Saturday, May 19, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Olivia Jade Nails

Here is my final look for Digital Dozen week, and today's inspiration is from Tracy over at Olivia Jade Nails. Tracey is a pretty amazing stamper. I'm so envious of the stamping plate collection.  

When I think about Tracy's signature style, I think of some sort of sponged base and perfect stamping on top.  So that's what I went for here.  It's loosely based off a design she created with some Pretty Serious cremes and I chose different cremes to hers, but I still did the radial gradient with a circular type stamp on top.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - 25 Sweetpeas

Hey Peeps. Can you believe it's day 4 already?  Today's mani is thanks to Sarah over at 25 Sweetpeas who created this look only last month for the Digital Dozen indie week.

I have a feeling this is actually the first time I have created a cheetah/leopard spring without stamping it. And to be perfectly honesty, I really suck at it.  I sure wish I had found a stamp and stamped on the print rather that doing it with dotting tools.  I suggest you jump over to to Sarah's blog to see how it was suppose to look.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Uma's Nail Art

My inspiration for today's mani is Uma, from Uma's Nail Art. She created this design for the metallic prompt of the 31 Day Challenge last year and I thought it was pretty cool.  I even had a stamping plate was was nearly identical to the one Uma used.  Only her's looks a lot better because she has much longer nails and the optical illusion from the plate makes more of an impact.

Silver chrome is always so hard to photograph. I don't know whether I should keep the light reflecting on the nail, or go for an angle without the flare of light coming off the silver. Ugh, the struggles of being a nail polish blogger are real!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Manis & Makeovers

Welcome to day 2 of this inspired by each other Digital Dozen week.  I'll get straight into it with the design, which I fell in love with from Lothwen over at Manis & Makeovers.  Lothwen did this design for the Digital Dozen colour contrast week based off classic colour blocking by Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan.

I followed her pattern exactly and really love how it turned out. The colours all pop so perfectly against each other.  I just wish I was better at painting those damn straight lines!

Monday, May 14, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Copycat Claws

Hello there. Are you surprised that I keep coming back? Again it's been about two weeks since I was last here, but lucky for you its a Digital Dozen week, which means five days of nail art in a row.

This week the theme is Inspired by each other, and I couldn't be happier, because it means I can turn of my own brain and rely on the creative prowess of my fellow Digital Dozen girls to get me through the week.

To start me off, I started browsing through all the DD girls blogs and Instagram accounts to start taking notes of which manis I wanted to create. Well let me just say, Day-am girls, you are all some fine nail artists.  I ended up having so many choices I had to work out a way to narrow the list down.  So because I'm pretty much a lazy arse with nail art these days, I decided to make my decisions on nail art that would be the quickest and easiest to recreate.

Enter mani number one!  I took inspiration from Serene from Copycat Claws for this one.  She posted her design in September last year as part of a review of nail stencils. Now I knew I didn't have those stencils, but I knew I had a stamping plate from Messy Mansion (MM27) with flames on it. I have used it before for this Girl on Fire mani. 

I was all set.  I did my white base, then the awesome yellow to green gradient and was feeling super stoked about what this would look like. But, do you think I can find my bloody plate? I have searched high and low for it and carefully sorted through all my plates, but nope... it has grown legs and walked off somewhere.

So then, at 10.30 at night I had to free hand the stupid flames on (and on both hands cause I had work the next day).

So now I present my hand painted green flames inspired by Copycat Claws.

Monday, April 30, 2018

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26 Great Nail Art Ideas- Creatures with scales

Hey there, look, it's a new blog post.  It turns out I can still do them!  I have to say that my la-z-boy recliner is getting way too much love from my round butt each evening, instead of me sitting here and writing up interesting blog posts about nail art.

Last Friday's prompt for the 26 Great Nail art ideas was Creatures with Scales. As per usual, I completely forgot about the prompts until I started to see the other girls manis pop up in my feed. Then of course I wanted to paint my nails.  So I did.

I took the interpretation very literally and did scales, in the mermaid kind.  These are actually water decals that I got from the Born Pretty store.  I actually thought they would be like most water decals and require a white base and the film would be transparent with the greens, blues and purples. Because of this I painted my nails with a very metallic silver polish with a hope of that shimmery shininess showing through. But it turns out that these decals are total opaque, so my silver base only showed through on the edges where the decals where slightly too narrow.

I added little stones, shells and star fish charms and caviar beads, also from the Born Pretty store.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

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Digital Dozen shows Indie Love - Emily de Molly with Emojis + 26GNAI Things that are round

I'm a little bit late with my fifth Digital Dozen mani this week, but what I did manage to do was combine it with the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge prompt of 'Things that are round.

For the Digital Dozen, I'm showing some inide love to Emily de Molly. I have a massive collection of Emily de Molly polishes they are all such amazing colours.  This one is a few years old, infact it was released in December 2015 (I can't believe it was that long ago).  I know I swatched it at the time, but I don't recall wearing it as a full mani. The colour is called Empty Journal, and it's a rich shimmery blue with purple duochrome.  It applies beautifully and has such a wonderful metallic finish. 

For the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge, I pulled out these Emoji water decals.  I don't even remember where i purchased them from.  I think it was from the Born Pretty Store, and if it was, it was ages ago so I don't expect them to still have them for sale.  What I loved about these decals is that they were a solid colour. I thought I was going to have to apply a white polish coat behind them, but nope. This means you can wear them over any colour, not just a white mani. And in my opinion, they look pretty amazing over blue!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Digital Dozen shows Indie Love - Anna Gorelova Seagull Stamping

I'm not completely sold on the fact that Dance Legend polishes are considered 'indie', but seeing as Uma used an Anna Gorelova polish on Day 1, I'm going with it. Plus it means that for day four I'm still pulling mani's from the vault, albeit that this one is only two weeks old, its still a mani that I didn't specially prepare for this week.  

Later this year we are planning a big trip to the USA during September and October, which means I'm not going to be around for the 31 Day Challenge, so can you believe that I've already started preparing my manis so they can all be scheduled to post before I go.  That's the truth as to why I have such a bunch of manis in waiting, so it looks like I'll just have to prepare a whole bunch more now.

Today's mani actually took ages to do, all because each element was pretty much stamped individually (with the exception of the gold lines)  I used the Lina Feeling Shapely 09 plate. Plus I did paint all ten fingers like this, cause that's just how I roll. In fact it's pretty rare for me not to paint all ten nails with nail art so I can totally appreciate my efforts.

The base polish here is Anna Gorelova Seagull. I don't own many white-ish holos. I can actually only think of one other that I have with a linear holo like this, and that is Emily de Molly Crystal Crown. What they both have in common is a golden shimmer in addition to the linear holo flame. I'd say these two are quite similar, although I bet if I did a side by side comparison I'd find they are totally different. Either way, I love them both and they make a great base for nail art.

Polish provided for consideration.

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