Thursday, July 30, 2015

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3 years ago today...

My super awesome nail polish friend at work sent me an email with this in it today!  It totally made my day.  I don't get to spend as much time talking polish with her as I would like, we used to work very closely but then she changed jobs. Plus she works on the 10th floor and I'm only on the second floor, so of course traveling those eight floors between us doesn't happen often enough.  

Now it was actually 3 years ago on the 28th of July, but hey - close enough.

Lets revisit some of my kryptonie manis from the last three years.

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Vinyls and stamping decals

Every now and then I do a design where I even impress the pants off myself! I pride myself on my nails always looking pretty fine, but this was one time where I told myself, girl - you really nailed this shit today!

This nail art look was a combo of nail vinyls and then stamping decals.  The white base is Face of Australia Miss Congeniality (one coat). I then used the zigzag design nail vinyls from Xroma Polish and Vinyls. While they were drying, I prepared some stamping decals using the butterflies from Messy Mansion Plate MM42. I coloured the decals in using three of the Pipedream ANIVC neons.

Tonight you get two tutorial instavideos!  First one creating the stamping decals and then one showing the vinyls and decal application.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 27, 2015

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Gettin on my neon 80s vibe

I had another huge day at work today, very stressful and very busy.  Yesterday my section upgraded our intranet operating system and migrated all content from one site to another, which was the culmination of about 4 months of work.  Today everyone was back at work and it was the real test as to whether everything was ok or not.  My team was awesome fixing issues straight away, not that there were too many issues. But some things out of our control went wrong, which stressed me out pretty bad and the executives were very reactive about getting us to double and triple check everything.  Anyway, I made it through the day, and hopefully things can only get better from here. I think I might have an early night tonight.

So today I'll leave you with this little gem of a mani.  The combo of neon and this stamping image from on of the Moyou 80's plate definitely gave this mani a retro vibe.  In fact one of my work colleagues checked out this mani when we had a meeting together, and her comment was "hmm, they are very eighties", with a smile and a nod.  I was very impressed that they looked 80's to someone who wasn't a nail polish nutter!

I used Pipedream polish Day of Light, 110 degrees and Happy Hour for the gradient. Mundo de Unas black polish for the stamping and Swarovski crystals on my ring finger over black.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

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Face of Australia - Iconic nail art

I recently got the full Face of Australia ICONIC nail art collection, which is a collaboration with Miss Universe Australia. The collection has 12 polishes, so I'm still working on swatching them all, but I do have some nail art which used three of the colours.

The white base I used here is called Miss Congeniality and I've mentioned it already before, but this is a fantastic one coat white.  Its become my go to white base polish for all my nail art recently and I've put a very good dent in the bottle. The dark pink, slightly coral shade is called Pageant Queen. I also used a the very pale pink called Picture Perfect in the gradient that I sponged over the nail vinyls.

The glitter accent nail is Emily de Molly Stockpile from her latest releases.

 I have an instavideo tutorial too.  I used nail vinyls from Xroma Polish and Vinyls. I love how large these vinyls are because I can cut them in half and they still fit my nails. That means I get twice as many manis out of them.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Neon yellow and black gradient

My pictures of this mani really let me down. This looked so awesome in real life.  Sadly I wasn't able to pick up the neon zing from Pipe Dream polish Light of Day.  This was eye searing bright, particularly next to the black gradient.  Maybe it was just awesome on the day I wore it because I matched it with an all black outfit with a double layered tank which showed off a tank this exactly colour under a black one. It gives me a sad when it doesn't look as good here. :(

Oh well, my photos are a let down, but I'm still sharing it.  Have a great day, cause tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Emily de Molly - New releases

My local Aussie indie - Emily de Molly has six new shades launching tomorrow, and I'm delighted to share my swatches with you in time for the launch. Hayley, the brains behind Emily de Molly is one of my closest nail buddies, and we try to catch up as often as we can, although when we quickly saw each other last weekend we realised it had been way too long, and we didn't have enough time to chat and play with polish. Isn't that always the way!

Lets get straight into each polish.

Crest Fallen - Oh my!  This is stunning.  Crest Fallen is a deep rich purple with a strong linear holo and a pink to gold shimmer. The shimmer doesn't dominate, instead is adds a magical glow to the polish.  I love that it has hints of pink in the shimmer, yet has such a strong blue section in the holo flame.  A true purple in my eyes. Gorgeous! This is two coats with no top coat.

Erratic behaviour - a medium green with a super strong linear holo. I do love a strong green holo!  I thought this might be similar to Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising, because the linear flame is so strong on both, but this is darker and has less lime green appearance. This is a more wearable green where as Gemini Rising is very in your face.  The great thing about this one is that it doesn't stain your nails like Gemini Rising does. This is two coats without top coat. Very eye catching.

Forever and ever - A dark teal with a softer linear holo. This polish is also the COTM, which generally stands for Colour of the Month, but at Emily de Molly it stands for Charity of the Month, and she donates $4 from each bottle sold to a local charity. This is two coats with no top coat.

Vivid Dreams - a strong and bright pink with a holo finsh and lots of iridescent colour changing flakes that go from orange through to blue. In bright direct light the holo finish really shows up, and you get bright sparkles from the flakes, but indoors or in the shade that you can really the the colour changing flakes. This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat. Vibrant and striking.

Record keeper - If there were a record for gold polishes, then I reckon I'm the keeper of that record!  Yet with all my gold polishes, this one has still managed to be unique. The base is a nice neutral toned gold, not too warm or too cool.  It has a strong linear holo finish with ulta holo gold glitters and gold flakes. This is two coats with no top coat. I'm totally in love with this!

Stockpile - to use another pun on the polish name, I'm certainly someone who has a significant stockpile of silver holographic polishes, yet just like the gold polish here, this one is also unique in my collection.  This polish is the sister polish to Record Keeper, but obviously the silver version.  The base is a strong linear silver holo, with the added sparkles of ultra holo silver glitter and silver flakes. Very impressive.

Also coming soon from Emily de Molly is her Northern America warehouse, which means she will be able to ship to the USA and Canada using local shipping. To me this means fast shipping times and better rates, plus the fact they will actually be able to purchase them direct from the Emily de Molly website, because until now you have only been able to get Emily de Molly polishes from stockists.

These six new shades launch tomorrow morning Australian time - Thursday 23 July on the Emily de Molly website. Stockists and the US warehouse will be receiving them soon after.

Which is your favourite of these.  Its a very hard call for me. I think it's the gold, but then that purple and the green are really talking to me too.

Polishes provided for consideration.

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