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Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Ulta3 Pastels with glitter layering's

Here are some glitter layering's I tried over the Ulta3 pastels.

Gloss n Sparkle Mirage over Ulta3 Blue Hydrangea.

Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-Mint over Corsican Rose - Perfect match to the bottle colour!

Lynnderella Noesgay over Ulta3 Lilac Bloom - Don't you just love how those polish names go together.

Jelly sandwich with two coats of Ulta3 orange blossom, one coat of Glimmer by Erica Twilight Sky and one coat of Ulta3 orange blossom.

BYS Kinky Pink over Ulta3 pale dahlia.

Light on the chit chat tonight - work is crazy busy and my brain is fried.

See you tomorrow for another Halloween mani.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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BYS Hocus Pocus

I was going through my swatch box and found this little BYS beauty that I hadn't worn yet.  This is Hocus Pocus and it is an aqua polish with a silver micro shimmer. 

Up close of the shimmer.

What I love about his polish is that it's such a summer colour to me.  The silver shimmer in this makes the polish look wet and shiny on your fingers, like they are dripping with water.  It also reminds me of the shimmer on the fibreclass finish to our pool.  Although its not the same colour, it does have the same wet and shimmery finish. 

The formula was nice on this, maybe a little sheer, this is three coats.  But what I did find was that this polish was smelly, really toxic smelly.  Oh the things we do for a pretty polish!

Friday, May 14, 2010

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BYS - a couple of chromes

I really want to keep my holo theme going, but I don't have anymore swatched just now - I have to wait for the sunlight on the weekend.  Instead we'll have some sparkly fun with a couple of BYS Chrome polishes.

BYS Thank God it's Friday.  A light mauve foil finish.  It dried a bit streaky but the brush and application was very good. Good colour pigment, this was two coats.

You can't really see the streaks with this polish indoors, only when in direct sun light.

BYS Bling! is a cool toned gold.  I wouldn't really call this a chrome or a foil, to me it's just a gold metallic polish.  This was two coats and it was a little sheer.  It could have used three.  I love gold polishes, especially cool toned ones, and this is right up there with my other cool toned favourites like Jessica Palladium, Orly Luxe, Ulta3 Antique Copper and Urban Decay Twisted.  I feel a comparison swatch coming on.

And an indoor pic, just cause I took one.

I'm swatching green holos tomorrow.  Cool.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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BYS - metallic angel

I've said it once and I'll say it again. I love metallic polishes.  This beautiful polish is BYS Metallic angel. This polish is made up of tiny irregular shaped metallic flecks that are silver and tan in colour.  The light reflection on this looks pink, but it's really more of a tan/neutral coloured metallic.

It was great to apply, very smooth and even and no streaks.  In sunlight this polish is spectacular.

Indoors this polish is much more subtle and you can really see the different coloured metallic particles.  It was a little sheer, this was three coats, however it dried very fast so many coats is not a problem.  Indoors you can still see a slight visible nail line, but in sunlight you can't see anything because of the blinding reflection.

This was my first BYS polish - which is another Australian polish brand.  These retail for $4, which is very reasonable for polish here in Australia (where a bottle of OPI costs $20). Very happy with this polish, I actually wore it for about three days! I can see it staying in my regular rotation.
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