Sunday, January 29, 2017

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Digital Dozen - January Birthday mani - Galaxy

It's time for another Digital Dozen birthday mani, and for January, it's Shelly, from Sassy Shelly birthday.  Shelly chose a classic galaxy image for our inspiration, which was such fun to create.

Galaxy manis really are so easy to do and you can't go wrong. Dark base and then just sponge on the shades you want (in this case it was pinks, blues and purples), add a little glitter and there and then a few white dots and stars.  Easy peasy!

Happy Birthday Shelly, and thanks for choosing such a great inspiration image.

Friday, January 27, 2017

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Picture Polish Holo Stars, Holo Berries and Holo Night

I have some swatches of three new shades released by Picture Polish at the end of last year. All three polishes follow the same theme together with the LE polish Holo Days released a few years ago at the same time.

Holo berries is a bright red jelly polish that leans orange rather than pink. It has lots of scattered holo particles as well as small silver holo hexes.  Coverage is very good for a jelly polish and I only needed two coats for full coverage.  One coat of top coat was enough to make it smooth.

Holo night is like the sister polish to the LE polish Holo days.  They both have lots of scattered holo particles and red to orange to green flakies.  Holo night is in a charcoal base where Holo days was in a clear base.  Again the base is a jelly finish that builds easily at two coats.  I also did two coats of top coat as flakies can end up looking like little dents in your polish when the top coat dries.

Holo star is the last polish in the collection and it can be used as either a topper or built to opacity on it's own at three coats.  I wore it as a topper.  The polish is a good scattered holo top coat in a clear base, but it has the addition of silver holo stars.  If you didn't want the stars on your nails they are pretty easy to leave behind in the bottle, but if you like the stars they are still easy enough to get out. I didn't have to fish in the bottle at all to get one star for each nail.  This is one coat of Holo star over Essie Starry starry night (original version).

Holo star is still available, but both Holo berries and Holo night are listed as Special Editions, but "may be released again in the near future".

Polishes provided for consideration.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Australia Day Nail Art

I couldn't let Australia day slip by without doing a little nail art.  Unlike previous years where I've gone completely nuts with numerous Australia Day nail art ideas, this year there is just one, and it's pretty subtle.  So subtle that my daughter asked me this morning why I only had the 'Australia thing' on one nail!  I told her that it was all I could be bothered doing last night, but actually I really loved the simple gradient on the other nails.

Last year we were luckily enough to be up in Sydney were we went to Luna Park and Wet n Wild, sadly with my stupid broken foot we aren't venturing far this Australia Day long weekend.  We've decided to try get to the fireworks around the lake tonight, but so much will depend on how far I'm able to hobble around.  News with my foot wasn't great last week. My surgery wound, which is nearly 7 weeks old, still hasn't healed. Doctors originally thought it was infected, but after a swab they said it wasn't. instead they said it just opened up where the stitches had been. I've had fancy silver dressings on it all this week with nurses from the community clinics changing it every second day, and it looks like it's slowly coming together. This time next week and it should finally be sealed.  But the exciting news it that I get to have it all cut open again in about 2 months when they have to remove the metal plates!  Anyway, enough about my foot and back onto the nails.

It seemed right to use three polishes from my three favourite Australian brands for the gradient.  The darkest blue is Type 40 from Pretty Serious.  The mid shade blue is Swagger from Picture Polish and the white is Lily white from Ulta3.

I stamped the stars individually from a Bundle Monster plate and the Union Jack part of the flag was created using the ENAS stamper that I used last year shown here.

Happy Australia Day to any Aussies that might be reading this, and happy Thursday to everyone else.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Stamping decals with Pretty Serious Type 40

Another mani from the archives here, which was done way back before I broken my foot and ankle.  I don't actually recall what I was trying to create here other than I did a bunch of stamping decals an just coloured them in.

This is a image from an Emily de Molly plate if I recall correctly, and for some reason I feel like they have an Egyptian feel to them. I'm not sure why, but the blue reminds me of the Nile river and the other bold colours just give me that vibe. I did all ten nails with this design and it sure was an eye catching look.

I've not done any complex nail art like this for a while, so I really need to get back into it a bit. I've also got so many draft posts of nail art and swatches I've done over the last two months that I just can't be bothered to write up about.  I think I need to dedicate a day to writing up blog posts so I can just get this stuff published. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

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ILNP - That other girl

Over the last few months, I've not done as much nail art because of the difficulties with my foot (which is making me particulary grumpy at the moment, because the orthopedic specialist said I'm still not allowed to walk on it for 6 more weeks!). As such I've got a few posts that are just nail swatches of polishes I've just wore as they are.

