Thursday, January 17, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Marble - Day 4 Rainbow flame drag marble

Drag marble flames. I love them, they are so easy to do.  

This time I took the colours to the max, and really pushed the limit of this technique with regular nail polish by using six polishes.  When using this many colours its hard to work fast enough so that the first colours don't skin over and dry before you get a chance to start doing the drag marbling.  

I used all JOSS shades for this rainbow look, except for the purple, which is the original version of Picture Polish wisteria. My bottle is just about empty, which is such a shame cause the original shade is so much better than the new shade.

I haven't done my day 5 mani yet, so I'm not sure if I'll get all five done this week.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Marble - Day 3 Marble Stone

Like most of the other Digital Dozen ladies, I also attempted a freehand stone marble design for this weeks prompt. I've wanted to try a stone marble design for ages and it's always great when a challenge prompt brings that opportunity to the fore.

Instead of doing all my nails with the marble design, I chose to mix it up with some charcoal holographic nail foils. I recently purchased some new nail foil glue and wanted to try it out. Previously I had used a foil glue that applied very thin, and over black polish it make it look blue. I've been searching everywhere for a similar glue and not found anything.  I tried the foil glue from maniology, and despite the excellent reviews it has on it's site I found it horrible to use. It took a billion years to dry, and actually never fully dried, as my nails were sliding off the next day.  This glue was one I got off ebay. It's similar to the maniology one in that it is a white glue, not blue. I let it dry for 15 minutes and managed to get a decent application. But still, no where near as good as the old glue I used to have.  I also recently bought a bottle of 'Best glue ever', which apparently if you water down at 50% works really well. So I'll test that out and report back.  If you happen to know where I can get some of that blue looking foil glue in Australia, then hook a girl up will you :).

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Marble - Day 2 and it's hot as hell

Shit has just got real this week here in Australia. It's hot as hell down here as we are in the midst of a massive heat wave.  We hit 39 degrees today, with 41, 40 and 41 again for the next three days.  For you American folk, that's like 102 - 106 F.

So what better to go with the heat than some scorching neon hot nails!  I cheated a little with the prompt here and used some funky appearance water marble appearance water decals.  But I did fancy them  up a bit by cutting them up and applying them in an arty sort of way.  It also meant I only used 5 decals across all 10 nails, which means I'll be able to make another manicure out of these water decals.

Stay cool out there!

Monday, January 14, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Marble - Day 1

Happy New Year everyone. I'm still here, not very often, but I'm still here posting nail art.  58 blog posts last year - that was a pretty lame effort.  Lets see if I can improve on that stat this year?  I'm guessing that once I get to post all the 31 Day Nail Art I've been doing then I'll be well over the half way mark pretty quickly!

This week is the first Digital Dozen week of the year, and the first prompt is Marble. There are so many different marble techniques now that this prompt was pretty easy.  I did start out with some classic watermarble nails.  I did these by leaving the pattern to dry on top of the water and then cut them up and applied as decals. Its so much easier this way!  

The stamping on my middle finger was for my daughter. Today she turned 8 years old and I wanted to add something to my nails for her today. Naturally as soon as she saw my watermabled nails she wanted matching ones too, but I told her I'm not putting in this sort of effort until she learns not to pick them off. She's a picker my daughter (she gets it from her father!) She would have amazing nails applied and they wont last longer than an hour until she picks them off. I wonder what age she will out grown that behaviour?

Monday, December 31, 2018

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Lisfranc, Polish hauls and Christmas 2018

Hello nail polish loving friends. It's good to still be here.  I thought I would quickly squeeze in one last blog post for 2018.  I'll admit that this year was a pretty light one around here. I'm still painting my nails with nail art at least three times a week, but just getting the photos edited and then something written up it is the main challenge.  Speaking of Challenges, I'm disappointed it didn't get around to completing the 31 Day Nail art Challenge this year.  With my two month vacation in the USA over September and October, it just wasn't something I was able to priorities. I have done about 10 manis from the Challenge prompts already, and I may end up doing the challenge in February or March maybe, once the new year settles in.

As I did last year for this blog post, I did a quick look back at the previous two years.  At that time I had done a recap of my Lisfranc foot fracture that I got as a result of my motorcycle accident two years ago.  I'm pleased to say that the scar on my foot is now nearly not noticeable, especially compared to the purple scars that were still evident in my post last year. It turns out my sandal tan lines are more noticeable these days. 

I usually post about a little polish haul at this time of year too, as it's my birthday in December, and I usually splurge a bit on some polishes around now.  This year I did a big Emily de Molly haul, she has some gorgeous duo chrome metallics at the moment and some great multichrome magnetics too.  I've wore a few of them already, and taken some nice pictures, which of course are unedited. 

Whilst we are still within the 12 Days of Christmas, I feel it's still ok for me to post my Christmas mani.  It's only just now that I've looked back at my 2017 post that I realized I did a very similar look two years ago.  The base polish is a special unnamed one from Sparkly Vernis from about 2014.  I wore it back at Christmas in 2014 where the photos look totally different because they were taken outside, whereas these ones were taken inside under a light.
With that, I fare you all adieu for 2018.  Many happy returns for 2019. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Holo - Day 4

For day four, I've moved onto the fine holo powder burnished into my nails.  Let me just say this took bloody ages to do, and the outcome is less than stellar! How about we called this, #WTFWasIThinkingThursday! But it's still better than tomorrow's fail look for you to look forward to!

I wish I had taken photos of this in direct sunlight, because it certainly looked better than these photos show.  I'm gonna stop now, otherwise I'm just going to continue to bag myself out, and I don't like doing that.  Let's all just focus of the pretty holo flame.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Holo - Day 3

Look, look, I did a double rainbow thing. First a gradient and then holo rainbows too! I'm loving this look so much, cause it's such 'me' nail art.

I recently grabbed a whole bunch of the JOSS creme polishes during their sale, I also think I bought the last of their stock of "Will Not", which is my absolute favorite white creme polish cause it's perfect in just one coat. I got them for about $4 each but these shades are now only $1.95 over on the Nail Super Store website.  For this gradient I used:
  • Red - Out of control
  • Orange - Space Shuttle Orange
  • Yellow - Yellow by Van Gogh
  • Blue - It's Blue. Period.
  • Green - Viridian Green
  • Pink - Fandango Pink

I then applied some nail foils and a thin coat of Orly bonder - which is decent sticky base coat that burnished powders seem to stick to quite well.  Finally, I burnished in some holo power and peeled the vinyls off.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Holo - Day 2

It's day two of holo week for the Digital Dozen and I have some blindingly holo nails.  I'm trying to use different holo finishes for all the nail art this week, holo polishes, rub in powders, scattered holo, and maybe even holo foils if I can get the new bottle of foil glue I bought to work for me.  

Today it's the scattered holo powered that I have burnished into a black base.  I then stamped a circular design on top, which sadly isn't centered on all my nails despite using a clear stamping. I really must be out of stamping practice at the moment.

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