Sunday, June 18, 2017

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Pretty Serious - Daphne's Masquerade Party - 5th Anniversary Polish

Hello and look what I picked up yesterday!  It was a hard choice going through all the polishes I picked up at Aussie Indie Con yesterday to select which one to wear first. But seeing the Pretty Serious 5th Anniversary shade, Daphne's Masquerade Party sparkle under my LED lamp was the clincher.

First up, let me say that Aussie Indie Con was fantastic. I met so many Aussie nail enthusiasts, both vendors and customers and I had a ball doing my workshops and demos. But I just don't have the energy tonight after the drive home from Sydney to do the write up justice.  So it's going to have to wait. Plus I have a confession to make. I made a serious rookie mistake on the day!  I met so many people and talked so much that I didn't take a single damn photo. So I'm gonna have to find other people's photos and see what I can link to.  

Let's talk about Daphne's Masquerade Party. Firstly, it's not available just yet on the PS site as they are still filling order from their massive sale this last week.  But I wouldn't think the wait will be long.

I used it here in two ways. Firstly, a single coat as a glitter topper over a gradient using four of the pastel pets shades.  On my accent nail I used the sponging technique to get full coverage.  I was impressed that it built up very quickly using the sponge technique. I only applied the sponged on polish three times to get this looks, but the best thing about that sponge technique is that you don't end up with a thick lump of polish on your nail to get all that glitter.

I have some macros down below so you can see the types of glitter in this polish. As well as the silver holo there is also a gorgeous iridescent pink flash. Formula was thin and smooth and it works beautifully as a topper with a even distribution of glitter across your nail. I'm sure you could build it to opacity on it's own, but clearly sponging it on is the best way to not end up with an accidental polish mountain.

Friday, June 16, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Paper - Day 5 - Plaid wrapping paper

Last paper design tonight, and sorry, I did another wrapping paper design. It was quick and easy and also happened to match my outfit that day.

The base polish is OPI Your So Vainilla. The stamping is a brown shade I made when I mixed a bit of Mundo de Unas red, green and white cause I don't have a creme brown stamping polishes. I think it turned out nice.  Then I just painted some black lines on with a fine striping brush.

I have so much to do tonight that I'm not gonna hang around here much for this post.  Aussie Indie Con is on tomorrow and I need to pack my stuff, as well as stuff for a night away for the kids.  We need to leave early in the morning cause its about a 3.5-4 hour drive from my house to the centre of Sydney where the Con is being held.

I need to organise the polish stuff I want to take for my workshops and demos, and I need to do my nails tonight.  I really wish I could put on some of my favourite Aussie indie polishes, but because I'm doing water marbling workshops and demons, I'm just going to put on a gel white mani. How boring.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Paper - Day 4 - Paper Towel

Day 4.  Only one more mani to post for this challenge and two more days to go until Aussie Indie Con. I'm a little bummed though cause there is an 80% chance of rain for Saturday in Sydney and I was planning to spend the evening walking the city streets with the Hubby and kids checking out the last day of Vivid.  Looks like we will be putting on rain ponchos and heading out in the wet!

I tried something a little different with today's mani.  My inspiration was a sheet of Paper Towel. Infact I nearly did it with toilet paper and added a poop emoji, but I decided I'd keep it classy, or at least as classy as paper towel allows you to be.

I was aiming to create a waved textured look, and it was pretty much a success.  To achieve his look I painted three thickish coats of ulta3 lily white polish.  I then topped that off with Seche Vite quick dry.  After leaving it to dry for a while, the Seche Vite had dried well on the top layer, but the three layers of white polish beneath were still quite squishy.  I then used my pointiest dotting too to dent lots of tiny little holes into the polish in a wavy pattern. 

A little weird, yes, but I especially enjoy wearing textured designs like this because I tend to fiddle with them and run my fingers of the ripples.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Paper - Day 3 - Quatrefoil wrapping paper

Day 3 and today I attempted something new on my nails.  It's not often that I do actually find new designs or techniques that I haven't tried. Again I was going through the wrapping paper we got from Costco, and one of the patterns was a red and white quatrefoil design.

I remembered seeing some Instagram posts with some quick videos showing how to create the pattern using dotting tools. So I gave it a go.

I've gotta say that I'm not completely happy with this, as I feel the design is way too big. I should have used much smaller dotting tools to get the pattern much smaller.  I also found that you need to be bloody good at using a dotting tool, particularly relating to getting an even amount of polish on the tool to get equal size dots, and being able to place those dots in the right places.  It was pretty tricky!

I really want to try this again in another colour combo, probably black and white, with much smaller dots.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Paper - Day 2 - Gold foil wrapping paper

For day number 2, I have some gold foil nails inspired by some gold wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper is from a five roll pack that we recently purchased from Costco.  It is seriously the best wrapping paper I've ever used.  It's thick and has some sort of plasticy film over it so it doesn't tear. Plus each roll has two sides with different prints.

This gold paper is plain satin finish gold on one side and on the other side it is a mottled tarnish gold look with a super strong holo dotted finish.  It was such as surprise when we opened the roll to wrap a birthday present to find the amazing holo on the inside.

I happened to have a tiny little square of gold holo foil that was a perfect match for the paper, and thus this weeks gold foil nails were created. 

Now I've actually used this foil before, and I just did a blog search to find it.  Can you believe it was 7 years ago?!? Way back in May 2010 I did this post, which was one of the first times I'd ever used foils. I suffered a terrible fail that day as I learnt how most top coats ruin the effect of foils.  Having learnt from that experience, I ensured I topped this mani with a water based top coat.  I used FNUG Aquabase as my top coat.

Monday, June 12, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Paper - Day 1 - 3D unicorn

Thank you so much everyone for you comments on my last blog post about my gorgeous girl Nahla. Now that I've had some time to mourn, combined with the week before her passing, I've actually got myself together ready with a whole bunch of new manis to share.

This week is another Digital Dozen week where I will have new nail art every day on the theme of Paper.  Then this Saturday I'm heading up to Sydney to attend Aussie Indie Con.  Apart from holding water marbling demos and workshops, I will be meeting so many other Australian nail polish and nail art enthusiasts, including meeting fellow Aussie Digital Dozen participant Tracy from Olivia Jade nails, plus the creators of all the Aussie brands.  I'm very excited to attend the event and cant wait to see what is in our VIP bags.  I'll try to do some live Instagram posts from the event.

OK, now lets get into day one!  Today I teamed up with some twin nails with Amanda from Lady Maid Nails.  This hilarious idea was all Amanda's. I know she got the idea from someone else, but I can't actually remember.  

I fre handed the unicorn and the flowing bits of mane and tail.  The enormous horn is the paper element of this mani.  I rolled a small triangle of paper up around my water marbling tool and painted it with clear polish. When that was dry I applied a coat of gold polish.  I think the horn is probably a little big, cause it sure stuck out a long way, and of course you wouldn't actually wear this design anywhere, but cause it was made of paper it didn't actually hurt when it banged into anything.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

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To by beautiful Nahla.

I miss you on my lap already. Every time we sat down, you were there.

I miss your gentle taps on my shoulder in the middle of the night, with you telling me you were there and wanted to go under the covers.

I miss your intense head butts where you would smash your forehead into mine saying 'I love you mum, I love you mum' every time you did.

I will cherish the 18 years we had together you beautiful, loving girl.  I especially cherish this last year we had, cause you almost left us this time last year. My broken foot was a blessing in disguise, because without it, I wouldn't have done all that sitting with my foot up cuddling you.

Thank you for your endless love, you have my endless love too.

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