Saturday, July 14, 2018

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Digital Dozen does White - Day 5 random mix

Ah ha, I tricked you. You thought I was going to pull out some fancy freehand cartoon portraits for day 5, to match what I did for day 5 on the black prompt.  Well let me tell you that I do have a great idea for a mani that fits that exact description, but I haven't painted it yet, so instead you get this one from my draft vault.  I counts on the 'white' theme because it was done on a white base ok!

Today's mani was one of those that organically grew as I painted it. I started with some MILV water decals, which are the two centre nails. But I decided that I didn't want to just do a full mani of water decals and I needed to put some sort of artistic flare to it. So I then did a gradient using similar colours to the centre part of the water decals, as well as some of my own gold accents.

When looking at this, know one could tell that it was a combo of water decals and free hand nail art. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

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Digital Dozen does White - Iridescent glitter beetles

You knew these were coming, and whoa do they look amazing in real life and so different to the black versions.  I didn't end up using the exact same glitters that I used on the black one, as I wanted to try out these 'Unicorn Mermaid' glitters that I bought ages ago (like Oct last year) from the Born Pretty Store. 

I used three different colours from the set of six, as these three were the ones that showed the best colour shift.  I thought they looked very cool and subtlety sprakley.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

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Digital Dozen does White - Rainbow bubbles

Yep, you knew these rainbow bubbles were coming, cause that's what Day 3 was on the black prompt.

The black version looked way cooler than these, but I feel my freehand painting technique on this on was a lot better.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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Digital Dozen does White - Holo gradient with hearts

Continuing from yesterday's theme of recreating my 'Black' prompt nails in white.  In February last year, I created these black and holo tipped nails with stamping.  Here is the white version, although using a different stamp design.

I think the black version popped way more that the holo on white, but these have a very soft and ethereal quality to them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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Digital Dozen does White - Multichrome flakies

Thank goodness for another Digital Dozen week to force me to post something here. Otherwise I think this blog would fall into oblivion!  It's tough to keep it going after eight years, but as long as I remember that I do this for fun and for myself, then I think it will keep going, cause we all know I don't do it for the readers, because I don't think anyone comes by here anymore.

Now to this weeks theme. It's White. I love open themes like this. I really wasn't sure what to paint, but then I drew inspiration from the Digital Dozen Black week that we did in February last year.  So for my first mani, I recreated the same mani I did with black polish. Well sort of. You see I realized that if I did it exactly the same then the two manis would look identical. That's because the multichrome flakies are not opaque and the base colour doesn't show through.  Instead of rubbing the multichrome flakies over the entire nail, I did it more random and sparingly.

Here is a macro where I managed to capture the multichrome shift on a few bits.

And then to make it like the black version, I stamped over it (and probably ruined it a little), as I preferred it with just the splatter effect.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

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Digital Dozen - In my Garden - Peacocks

Here we are with day five of the Digital Dozen 'In my Garden' week and I've used a little bit of creative licence with this one.  Clearly my nails are peacock themed. Do I have a peacock in my back yard? Well technically no, but I am going to use this post to bring attention to the plight of the Canberra peacocks who are inhabiting the backyards of my fellow Canberreans.

You see, some suburbs in Canberra have a feral peacock problem. Seriously!  Apparently the peacock population has grown so much since then first one wandered into someones garden in 2003, that in The ACT Governments Management plan that was recently out for consultation, they are planning to trap and relocate the peacocks, and those peacocks that can't be re-homed would be put down.  There was a fair bit of news coverage about it, talking to people who like the peacocks around and those that are finding them a nuisance. 

So in honour of those Canberreans that do have these majestic birds in their backyards, here are my peacock themed nails. I did a combination of water decals and stamping.

Can you imaging having these gorgeous animals on your side fence, or on your roof doing fancy mating dances.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

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Digital Dozen - In my Garden - Fairy Garden

For the penultimate day of the Digital Dozen in my garden prompt, I have a garden within my garden.  This nail art represents the Fairy Garden my daughter and I built recently.  It has a picket fence made with Popsicle sticks, pink and blue handmade mushrooms out of Femo, some butterflies, and a little mailbox and door set that we bought from Kmart.

We added this under our feature table that we built last year.  The stump is what remains of our Mulberry tree, we have to cut it down because its root system was becoming destructive to the paving and pool, not to mention the mess that all the berries made.  On top of the stump, we have attached a huge yellow box eucalyptus tree burl.  It's really quite a magnificent table now.

I chiseled out a flat part on the stump of the tree to attach the door to, and my daughter added one of her little Tinkerbell figurines sitting on the door.  I did try to add Tinkerbell into my nail art, but my choice of green background meant you can't really see her sitting there on the mushroom. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Digital Dozen - In my Garden - Lioness

This might seem like an odd choice for something in my garden, but its totally true, I have a lioness in my garden. First, let's look at the nail art.

I used an old gold Ozotic for my base and then did a waterfall design using yellow and brown shades which represents the garden mulch and grass plants that surround my beautiful lion.  The lion feature nail is a nail wrap I got from the Born Pretty Store.

So now lets meet my beautiful girl. She is huge, majestic and her name is Sarafina. It's probably hard to tell, but she is near life size and she guards a special garden area where we have the final resting place for a few of our kitties that have crossed the rainbow bridge.  Sarafina is the name of Nala's mother from The Lion King.  It was a choice been Sarabi, who was Simba's mother, and Sarafina.  We chose Sarafina because we had lost our beautiful old girl Nahla the same year.  What's funny now, is the new kitten we adopted was already called Simba, so there was no way we could change his name after the rest of the family connection.

As soon as I spotted this amazing piece at Bunnings I knew it had to be mine. For so many weeks after we placed her in the garden we would still get a shock at seeing her there.  She makes your heart jump for just a split second cause you wonder, Whoa! What is that huge animal!

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