Saturday, May 18, 2019

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Pastel smoosh with vinyls and stuff and I don't know how to describe this look

Tonight I'm channeling my inner @clarieestelle8. She created a similar look using nail vinyls back in October 2018 and I've been waning to try it ever since. Her's was way better, and I think a lot of that has to do with the pattern vinyl she used.  If you want to see how to do it, you should check out her instagram posts from October last year where she created a quick video tutorial.

This is one of the manis I created a month or so ago, and am sneakily using for the Digital Dozen does Colours week. 

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Coloured bands with Orly Rage for Digital Dozen does Colours

Orly Rage, what a beautiful polish that I haven't pulled out and used for years.  I reckon this was one of the first 50 polishes in my collection back when I started seriously collecting nail polish back in 2010.

I used nail vinyls to put the coloured bands down, and like I always say, these sorts of manis take much longer to apply that you actually realise. I used a selection of the Pretty Serious Pastel Pet name polishes for the lines.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Paint splats for Digital Dozen does Colours

It's day one of a new Digital Dozen week, and I''m very happy with the theme this month, which is just 'Colours'. This prompt is so easy, because it allows me to post a bunch of nail art that I have worn over the last month or two and just been too lazy to edit and post.  

That said, my first look is one I actually painted specifically for the prompt.  I used some paint splatter vinyls to achieve this look and by the end of the process realised I could have done it a much smarter and faster way.  I did this directly on my nails, where you have to wait until the base polish is dry enough to stick down the vinyl firmly. I really wished I don't with using a silicone mat and a applying them like decals.  

I think my brain is too full of work stuff at the moment for me to get the basics of nail art right at the moment.  I've been so busy at work that I've not stopped for a lunch break for the last two weeks.  Don't get me wrong, it's doing great things for my waist line having dropped about 5 kilos in those weeks, but damn I'm wiped out and hungry at the end of each day!

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Game of Thrones nail art - dragons

Well I guess after last weeks episode, I really should just title this post, Dragon singular, not plural.  I can't believe they killed off another. I've gotta say, I was a disappointed in last weeks episode.  How could Jon not pat Ghost and tell him he's a good boy.  Where did Euron get those head seeking giant cross bows that allowed them to shoot down Rhaegal without them seeing the fleet in front of them! And I'm pissed that they have cut this season so short and then left so much story off screen, like when Sansa and Arya find out about Jon, and then when Sansa tell Tyrion.  Arrgggghhh, they better not screw up the last two episodes.

Tonights nail art didn't exactly turn out how I planned them  I actually did a gradient using Emily de Molly Goddess of Rays and I Love Nail Polish Brilliance.  They are both the same colour shift, except one is a shimmer and the other is flakies.  I was going for smooth skin verses scales, but it didn't really translate tot he nail.  I also wanted to stamp some extra text or images, but the scales stamping mean I couldn't see it.  I ended up sponging a back background on my index finger so I could stamp the three headed dragon from the Targaryen sigal.

Ok, let's hope this next episode is better, and also my next mani! LOL


Sunday, May 5, 2019

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Games of Thrones nail art - Cersei Lannister

I'm here a little early this week with my next weekly Game of Thrones themed nails.  Firstly, what did you think of last weeks episode 'The long night'.  I really enjoyed it. Because I can't watch it live here in Australia, as it airs at 11am Monday morning whilst I'm at work, it mean't I had time to be warned about how dark the screen would be.  We turned all the lights off, and made sure to stream it in high definition.  I feel like we were able to see everything pretty clearly.

The end was certainly a shock, and I do kind of feel a bit a bit torn about Arya doing the deed, I think it's super awesome that she did, but I also feel like he was made out to be such an unbeatable bad guy, that it needed someone with a special blood line to do it.

Anyway, lets get onto today's nails.  I've gone with a red, black and gold theme this week and taken it back to Season one, episode seven I believe it was, where Cersei is talking to Ned Stark and tells him.  "When you play the game of throne, you win or you die".  I've got the hand of the king pin to represent Ned, and the House Lannister sigal of the Lion on my pinky.

Let's home it's a good one!

Monday, April 29, 2019

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Game of Thrones nail art - The Night King

I wont be here long, as I can hear the opening credits starting as I type this. Dah Dah da da da Dah da da Dah Dah. I'm excited for episode three. I hope it's good. I hope not too many people die, but I'm ready for the inevitable.

I'm ready for this Battle of Winterfell with my nail art featuring the Night King.  Winter certainly is here. On my index finger you can just see Viserion blasting out some blue flames. I did some drag marble flames on my pinky too.  

Loving this Game of Throne themed stamping plate that I've used for all the GoT designs so far.  I picked up mine from Mundo de Unas recently.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

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Avengers End Game Nail Art - spoiler free

In just a few hours I'm heading to the cinema with my son to watch Avengers End Game.  I'm pretty excited. It seems half the town are going to see it this weekend and it will be raking in millions and breaking all sorts of records.

Nothing new here with my nail art, as I checked out what other people had done with their Avenger nails and took it from there. Thumb has the Avengers symbol, index finger is Captain Marvel, Middle finger is Iron Man, ring finger is Captain America and the pinky is Black Widow. I specifically chose Avengers that were still alive, and I would really have liked to include Thor, but I just wasn't up for painting a little axe with a Groot handle.

Monday, April 22, 2019

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Game of Thrones Nail Art - Week 2 - Daenerys Targaryen

Are you ready for episode two! I sure am. Its on in just over 30 mins. 

What did you think of the first episode?  I enjoyed it, but felt like everything went so fast.  So many reunions that we had been waiting so long to see and then, BAM, they all happened so quickly that I was a little disappointed.  I didn't get the feels from any of those reunions like I did when Sansa saw Jon at Castle black three years ago.  

Today's nail art features Daenerys and all things Targaryen. I wonder if she will find out today that Jon is her Nephew and the true heir.  I can't image she will take it too well when she does.

Enjoy the show.

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