as well as gold, silver, green and pastels blue smaller glitter and a fine silver shimmer.  Again the formula was good and easy to apply.  Opacity was a little bitter with this polish, but I still did three coats.  All the glitters lay smooth and don't curl and there is a nice mix of glitters without it being a heavy glitter polish.

Dance Legend ships internationally and their shipping rates are cheap.  Only $10, and free if you order more than 10 polishes.  Just remember that the shipping is slow - or at least has it been for both of my experiences.  I made an order back when I showed you the first Dance Legend holo polishes in early May.  It took about two weeks to get a tracking information, and it's been already been 33 days since it was lodged at the post office in Russia.  It should be here soon (I don't even remember what I ordered now!)

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  1. I haven't ordered anything from Dance Legend yet, but I swap with a Russian girl, and her swaps usually take 6-8 weeks from she ships it till they reach me O_o


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