Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Colors by Llarowe - Amy with Emily de Molly Queen of the Sea

Green and blue colour shifting flakie polishes always make me think of peacocks or mermaids.  This time I went with Peacocks.

I started with a base of Emily de Molly Queen of the Sea which is a bright turquoise with a gold shimmer.  I then put two layers of Colors by Llarowe Amy on top.  Amy has green to blue colour shifting flakies as well as small holographic glitter.

I stamped the full nail image of peacock feather from EDM 04 plate using black polish.  On my middle finger, I stamped the single peacock feather design from the same plate using white polish. I then coloured in over the top of it using green, brown and blue polishes.  The end result actually look very hand painted, although you can see the sharper lines around to top feather edges that I couldn't achieve unless I had stamped.

Here is a swatch of Emily de Molly Queen of the Sea which I remembered to get because I covered it with the flakies.  I actually think that the golden shimmer might be a colour changer and shifts to green at acute angles, but I wasn't able to pick it up in my photos. 

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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Picture Polish Tingle

Picture Polish Tingle is one of the newest creme shades released by Picture Polish.  Don't you just love a good creme polish?  

This design just came together as I was applying it.  On my index finger I actually applied a temporary tattoo from Snap Tats.  I chose it because the shade of aqua in the design is almost identical to the shade of tingle.  But I'm not such a fan of the fact the the gold in the temporary tattoos bleeds when you apply top coat.  You have to be very careful to float the top coat on and not wipe the same spot twice.

On my middle finger and thumb I did double stamping using two different straight line stamping images.  To my absolute amazement, I managed to line up the lines on my middle finger pretty perfectly so that it looks like the gold lines are exactly aligned with the white ones. I didn't manage so perfectly on my pinky, but you may not have noticed if I didn't say something.

Now some swatches of Tingle on it's own. Tingle is the same tone as Chillax, but they are not dupes, Tingle is darker.  This is two coats of Tingle with Picture Polish Gloss on Top top coat.

Picture Polish Tingle is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Stamping decal with Superchic Hot finger and Tripped

I shared my swatches of the SuperChic Neon Chrome Holos a few days back, and today I have a mani of a combo I wore with two of the polishes.

I used Hot Finger (pink) and Tripped (blue) too create a gradient on my thumb, index and pinky.  On my two middle fingers I created stamping decals using Mundo de Unas gold polish and then colouring in the stamping design.

The SuperChic Lacquer High Voltage collection is available now from SuperChic Lacquer. polishes are $10USD per 15ml bottle.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Game of Thrones Nail art featuring Colors by Llarowe Mine is Nine

Tuesday night at our place is Game of Thrones night.  We record it on Foxtel iQ when it's live from the USA on Monday morning, but we never get a chance to watch it until Tuesday nights.  

I was inspired by some images on my MJ XXV plate, which had the Game of Thrones text and the Stark dire wolf.  On my index and pinky I used some gears designs off Bundle Monster 415, I chose these designs because they reminded me of the shows intro with all the cities building with gear winding the upwards etc.  On my thumb I stamped a dragon from Messy Mansion MM21.

My base polish is Picture Polish Nougat and the flakie polish on top is Colors by Llarowe Mine is Nine, which is sponged on.

I really love the combo of Mine is Nine layered over Nougat, as once again it shows it more like it looks in the bottle.

Polishes provided for consideration.

Monday, May 25, 2015

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Superchic Lacquer - High Voltage collection - Neon Chrome Holos

Today I have swatches of the entire eight polish High Voltage Collection from Superchic lacquer. This is a bright and vibrant collection that is described by the creator as being neon chrome holos. What was that?  Neon, Chrome and holo all in one.  Yes please! Lets take a closer look.

Electrified - this most definitely fits the bill of being neon, chrome and holo. The base yellow shade is a super bright metallic finished yellow with a holo flame.  The holo appearance of these actually gets better the more the polish dries.  Because I was swatching these, they didn't get to totally harden on my nails, therefore they will look more holo in real life when you wear these as a mani.   This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

Hot Finger - a bright hot raspberry pink with a metallic chrome finish and holo flame. This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

Jolt - a fabulous chrome finish purple with holo flame. I really love this colour, its just the right shade of purple for me, not too blue and not red. Love it. This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

Live wire - I was expecting this one to be a really bright lime green, but on me it was a little more subdued which makes it much more wearable.  Its a really unique green shade in my collection, and the holo flame has a strong yellow lean to it which really electrifies this shade. This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

Reverse Polarity - Another strong and vibrant shade. This one is a rich tangerine with a metallic copper flash. This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

Short Circuit - an intense aqua leaning hot blue (think of that really hot blue flame that you get right at the base of a flame and this is what this shades reminds me of).  This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat. Metallic finish with a holo flare.

Splice - a intense blue-green shade with a metallic finish and holo flame This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

Tripped - A radiant true blue with a twist of intense periwinkle glow.This is two coats with Superchic lacquer Marvel top coat.

What a gorgeous collection which complements the spring Serendipity collection so nicely.  The shades in this collection all work so well together and they also are great in nail art because they are nicely pigmented. The metallic chrome finish  ensures the polishes look flashy in the shade as well as in the sun, but application is a breeze so you don't have to worry about brush strokes through your holo finish. These are a win in my books.

I have some nail art looks coming up using these polishes, so stay tuned for that.

The SuperChic Lacquer High Voltage collection is available now from SuperChic Lacquer. polishes are $10USD per 15ml bottle

Polishes provided for consideration.

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