Picture Polish colour guide

With my growing collection of beautiful Picture Polish shades, I thought I would pull together another colour guide.

This will be added to as I wear or swatch new and existing Picture polish shades.

Picture Polish are available from the Picture Polish website ranging from $11 AUD to $14AUD or through their various Network Members located around the world. Prices from Network Members will vary by country.

Picture Polish on Facebook

Picture Polish on Pinterest. Check out Pinterest for lots of other pictures of Picture Polish shades from lots of people.

The polishes shown here are grouped into the same groups as they appear on the Picture Polish website.

Base and Top Coats

Bright/Urban Shades

Collaboration Shades - 2012

Collaboration Shades - 2013

Collaboration Shades - 2014

Collaboration Shades - 2015

Dark Shades

Glitter Shades

Light Shades

Mesh Shades

Opulence Shades

Limited Edition

Rocky Horror Shades

Discontinued Shades

Discontinued - Limited Edition


  1. Oh my gosh! This was soooo so so helpful!!!! Thanks very much for taking the time <3

    I have 2 questions:
    1- Which are your 3 favorites?
    2- What is the code you used to make the images expand on mouse over? I tried to do this and failed- hard!

    1. Three favourites - tough one! I don't think I can do three! Here are my current top favourites:
      Kryptonite, Majesty, Imperial, Aurora, Gravity, Cosmos & Wisteria

      Re the code to do the images, I used CSS to show and hide the images on the a:hover attribute. If you google "css image show hide" you will find plenty of help.

  2. Hi, are you going to be able to swatch Borealis before the march 31st. launch ?
    It would be great to see it on its own and also layered over dark and bright colors to get an idea of this shade. Until now couldn't find anything online.
    Thank you

    1. I have a package with Borealis on it's way, I hope it arrives before the weekend so I can swatch it before the release on monday.

  3. I've always wanted honey dew but thanks to you swatches I've found colors really similar thanks all swatches are beautiful.

  4. thank you sooo much. It really helped a lot. I wanna order my very first picture polish shades and I just couldn't decide which one to pick <3


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