Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Easter foils

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you all had a great day.  The Easter bunny visited my two littlies this morning and they were beside themselves with excitement.  We also had a lovely Easter roast turkey buffet for lunch with an amazing selection of 13 vegetable sides.  My mum and I really out did ourselves with the spread!

Here are my Easter nails. Full on foil covered nails - just like wrapped up eggs.

I used OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons as a base then applied the nail foil glue and then the rainbow gradient foils.  Next time I do nail foils, I'll prepare a tutorial video on how I do them. They are in fact very quick and quite a cheap nail art alternative.

I loved how smooth these were on my nails, I've never had foils looks so smooth and last all day.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Holo Cadbury eggs mmmmmmm...

Today's nails are bought to you by Cadbury.  I should totally be getting paid for this sort of product placement!  These were created using print at home temporary tattoo paper.  I just found some images of various mini Cadbury Easter eggs online and printed them out the right size for my nails.

For something different, I chose Nfu Oh 61 as my holo base this time.  I used aqua base so the application was perfect, but I also noted how much more opaque Nfu Oh 61 is compared to Layla Mercury Twilight that I normally wear.

My nails feature Cadbury Creme egg, Mars egg, Caramel egg and Dream egg.  My thumb also had a Turkish Delight egg, but I didn't capture it in my photos.

Today I also had the absolutle pleasure of catching up with four other nail obsessed ladies in Canberra. It was so wonderful chatting about polish and life for four hours! I loved hearing stories from the girls about how they got 'in-to' polish, as well as talking about brands and polishes we love, where to buy polish and of course glitter! There was:
We all received some custom polishes from Emily de Molly and got some of the new Alanna Renee polishes that will be released on Monday, plus lots of Easter chocolates! And of course we did the group nail shot. Thanks so much girls, it was lovely to get away from my two little monsters for several hours and talk polish.

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Lynnderella - Beleaf is magic with foils (again)

Tonight's mani features a new Lynnderella polish I got this week from the Everything's Coming Up Neon collection.  This is Beleaf is Magic. It contains neon yellow and green hexes with lime microglitter together witha few random red and pink glitters, all in a clear base.  

I layered two thin coats of Beleaf is Magic over China Glaze Cha Cha Cha.  I aso use Cha cha cha under the lime green holographic foil.  I can't believe how much notice foil nails get. So many people commented on these nails yesterday at work.

Tomorrow I'm having a little luncheon catch up with some other nail obsessed ladies from my city.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the ones I know again and meeting the new ladies.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Jade and gold - gradient and foils

Hey everyone - how are you all going with the Guess that Polish giveaway?  When I take out some accidental submissions before ladies had finished completing their form, I have 39 entries.  I have to say you ladies are pretty clever, far no one has got 40/40 correct!  There are handful of polishes that every single one of you has got correct, such as 3, 5, 10 & 19.  I'd love to tell you which ones you are all struggling to get right, but I don't want to make it unfair on anyone. I promise I will give you a full list of the polishes when its all over.  Keep those entries coming.

Tonight I have a mani I created using two colours that look gorgous together.  Jade and gold.  I started with a base of Picture Polish Jade on all my fingers.  On my index and pinky I applied a gradient using Essie Good as Gold.  On my middle and ring fingers I applied a nail foil which has the jade and gold pattern on it.  Picture Polish Jade was the closest match I had to the base colour of the foil, and I thought Essie Good as Gold was a good match of the gold shade.  But when I looked in natural light in the morning I could see they were a different tone.

I have to say, I'm currently a little obsessed with nail foils.  The last five manis I have worn all included nail foils.  It's all because I finally discovered a polish I can use on top of the foils that wont wrinkle them - I can't wait to tell you about it when it's released by Picture Polish.  I even went online and purchased a whole bunch of new foils because I'm finally happy with the results I get - and the results last.  My foils look as good at the end of the day as they did when I applied them.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Lynnderella - Blue Rouge

I have a bunch of Lynnderella swatches that I haven't got around to post.  My Coming up Neon collection arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm excited to wear some of those polishes in time for Easter.

Today's Lynnderella is Blue Rouge and it's from the Ground Hog Day collection. Blue Rouge contains assorted periwinkle and lilac glitter with pink shimmer. The glitter is quite dense with this, and you may be able to get it opaque on its own, but I chose to layer it over matching undies.  The perfect undie choice for me was Ozotic 744. The duochrome base of 744 shifts both pink and blue, so complimented all shades of glitter in this polish.