The first one is I Love Nail Polish brand That Other Girl.  It's a strong coppery rose gold metallic polish with micro holo glitters.  It's incredibly sparkly and so pretty.  I just loved wearing this one on it's own.  I wore this with a peel off base coat, and I'm sure glad I did, because micro glitter like this are so horrible to remove with polish remover.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Picture Polish Bluebird

Now where did that last week disappear to? As usual it was a crazy busy one. My daughter had her birthday last Saturday, so as per usual, we had a pool party. It was fantastic weather for the party, about 31 degrees. The pool was warm, we had an ice cream cake and the kids all had a ball!  What was different this year was that I didn't get to do any birthday nails for the occasion. I simply had a gold holo glitter polish on.

I was totally exhausted on Sunday, I had definitely over done it in the three days prior. I am still suppose to be non weight bearing on my foot, but for those few days I was hobbling around in my cam boot as I just had too much to get done. I felt like I might have done more damage to it, but after a few days rest it was feeling ok again. I go back to the hospital tomorrow for my 6 week post op check. My X-rays should give me the ok to start walking with doctors approval.

I've had this mani stored in my draft folder for a few months now. I think I actually wore it back in spring before I broke my foot and ankle. The blue polish is Picture Polish Bluebird and I teamed it up with some MLV water decals. Bluebird is a corn flour blue polish with a pink and blue micro fleck shimmer and the fine bijou holo pigment found in other picture polish shades. It's like the sparkly version on swagger.

Friday, January 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Decades - 1980s cassette tapes and ghetto blasters

Welcome to the end of the week. I've got to keep it short tonight as I still have a bunch of things to do this evening. Tomorrow is my daughters 6th birthday, plus her birthday pool party with 20+ kids attending. So much food to prep and still so much cleaning before people get here. 

To make the cleaning worse we had a massive wind storm this afternoon which up rooted trees everywhere and caused major havoc.  Our backyard, which was looking pretty good for the party now looks terrible. There is debris everywhere and there are so many pine needles all through the pool. Now we will have to sweep the entire paving area and vacuum the pool again, which isn't something we scheduled in for our morning.  

We still have to pick up the balloons and the cake. This year I decided not to bake a cake (which is the first time ever!) and instead I've ordered an ice-cream cake in the party theme.  It should be perfect for the 30+ day.  At least the party wasn't today, cause it reached 39.6 Celsius today before the storm came through.

So much for keeping it quick hey!

Onto my last mani for the Decades weeks and today it's the 1980s. I've gone with some neon stamping together with cassette tapes and a ghetto blaster. These are such things of the 80s and my childhood! Cassette tapes were so awesome, being able to instantly record and playback things seemed such awesome technology at the time!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Decades - 1970s Space invaders

Day four and I bring you the 1970s with some classic Space Invaders.  Now I got thiese images off one of the Moyou 1980s plate, but google assures me that space invaders were definitely invented in the late 1970s, and I have no reason to doubt google, cause everything you read on the internet is right. Am I right?

Even though these images were from a stamping plate, these took me ages to create, because I wanted to be authentic to the game.  The image on the plate has a mix of different critters on each line, whereas the real game has the same critter on each line.  This meant I actually had to stamp every image individually. Yep I was that committed. 

All I can say is thank god for clear jelly stampers, cause there is no way I would have been able to achieve this without one of them!

In other news, I did a sneaky bit of walking on my foot today.  I'm not suppose to be walking on it yet, my next check with the surgeon is 20 Jan, but it didn't hurt and it feel so amazing to be able to hobble around a bit instead of using my wheely knee scooter.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Decades - 1960s First man on the moon

Day three, and today's free hand nail art was a real struggle.  I must have spent about 30 minutes on just that one finger. That's ridiculous, especially as it doesn't look that good in the end!

For my base I used Cirque Hatch. It's such a unique polish and I notice it has made lots of bloggers top polishes for 2016 list.  I thought it looked just right for the surface of the moon, being a whitish grey sort of colour with all the grey flecks through out.

The moon boot foot print was painted with acrylic paints, I don't used them very often, but it was easier for this design as I was able to scratch bits I didn't like away, unlike with nail polish, once that is down you have to remove the whole nail to fix it up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Decades - 1950s poodle skirts

Day two for the Digital Dozen Decades week and I'm going to keep it short tonight because my internet is dropping out and I have no idea why.  Australia has such crappy internet speeds, specially for anyone that isn't on the NBN. We have vdsl2, and our speed is ok for downloads at about 20mbps, but for some reason I'm only getting uploads at 0.4mbps at the moment. I'm sure it's nothing on our end, but if I were to call iinet they basically never follow up anything on their end because they always blame it on stuff our end. Grrrrrr.

Today is inspired by the 1950s and I did a poodle skirt design. Yay for free hand two days in a row!

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