Thursday, January 31, 2013

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CrowsToes - Blue Christmas, Tangled Web & Purple People Eater

Here are a few blue and purple Crowstoes polishes.

Blue Christmas - lots of small blue glitter together with some black and lavender glitter in a clear base.  Perfect coverage on it's own at two oats, no need for undies with this one. Application was perfect - yes that's right, although Crowstoes are notorious for their thick formula, I didn't find this too thick at all.  It was just perfect for this amount of glitter.

Tangled Web - large, medium and small black hexes, black bars and bright blue hexes in a clear base.  I layered one dabbed coat over Revlon Royal and I had a bitch of a time trying to get photos without reflections.  I was lazy and only did one coat of Royal, and when I was dabbing I washed out some of the base colour (as can be seen on my middle finger).  Next time I think I will try this over a grey shade.

Purple People Eater - purple, blue and green glitters in a clear base. Again I layered this over one coat of Revlon Royal. At two coats Purple People Eater provided really good coverage and with another coat it probably wouldn't have needed undies. This layering combo reminded me of Emily de Molly Warrior Princess, but in actuality they are quite different polishes.

Tangled Web and Purple People Eater are both still available from Llarowe. Blue Christmas is not listed, so it may not be available anymore.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Inspired by a movie - Les Misérables

Tonight I have a scheduled post for you, because Mr and Mrs More Nail Polish are heading to the movie theatre!  Whoo hoo.  We don't get out much together so I'm really looking forward to it.  We are off to see Les Misérables.  It's actually the third time I'm seeing it (having seen it twice already with my mum).  It's seriously one of my favourite movies off all time!  I'm not sure how my husband will go with the non stop singing, but I hope he really enjoys it.

My nails today feature the classic image from the Les Mis stage show, which I remember seeing in Sydney when I was an early teen.  I created the image using temporary tattoo paper and placed it over a white nail.  The red and blue parts showing in that image are just from the tattoo paper.  I then painted my fingers to the left of the image red and the ones of the right blue.  These colours represent the red, white and blue from the french flag, which is the background image for the image of the young Cosette.

Last night I also signed myself up for Instagram @morenailpolish  I'm only just working out what I'm suppose to do with it all, and so far it seems like a lot of work to keep updating a blog, pinterest and instagram so I'll just see how I go.  If you have a nails related instagram account and would like me to check you out, I'm happy for you to post your IG names below in the comments.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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A NOTD - Crows Toes Maxxed Out

Today I just have my NOTD for you. Actually, this is more like my nail of the last three days, which is really something for a girl who normally changes her polish daily.

This golden blinged out layering combo of awesomeness is Crows Toes Maxxed Out.  Arrggh - I love gold nail polish so much!  I want to marry this polish and have its babies!  This is one dabbed coat of Maxxed Out over the other polish I plan to have babies with - Picture Polish Majesty.

While I have been wearing this polish for three days, I've actually been enjoying the start of two weeks holidays off work.  I'm not planning to go anywhere, just to spend it at home with the kids.  I thought that while I was on leave I would have hours to spend playing with polish, but so far I'm been just having too much fun enjoying being with my family.  

Although playing with the kids doesn't mean there isn't some nail polish involved.  Here is Miss Madam Two after pinching an old frankened bottle of polish. She sneaked out into the cat run and started applying her polish.  I was closely behind with the camera to see what she was up to, and she was very happy with her handy work.  Oh, and apologies for her minimalist approach to clothing here, whist I admit it has been hot lately, Miss Two has developed a fondness of stripping off - totally.  I'm lucky that she still had her undies on!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

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Lynnderella - Early Halloween

I still have a couple of Lynnderella polishes from the Early Halloween collection that I've not posted.  Here is one I wore a few weeks back.

Early Halloween - predominantly a violet purple glitter, but with various other glitters included such as orange, chartreuse green, black and white.  Shapes include square, hex, diamond, moons and stars (in both the larger size and the itty bitty ones).  Oh, and you can't miss the large black dots either.

For this mani I layered one dabbed coat of Early Halloween over Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle. Application was pretty good considering all the various shapes of glitter in this polish, Multi shape glitters are notoriously tricky to apply because they usually catch up on each other, but with a little jiggling around it was nice.  All the glitters were very well behaved too laying flat and smooth on my nails.

Lynnderella nail polish is available from her ebay store.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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Love Thy Polish - Aussie indie brand

I don't have any more Australian themed nail art to show you, but I do have four great polishes from Australian indie brand Love Thy Polish.  

Love Thy Polish is created by Em from Nails in the Desert. The first three shades are already available from her etsy shop, the last one is a new shade that will be available on 1 February. Her regular sized bottles (12ml) are $9 and she also does big 8ml minis for $6.

The Golden Flame - a stunning olive green with a rich golden shimmer. This is three thin coats topped with Seche Vite.  The formula was excellent and it applied perfectly and smoothly. And can I just say, wow what a great colour and the shimmer is really something special.

Milkshake it - a pale pink crelly base with a sprinkling of of red, dark green, neon blue, cherry and purple hexes in various sizes. Very pretty and it really reminds me of those iced Arnotts hundreds and thousands biscuits.  

This was three coast plus Seche Vite. Application was good, but make sure you wait a few minutes before doing your third coat, otherwise you made drag some of the glitters and it will leave marks in the crelly base.

The Blue Em & M - this one is a beauty.  Don't let the name fool you, this is a rich teal green jelly, it is definitly not a straight blue base.  It has gold holo hexes and both gold and blue micro glitter.  

This is three coats plus Seche Vite.  Application was excellent on this one, coverage was great and the larger gold holo hexes spread themselves out really easily on their own.   I really like this one!

Miss Bossy Pants - is a clear base with silver micro glitter, medium sized lavender glitter and smaller sized holo lavender glitter, which I completely failed to capture. I've layered two thin coats of Miss Bossy Pants over Picture Polish Wisteria, the two colours were perfect together.

Polishes provided for review.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Aussie Nails - Australian Flag

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies out there.  I hope you had an enjoyable day doing whatever it is you do on Australia Day.  My day was pretty quiet at home with the kids.  Mr More Nail Polish is away in Adelaide playing baseball so we just swam in the pool and had a quick outing to meet my new nephew, born yesterday.

Now to the nail stuff.  After a rather intense week of nail art, I bet you're expecting something pretty amazing for Australia Day.  Yet here I am showing you my store bought Australian Flag nail foils.

These nail foils are made by Australian brand Chi Chi, and I picked these up in Target back in about October or November, knowing I could wear them for Australia Day.

Two things I noticed written on the packing are: improved new stretch quality and long lasting.

I was actually really impressed with the quality of these when I first applied them  They certainly were stretchy and I was able to apply them without having any creases or crinkles on my nails, which given my nail curve was a pretty good thing.  I did actually choose to trim the back end of these strips on the cuticle edge because otherwise I felt they would look too much like Union Jacks and not really show any of the stars on the blue.

Sadly the claim that they are long lasting is a bit of a furphy (see me using my Australian slang there).  I applied two coats of top coat to these and sealed the tips really well, but it didn't stop them lifting at the tips and starting to collect fluff and dust on the tip where it's sticky.  By the end of the day they were shitting me so much I had to pull them off. 

But I still think they look great - especially if you're going for the gaudy, loud and in your face look :)  The finish on them is very shiny and smooth, and they certainly get attention.

The inlinkz below still has a few more days for any Aussies wanting to share their nail designs. Especially anyone like Shatter me Claire who is taking her Aussie nail art spirit all the way through to Mondays public holiday. You go girl!

Get the InLinkz code here to add to your blog.

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