Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Rainbow fluid art for Digital Dozen does colours that collide

Here is the final ook for this week in my five days of fluid art.  I was going for a rainbow look, and used the Pipedream A Night in Vegas polishes as they always look so fantastic together.  The final look ended up very pink looking, and the cooler blues and greens didn't really come through much.

I used my own mixed up bottle of clear fluid art polish, made using the quirt of Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine serum.  But this time I did a slightly another new technique when I used a stamper to smoosh a pool of polishes, but the difference was that I used the black flat side of the stamper. The flat side doesn't end up making a gap in the center like a regular domed stamper.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Fluid nail art with Halloween colours for Digital Dozen does colours that collide

Are you ready for another fluid art design. I hope so, because I've been enjoying these so much recently I think I will continue to participate in the #Fluidartfridays and find the group that sets the colour palette each week.

Today I chose to go with a Halloween theme with the colours of green, orange and purple.  This was also my first attempt at creating my own fluid nail art polish.  I mixed up my own clear polish and added a full squirt of Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine. Yep, you read that right, I added a pump of hair serum into my polish.  I read about this on instagram from a number of different posts and thought I would try it myself.  Some people said that it's the silicone in hair serum that make it creat the cells, but I'm not so convinced.  That's because I also tried making my own fluid art polish with silicone spray.  We have plenty of cans of silicone spray around the house because we use it on our pool pump and equipment.  I tried spraying some of the silicone into a small tube and let it settle and evaporate for a while. But when I mixed it with the polish I didn't find that it made any cells.  I wonder if its the Moroccan Argan oil in the hair serum that works?

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Pink and Greg Fluid art for Digital Dozen does Colors that Collide

Can you tell that I'm having lots of fun trying out different polishes and techniques for fluid nail art?

This time I have used the Sinful colors transforming polishes in Purpunk, combined with a pastel pink and black polish.  The technique I used this time was to paint random dots down on my silicone mat and then use the zip side of a zip-lock bag, and carefully drag it across the polishes.  I managed to get some good cells again using this technique. 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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Crazy fluid nail art for Digital Dozen does colours that collide

It's day two for the colours that collide prompt and I have a really crazy fluid art design to share with you today.  For this design, I again used some of the Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming top coats. But instead of just one, I used two. A red and a blue. I also use a regular white polish for this look too.

I used a different technique with these polishes. Rather than using a stamper to squish the drops of polish, I just piled up the colours on top of each other like a water marble, except on the silicone mat. Then I picked up the mat and swirled the polishes around letting the run into each other and all around the mat.  The end result was this crazy look with lots of cells splitting and showing the colours underneath.  I totally love how this came out.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Colours that collide - Fluid nail art Day 1

It's another Digital Dozen week and the theme this week is colours that collide.  I thought for a while about how I would interpret the prompt this week, and I've ended up settling on my own personal theme for the week, that being Fluid Art.

Acrylic Fluid Art on canvas is all the rage at the moment, in fact I wasted quite a bit of time watching fluid art pour videos on Youtube. They are so satisfying to watch I tell you.

I've been reading about lots of different ways to do fluid nail art, and I thought I would try out a bunch of them this week and see what works for me. I plan to use a range of transforming top coats, as well and making my own transforming top coat based on all the cool experimenting other crazy nail ladies have done.

This first look is made using a transforming top coat from Sinful colours.  This ones is the pastel purple one called PurPunk, which you actually can hardly see in this design. To get the mix of colours, I just did drops of all the polishes onto a silicone mat and then pressed a large stamper into it.  After removing the stamping all the cells start to appear like magic.  These Sinful transforming top coats (offically called Hypnotic Transforming top coats) work so well for this type of nail art.

Ok, no bring on a week of Fluid nail art.

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

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My home town of Canberra has been painting the town green this week, because the Canberra Raiders have made it into the NRL Grand Final tomorrow. For my American readers, that's our equivalent of a football team making it to the Superbowl.

Canberra last won the NRL Premiership 25 years ago, so we are well due for a win.  All around town this week people have been making all sorts of things green. Green sausages, green pastry on the meat pies, green bread, green coffee froth on top of your cappuccino, the Telstra Tower and other city monuments are lit up with green lights, anyway you get the idea. Literally painting the town green!

Back in 2012 The Canberra Raiders made it to one of the elimination semi-finals, but lost. I did Raiders nail art back them too, and I'm glad to say that I think this one, whilst very similar, is much neater.  I printed out another water decal for the team logo, and freehanded the other stripes.  The pinky finger represents the local saying of "We bleed green".

Good luck boys and GO RAIDERS!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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31DC2019 Recap

Once again, it's time for my recap post. I love doing this at the end of every year following the 31 Day Challenge, to look back at some stats around which were my most popular and least popular designs.

On Instagram, my most liked manicure was orange design, but with added help. On Instagram I applied some werble effects and actually made my nails look like fire. If I don't count that as my most popular, because it was a very different post, then it was my glitter placement as the next most popular.

On my blog, my most visited blog post for the challenge was my red design. But I reckon that is only because it was the first post of the challenge.

My least visited mani on my blog was the geometric design.  I can't even tell you yet what my least liked mani on Instragram is because I haven't finished posting them all there yet. Sorry, I'm a slacker!

Here is a recap of my all manis. You can click through to each post by clicking on the images. I'd love to know which one you liked best and which was the most popular nail design you created on your blog or IG?

Also, make sure you go over to Buff and Polish and grab one of the finisher badges for your blog or insta if you made it the whole way!.

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