Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Emily de Molly - swatch spam

It's been ages since I had enough swatch photos to share a spam post, and while this isn't a huge one, I do have five Emily de Molly polishes from the last few months to show you.  I'm lucky enough to have become good friends with Hayley from Emily de Molly polishes, since we met just over three years ago. Whenever we catch up, she showers us with new stunning polishes and we share nail related stories.

Chicken of the cave - A dark brown holo with a red to gold colour shifting shimmer and flakes.

Did I just curse - A sage green creme base with black, white, pink and orange/green iridescent glitter.

Enchanted Isle - this is the latest polish I got from Hayley, and isn't it a stunner.  It's a beautiful green shade that leans the tiniest be blue and it has a fantastic holo flame. I've also got a bottle of this as part of my up comping 5 year blog anniversary giveaway.

Mind Powers - Blue subtle holo with a strong green flash,

You're not that great - actually you totally are!  I love this one, it looks incredible on. The base is lime creme and it has holographic lime and turquoise glitter with blue shimmer.  I hate that I can't capture the amazing holo goodness of this.

Emily de Molly polishes are available from the Emily de Molly website, as well as through a number of international stockists around the world.

Polishes provided for consideration.

Monday, March 30, 2015

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JOSS Stamping Polish

Today I have a super quick swatch review of some stamping polishes that I recently received from the Nail Super Store.  The collection is a range of six metallic stamping polishes under the
JOSS brand.

For these stamping swatches I used my yellow medium soft stamper head from Messy Mansion and various Born Pretty stamping plates from the BP-L001 thru BP-L008 plates.  I stamped each polish over black and white.

First up is Blue and Steel.  Blue is a nicely pigmented metallic blue, and steel is a dark silver.

Crimson and Lilac.  Crimson is a medium pink and lilac is a pale lilac silver.

Silver and Green.  Silver is a classic metallic silver and green is a pale golden green.

All of these polishes stamped perfectly.  They were nice and thick and slow drying on the stamper, so you don't have work super fast like you do with the Sally Hansen or Layla chromes. 

I really love the colour of blue and crimson, but I wish the colour differences between steel, silver and lilac were more obvious.  The colour in the bottle seems brighter and more coloured than the finished look on your nail.

The JOSS Stamping polishes are available from The Nail Super Store and are AUD$6.95 for a 9ml bottle. Plus they are all 5-Free, so you know what you are stamping on your nails.

Keep a look out for your chance to win a full set of these polishes in my up coming 5 year blog anniversary giveaway.

Polishes provided for consideration.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Picture Polish Pharoah

Picture Polish Pharaoh is one of the newer releases from Picture Polish and it's a champagne gold scattered holo. With a polish called Pharoah, I was excited to use some stamping designs that I hadn't yet used, but really went with the theme.

The stamping images all come from Emily de Molly EdM08 plate. I love how fine the lines in the hieroglyphs stamping image is (plus that I actually managed to stamp it straight!) My index finger has Picture Polish Darcy and a gold Ankh nail charm from Hex nail charms.

Pharaoh is along the lines of the discontinued Ozotic 604, but it isn't a dupe.  The holo particles in this are finer than the original Ozotic 604 and Pharoah is sheerer and paler too. 

The reason the polish looks different in the swatch photos below and the nail art above is because of lighting.  The nail art was taken first thing in the morning with early morning warm light.  The below swatches were taken in the middle of the day with strong white day light.  I decided not to adjust either of them so show how different the polish can look depending on lighting.

I used three thin coats for the swatches below, topped with seche vite top coat.

This is a real 'me' shade, although it probably didn't tip Picture Polish Majesty off it's perch as my favourite gold Picture Polish shade.

Picture Polish Pharaoh is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

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SuperChic Lacquer Serendipity watermarble

My last post showed you some polishes from the recent Serendipity Collection by SuperChic lacquer.  This mani is how I ended up wearing the polishes.

I did a watermarble design on the two middle fingers, and a four colour gradient on the other fingers.  I then topped the look with a single coat of the holographic top coat from SuperChic lacquer called Ride the Neon Rainbow. 

This final look is so soft and has a strong spring feeling and I really loved wearing it, even though we are about to head into the second month of Autumn here.

The Serendipity collection from Superchic Lacquers are available from Wonder Beauty Products.  For more information, make sure to follow Wonder Beauty Products on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Superchic Lacquer - Serendipity collection

Superchic Lacquer recently launched a new collection called Serendipity.  Unfortunately it sold out very fast, and then the next restock sold out fast too.  So I guess that starts to explain the beautiful gorgeousness that these polishes are.  I have 5 of the 8 colours from the collection to show you today, and if you sign up to Superchic lacquer updates through social media, you will be able to find out when these will be restocked again.

This collection is described by Jen from Superchic lacquer as Neon Dewy Day-glow cremes.  This is such a perfect description.  There are lots of indie brands coming out with neon cremes at the moment, but it's the 'dewy' shimmer that this collection has that is so pretty and sets them apart.  The collection also has a linear holo top coat, but I will be showing that to you in another post with some nail art.

There are lots of photos of these swatches, because I just really loved the collection.  Formula was pretty good.  I generally did three coats for all the polishes, although you could get away with two coats for opacity.  I was worried that the dewy shimmer might make the polishes look frosty and streaky, but as you can see there is not problems with that at all.

Cause & Effect. A cross between an tangy tangerine and pink grapefruit.

Dumb Luck - oh wow, look at this stunning green. Described by Superchic lacquer as a jaw-dropping most incredible retro green.  I can definitely see the retro style to this green and it reminds me of the plastic kitchen contains that were around in the 1950's

Happenstance - An over-the-top, hot popping bubblegum pink.

Pleasant Surprise  - a bright turquoise blue that also has that retro feel.

Synchronicity - I saved my favourite for last.  This is an amazing electrified grape purple.

The Serendipity collection from Superchic Lacquers are available from Wonder Beauty Products. Each polish is $10. For more information, make sure to follow Wonder Beauty Products on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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