Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Ozotic 623 and black holo comparisons

Firstly, what was I thinking here with my nail length.  I had a break on my ring finger and god knows why I didn't file all my other nails down to match the length.  After looking at these photos, I promptly did just that, but for this post you have to put up with unevenness - Argh it's horrible, look away if you need to.

Today I have the new scattered large particle black holo, #623. Blaarrgghh.  What a big fat disappointment this polish is for me.  I was expecting so much.  So many of the 600 series polishes are so holoie and sparkly I was expecting this to be right up there.  Especially considering that the Ozotic linear black holo is so great!

Above picture is in full sun!! So disappointing! Below is taken indoors. This polish just looks speckled, like I've been painting the ceiling with a roller and I have paint splatter on my nails (seriously I've done this and it looks just like the indoor photo)

Even the sparkly angle shot doesn't pick up much holo. 

So now, how does it compare to the other black holos?

Full sun shot from left to right:
Index Ozotic 623, middle Ozotic 526, Ring Glitter Gal black, Pinky Spectraflair franken.

Tilted angle to see the holo effect better.

I'll tell you about the main differences (or similarities) with all the polishes. Finish, colour, opacity and holoiness.

Finish - the new Ozotic 623 has the least shiny finish and is almost a little rough, not glitter rough, but certainly not baby butt smooth either.  The one with the glossiest finish was Glitter Gal.  All these pics were no top coat so you can see the actual polish finish.

Colour - The Glitter Gal polish was definitely the blackest. The new Ozotic 623 was next, then Ozotic 526 and my franken.  My franken is actually rather grey looking, probably because I added way too much spectraflair.  That franken was also made with the standard grade 1500-20, which to me makes polishes grayer than the course particle 1500-35 spectraflair.

Opacity - they are all really opaque.  You can almost get away with one coat for each of them.

Holoiness - My franken was easily the holoiest, followed by Ozotic 526.  It's hard to compare the scattered holo of 623 in with the others though, it really makes it look not holo at all.  I must say that my picture here of Glitter Gal black is way better than my original swatch, it actually looks more holo now, so I'm not as disappointed with it as I once was.

My pick - Probably my franken, cause it was so cheap and quick to make.  But from the commercial polishes, definitely Ozotic 526.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Magnetic Silver Grey

Would you believe that one of the top search terms for people coming to my blog is 'magnetic nail polish'.  So if you just googled magnetic nail polish and came here, welcome!

I recently hauled myself three new magnetic colours from the same place that I have purchased my previous magnetic polishes (Nail Art and More in Austria).  This one is called Magnetic Silver Grey.  When the  polish is applied it is a neutral taupe gray colour, but when the magnetic is applied it pulls through a great gold colour beneath and leaves very light silvery magnetic lines.

I used the star magnet for this design, and like always I had a little trouble lining it up perfectly on my nail, but I still got a finish I was very happy with.

This is a really pretty magnetic polish.  The other two colours I got were Khaki and Pigeon blue.  I'm worried the khaki might look a bit poopie, but they didn't have a colour chart, so I'll just have to wait and see.

I also got two more magnets, one with horizontal lines and one with vertical lines.  I'll use them on the other two colours. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

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Ozotic 609

I only have two polishes left that I swatched before I had a break on my ring finger.  So enjoy my longer nails why they are here. I haven't nubbinised all fingers yet, but I think I will have to cause they look strange.

Today I'm finally getting around to showing you Ozotic 609, silver scattered holo goodness.

I did include this in my silver holo comparison a week or two back.  In that comparison 609 didn't look very holo. I don't know if that is because it was on the perspex stick and not a nail, but as you can see, on the nail it still looks fantastic.

This was three coats, and there is still some visible nail line, especially in the indoor photo, but when viewed under any stronger light source the rainbow reflections are strong enough not to see the nail line in real life.  For some reason my ring finger looks a lot sheerer than the other fingers.  I wonder if I forgot to put the third coat on that nail?

Here is the indoor shot, actually I think it was an outside shot but in the shade.

My favourite sparkle angle.

I love the irregular shaped holo pieces.

On the swatch sticks this looks very similar to Milani HD, I will do a side my side nail comparison of that for you, because Milani HD is cheap and easy to get, and if it's a dupe then that is perfect for everyone (cause these Ozotics are hard to come by)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Chemistry 510

Now I have posted my powder update, I can do a 'real' post.

Here is Chemistry 510.  I haven't see an Ozotic version yet, maybe one will come out with the release of the new bottles that piCture pOlish wrote to subscribers about (if wondering what I'm talking about, scroll to the bottom to see a pic).

