Monday, January 31, 2011

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TBN Ultramarine blue

Today I have a frankenpolish that I made up ages ago and never got around to posting.

I made this up using a bottle of white polish from Totally Beautiful Nails (a cheap Aussie brand) and then added about a teaspoon of Ultramarine Blue pigment that I got from TBK Trading.  It made a a strong creamy bright blue polish.  A really simple frankenpolish that anyone could do.

Below shows the first time I swatched this.  This was two coats without a top coat.  As you can see, there were still tiny granules of pigment left on the nail which made it look slightly rough.  A nice layer of Seche Vite covered that right up, as you can see in the top picture.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Urban Decay - Twisted

I have posted this polish in my gold comparison, and I did promise to swatch it separately.

I originally saw this polish on Scrangie's blog when searching for good gold polishes.  This one really is fantastic.  Indoors, it's a dark gold without too much sparkle, but in the sun it POPS.

Close up of the foil finish sparkle in the sun

This is an old polish, but a beauty.  I got mine off ebay, and there are still listings for it, all at reasonable prices.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

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First things first

I'm back for the new year, and am hoping to:
  1. Do more nail polish swatches and
  2. Post more regularly to my blog. 
This is because I have the next eight months off work!!!  Yay, you've got to love maternity leave, long service leave etc!!

Any how, first up, here is my little girl at two days old, who arrived on 14 Jan.

And here she is in the bath yesterday at two weeks old.

And here are her gorgeous little finger nails.  She has lovely long fingers with long nail beds.  Guess who can't wait to paint them one day!! 

Will be back tomorrow with some swatches.

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