Thursday, May 31, 2018

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Digital Dozen May Birthday Mani

It's the last day of the month, which means it's Digital Dozen Birthday mani time, and for once I actually remembered to prepare my mani in advance.

The photo inspiration for this is a pretty cool abstract design of various blue shades of paint that all kind of mixing but not.  I've seen a few mani's recently using a special white polish that causes this same sort of separation, and now I'm thinking about it I wonder if those Sinful color Hypnotic transforming top coats might have worked with this. But never mind that now, cause I didn't think to pull them out until just writing this up.

Don't ask me about my technique. I'm not really sure what I did. I painted various thick lines of polish onto my mat, then I lay a piece of plastic over it and pulled it off. I then let that dry and applied these like decals.

Some nails worked better than others. I particularly like my index finger as it has some of the dotty bits.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Olivia Jade Nails

Here is my final look for Digital Dozen week, and today's inspiration is from Tracy over at Olivia Jade Nails. Tracey is a pretty amazing stamper. I'm so envious of the stamping plate collection.  

When I think about Tracy's signature style, I think of some sort of sponged base and perfect stamping on top.  So that's what I went for here.  It's loosely based off a design she created with some Pretty Serious cremes and I chose different cremes to hers, but I still did the radial gradient with a circular type stamp on top.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - 25 Sweetpeas

Hey Peeps. Can you believe it's day 4 already?  Today's mani is thanks to Sarah over at 25 Sweetpeas who created this look only last month for the Digital Dozen indie week.

I have a feeling this is actually the first time I have created a cheetah/leopard spring without stamping it. And to be perfectly honesty, I really suck at it.  I sure wish I had found a stamp and stamped on the print rather that doing it with dotting tools.  I suggest you jump over to to Sarah's blog to see how it was suppose to look.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Uma's Nail Art

My inspiration for today's mani is Uma, from Uma's Nail Art. She created this design for the metallic prompt of the 31 Day Challenge last year and I thought it was pretty cool.  I even had a stamping plate was was nearly identical to the one Uma used.  Only her's looks a lot better because she has much longer nails and the optical illusion from the plate makes more of an impact.

Silver chrome is always so hard to photograph. I don't know whether I should keep the light reflecting on the nail, or go for an angle without the flare of light coming off the silver. Ugh, the struggles of being a nail polish blogger are real!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Manis & Makeovers

Welcome to day 2 of this inspired by each other Digital Dozen week.  I'll get straight into it with the design, which I fell in love with from Lothwen over at Manis & Makeovers.  Lothwen did this design for the Digital Dozen colour contrast week based off classic colour blocking by Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan.

I followed her pattern exactly and really love how it turned out. The colours all pop so perfectly against each other.  I just wish I was better at painting those damn straight lines!

Monday, May 14, 2018

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Digital Dozen - Inspired by each other - Copycat Claws

Hello there. Are you surprised that I keep coming back? Again it's been about two weeks since I was last here, but lucky for you its a Digital Dozen week, which means five days of nail art in a row.

This week the theme is Inspired by each other, and I couldn't be happier, because it means I can turn of my own brain and rely on the creative prowess of my fellow Digital Dozen girls to get me through the week.

To start me off, I started browsing through all the DD girls blogs and Instagram accounts to start taking notes of which manis I wanted to create. Well let me just say, Day-am girls, you are all some fine nail artists.  I ended up having so many choices I had to work out a way to narrow the list down.  So because I'm pretty much a lazy arse with nail art these days, I decided to make my decisions on nail art that would be the quickest and easiest to recreate.

Enter mani number one!  I took inspiration from Serene from Copycat Claws for this one.  She posted her design in September last year as part of a review of nail stencils. Now I knew I didn't have those stencils, but I knew I had a stamping plate from Messy Mansion (MM27) with flames on it. I have used it before for this Girl on Fire mani. 

I was all set.  I did my white base, then the awesome yellow to green gradient and was feeling super stoked about what this would look like. But, do you think I can find my bloody plate? I have searched high and low for it and carefully sorted through all my plates, but nope... it has grown legs and walked off somewhere.

So then, at 10.30 at night I had to free hand the stupid flames on (and on both hands cause I had work the next day).

So now I present my hand painted green flames inspired by Copycat Claws.

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