Chemistry 510 is a browner toned pink (yep another pink holo).  The easiest way to see how it compares to the other pink holos, is to check my Ozotic/Chemistry colour guide.  I really love this shade.  It has heaps of holo goodness and it's a great pink if your not in a really 'lolly pink' mood. 

Here is my favourite photo angle for holo polishes.  Focused on the second nail, the others go out of focus, so you get to see blury sparkles and what it usually looks like, all in one shot.

Now the zoomed in shot. Zoom, zoom a zooma zoom zoom. (can you tell I have a three year old?) The beginning goes "up in the air I fly...."

Indoors, you can still see the subtle holo effect.

As mentioned above, here are the new Ozotic bottles - I love them, just imagine how well they will stack!! Photo from piCture pOlish. The new bottles are 15ml (instead of 16ml) and now cost $14 ($1 saving).  But they are also having issues shipping internationally at the moment, so if you need details I suggest you contact them.

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Latest update for colour morphing powders and spectraflair

The bottom line is the colour changing powders still have not arrived. 

I suspect that they might be caught up at Customs. 

Because I had to order so much ($1300+ worth of powder), and the $$ amount would have been written on the customs declaration, the the parcel has probably been diverted to Australian Customs. 

I now have to wait for Customs to send me a letter telling me how much extra money I have to pay to get the powders released (customs duty of 5% and GST of 10% - DOH!).  Once I pay that, they will release the package to me. 

You only have to pay duty if the product is valued at over $1000 and it never occured to me when I placed my order that I would have to pay Customs duty and GST because of the amount I ordered.  If I had ordered two seperate amounts a few weeks apart, both orders would probably have come through ok.

Oh well. Lesson learned. Profit margin slashed!

At least the wait and the anticipation will make it that much more exciting for everyone when it does arrive and you can all start frankening.  Also, except for the 13 lucky ladies that got my original batch, no one else has received it yet, so you will all get it at roughly the same time now.

I also believe the same thing will happen (or has already happened) with the Spectraflair. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

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Chanel Graphite

I know just about everyone would have seem lots of swatches of this polish, but if you're like me, that doesn't matter.  I love seeing swatches of polishes I like on different people to see how it looks with different skin tones and on different shaped nails (I especially love doing that with holos, because they look so different on everyone cause of the shape of the nail, whether its curved or flat and so on)

When I first saw swatches of Graphite I thought I just looked like a blackened silver foil.  But then reading peoples descriptions of the colour, they kept mentioning that it had gold flecks as well as silver.  It's very hard to capture the gold and silver flecks with the camera because it is so metallic and reflective.

When I bought these two Chanel polishes, I put Peridot on first for a quick swatch and photo, then I put Graphite on and was amazed a how beautiful it was.  I really didn't think I would like it as much as I do.  I originally only swatched four fingers, but after seeing it on, I had to finish my mani off and then continued to wear it for three days.  This was two coats with no base or top coat, just Graphite it all its naked glory.

This photo shows some on the golden flecks mixed amongst the silver ones, particularly in the bottom part of the photo.

Here is a shot in the shade, blocking the light source so you can see the speckled appearance of this polish.

What I love about this polish is that it's not just a silver foil.  The gold flecks in it warm it up.  I'm a total gold jewellery wearer. Rings, bracelets, watch, all of them gold, and this polish compliments them so nicely. 

I'm so emmensly happy with my first experience with Chanel polishes.  I hope they continue to step outside of the box and create unique colours and finishes, because God knows we are all getting a little bored of seeing the same shades recycled around.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Chanel Peridot and Ozotic 507 comparison

Look what I finally got! And yes, I LOVE IT! 

OMG Chanel Peridot is just the most beautiful colour.  There are so many reviews and pictures out there of this polish, but here are mine.  As everyone else has said, the application of this polish was perfect. It was smooth and easy to apply.  I did two coats and there are still some slight streaks visible in these photos but they really aren't noticeable in real life, or if they are, I didn't care. 

I took all these photos in indirect light indoors, because I think you can see the duochrome effect  better without full sunshine on the nail.

Here is the start of the light green shift.

And at an even stronger angle to see the aqua green.

Now for the comparison pictures with Ozotic 507.  Both of these are two coats, although the Peridot is much more opaque than the Ozotic.  Chanel is on the index and ring fingers and Ozotic 507 is on the middle and pinky.

As you can see, Chanel is a much cooler toned gold than the Ozotic.  But the Ozotic is a little less streaky.  Chanel looks more foil like and the Ozotic more metallic shimmer.

The shift colour is identical, although you can still see that the underlying colour is slightly different.

Here is an up close shot, showing Ozotic 507 on the left and Chanel Peridot on the right.

I bought Graphite too, and it is gorgeous as well, but I think it might be frankenable, whereas this isn't.  I have already bought a backup of this too, and I generally dont' buy backups.

