ulta3 colour guide

Welcome to my Ulta3 colour guide.
Here you can view Ulta3 polishes grouped by colour. Soon you will also be able to view Ulta3 polishes by name.

Ulta3 are a cheap, but great quality Australian nail lacquer. They are available from leading chemists (pharmacies/drug store) throughout the country, where you must 'bin dive' to search for the right colour.

The Ulta3 Facebook page has a stockist locator for Australia, so that's probably your best bet for finding them.
I welcome your feedback on this colour guide. Please email me at morenailpolish@iinet.net.au.

Ulta3 polishes by colour


Dusty rose - Two coats. Neutral tonedpale shimmery pink.

Bon bon - Three coats. Very pale pink frost.

Baby pink - Three coats. Pale pink with a blurple shimmer.

Natural spring - Three coats. Very pale pink crème.

Pink supreme - Two coats. Pale pink base with pale pink and gold shimmer

Stardust - Two coats. Pale pink shimmer

Beesting - Dusty pink base with a silver shimmer

Elegant mauve - Two coats. Dusty mauve shimmer.

Yummy mauve - Three coats. Pinky mauve shimmer.

Bo peep - Two coats. Strong bright pink crème. A shade lighter than footloose fuchsia.

Eighties fuchsia - Two coats. Purple tinged almost neon pink.

Footloose fuchsia - Two coats. Strong bright pink crème. Slightly darker than bo peep.

Fruit tingle - Three coats. Fluro hot pink.

Hot spring - Two coats. Bright almost neon deep pink

Silver pink - Two coats. Bubble gum pink with a pink shimmer

Bouquet - Three coats. Hot pink shimmer is a bright pink base with slight duochrome effect showing red edges.

Plum violet - Two coats. Blue toned pink creme.

poppy - Two coats. Frosty hot pink

Delight - Two coats. Dusty pink frost.

Freesia - Two coats. Shimmery blue tones pale pink.

Party shoes - Two coats. Bright bubble gum barbieh pink creme.

Sunset pink - Three coats. Bright hot pink creme.

Strawberry Sundae - three coats, pink creme.

Pale dahlia - three coats. Pastel pink with a stong pearlesent silver glow.

Pink peony - three coats. Bright pink creme.

Pink Hibiscus - two coats. Bright pink creme.

Flirty Bikini - two coats. Blue toned pink creme.

Acapulco bliss - three coats. Dark pink with purple shimmer.

Celebutant - three coats.
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