And for anyone still reading at the end of the post wondering if the colour changing powders have turned up, the answer is NOT YET! - God damn it, where are they already!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Ozotic 526

Hello black linear holo!!  Today I have a swatch of Ozotic 526, but I also just got the new black scattered holo version, Ozotic 623.  After I swatch 623, I'll do a comparison swatch of the two black ozotics, my Glitter Gal black and my black spectraflair franken.  So please stay tuned for that. 

Now on to Ozotic 526.  This is your classic black with fine holographic particles.  I'm looking forward to doing my comparison swatch and particularly comparing this with Glitter Gal black.  I remember being underwhelmed by Glitter Gal black when I first put it on my nail because the holo effect was really poor.  Because of the dupy nature of a number of the Ozotic and Glitter Gal colours, I wasn't expecting much from this.  But I was so extremely happy to see a decent amount of linear holo on the nail.

I don't own the original MPJ (I have the brown version, which I actually quite like), but I think this would be a great substitute for anyone lemming original MPJ. 

Even with the indoor shot below, you can still see the holo particles, their not rainbowy, but they are there.

This actually looks amazing in the bottle, and when on the nail you don't quite get as much holo, but it is still pretty good.  This is very opaque, you could almost get away with one coat.  But I feel a bit naked with only one coat, so I did two.  In fact it is pretty amazing that a polish this opaque can still be this holo, usually you need a rather sheer jellyish polish to get a good holo effect.  I'm very tempted to use this as the black base when I need one for layering, such as under the ozotic multichromes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Ozotic 607

Today's polish is Ozotic 607.  My bottle is the older shaped version, but you can get a new version of this from piCture pOlish.  As you can see, 607 is a pink large particle scattered holo. 

This one is actually quite well pigmented, which is great for quick coverage on the nail, but it also means that the opacity of the polish takes some of the holoness away.  Don't get me wrong, this is still really holo-ie, just not as holo-ie as say 604.

I'm up in Brisbane right now and today I found such a great display of OPI's at Price Attack in Chermside Westfield.  I've never seen OPI at a Price Attack, only seen them in DJs.  They had lots of older and new collections, Pirates of the Caribbean, Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Nice Stems, Shrek, Swiss, Texas, various shatter colours and a large range of current DS polishes.  They were $14.95 each ($20 for the DS) which is $5 cheaper than the DJs price.  I didn't buy anything though!

DJs here also had lots of bottles of Chanel Peridot and Graphite.  They're not stocking them in Canberra (the backwards place that it is) so it was nice to see them on display.

And in case you were wondering, I have my mum at our house feeding the cats and collecting the mail. She knows to tell me immediately if the colour changing powders or spectraflair turns up. Hi Mum!

Monday, August 22, 2011

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Chemistry 514

Chemistry 514 would have to be one of my very favourite holographic polishes.  It's a very cool toned platinum gold fine particle linear holo.  It's almost silver, but there is enough yellow tones in it to be able to see the difference.

Unfortunately I haven't seen an Ozotic version of this yet, which is a shame, cause that makes it near impossible for people overseas to get it.  Not that Essential Distribution have this in stock at the moment either, an email from them on Friday said they only had in 512 stock right now.

This one did take a bit longer to dry than the other holos, so it's lucky that the holo effect isn't dulled by a fast dry top coat.  The holo effect in this doesn't look quite as in your face as some of the other Chemistry/Ozotic holos, but it is still amazing.

Oooh, ooooh , ooohh, I just noticed I have 1000 followers today.  That's really cool.  Thank you so much everyone for coming by and following my blog.  I do have three piCture pOlish shades to give away, so I'm planning on combining the giveaway for 1000 followers with a giveaway that will show case of all my followers (soon to be created) frankenpolishes made with either spectraflair or the colour morphing powders.  So once the powders arrive, and have been shipped, I'll give you a few weeks to create something and will then hold a giveaway. Please stay tuned for that!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Ozotic 513

I have a real popular one today.  This is Ozotic 513, the rich purple fine particle linear holo.  This is a red toned purple with a massive amount of holo sparkle to it.

This was three coats, no base or top coat.  As you can see these fine particle holos dry to a super glossy finish, and also still show a subtle holo effect indoors.

Lazy arse post tonight, sorry.  My mind is blank as far as anything interesting to write.  I'm flying up to Brisbane tomorrow morning for a few quick day's with the in-laws so my head isn't in the blogosphere at the moment.  It's too busy running though last minute things I have to do, like making sure I take the compost outside so I don't return home to a stinky house!

Brissy gals, any favourite polish haunts that I should be checking out while I'm there?  Do you know of any stores that stock Chemistry or B-Range (in Brissy or Gold Coast) that I could pick over?

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