I get my Lynnderella polishes from Paul who runs the Lynnderella ebay store, then via a couple of lovely friends in the USA.  Paul's customer service is excellent.  Lynnderella polishes will be available in Europe from Norway Nails from early April. Now we just need an Aussie stockist so we don't have to mule our polishes through friends.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Sponge and Stamp

This is a design I saw on Leslie over at Polish Art Addiction.  I loved the design so much that I had to recreate it.  My blue colour is more teal than hers but otherwise it's the same.  I used a base of Picture Polish Bright White, then sponged the nail with both white and OPI Fly.  I then stamped in black using BM12.  I execution is not as neat as Leslie's, but I was still very happy with the result.

It was only after I had done the design that I realised it matched one of the tops I wear to work perfectly.

Monday, March 25, 2013

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Femme Fatale - Darkmoon Fortune, Fatal Attraction, Keeper of the Grove & Mana Ruby

Here are four gorgeous glitter polishes from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

Darkmoon Fortune - this has a sheer burgundy jelly base, but I have layered it over black as it wouldn't build to opacity on it's own.  It contains chocolate and ruby hexes, blue and hot pink holo hexes, and fine iridescent glue glitter.

Fatal Attraction - my photos do no justice to densely packed holo glitters like this.  This has both deep magenta glitter and magenta holo glitters in a tinted burgundy jelly base. This builds to opacity easily on it's own.  This is two coats.with one layer of top coat.  I could have used another layer of top coat to get it glassy smooth.  This one is just stunning!

Keeper of the Grove - This is such a great mix of glitters if you are into this sort of colour. I love the name and the polish reminds me of scattered flowers and branches laying on the ground after pruning some bushes.  Its a bright lime green coloured jelly base packed full of holographic greens and golds, as well as teal and pink dots and soft pink hearts.  This is one two thin coats over China Glaze Cha cha cha. with top coat.

Mana Ruby - a bright raspberry coloured jelly with different sized iridescent blue glitters together with matte red hexes in various sizes.  I found the large matte hexes did sit up on my nail, mainly because they are very flat and not curling, and I have very curved nails.  They were not sharp at all, it's just they still showed edges beneath two coats of top coat.  The multitude of blue hexes within the raspberry base is just beautiful, they really do glow!

Femme Fatale polishes are available in Australia from the Femme Fatale website 

Selected shades are available for international customers from Shoppe Eclecticco (Singapore) and Harlow & Co. (Canada).

Polishes provided for review.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Tetris nail art

Yeah - so this looked way better in my mind than it did in reality.

I recently got these square nail art rhinestones and the first nail art design that jumped into my head was tetris.  I remember spending hours playing this game on my old gameboy.

Unbelievably I wore this on all ten fingers and to work!  Plus, not a single stone came off during the day until I was riding my motorbike home and I lost a few in my gloves.  

These rhinestones are just a bit too chunky for my liking, they seem taller than normal round ones I think.  Maybe next time if I got for a more subtle approach, rather than attaching eleventy billion rhinestones to my nails, then I'll like them a bit more.

Also, everyone keep up your awesome guessing in my Guess that polish giveaway. Loving the entries so far, you ladies are very clever!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Guess That Polish Giveaway

As promised yesterday, here is my three year blogiversary giveaway.  Having a regular rafflecopter giveaway is just not my style, I like to make it much harder, but more fun to enter. 

This competition requires polish knowledge and will favour those that have been longtime followers of my blog - simply because they would have seen all of these polishes on my nails in some way, shape or form.

Below are twenty different swatches from twenty different brands.  No brand is represented twice.  I have not included any hand-made indie brands, but there are some lab made smaller or niche brands.  I did consider giving you a list of the brands, but I though that would make it way to easy for you.  I've put a few easy ones in there that you should all get, but there are also some trickier ones.  There are some polishes that have known dupes, so the tricky part is knowing which version I have.

At the bottom of the page is a simple Google Docs form where you are to provide your name and email then list off the polish brand and polish name for each of the twenty shades.

Prize Pool

Six JOSS holographics - Alternate Dimension, Caribbean Holiday, Sudden Impulse, Diamond Flash, Flamingo Dancer & Tantastic Glow. Generously provided by Beauty World

Six Contrary polish shades - Play Me, The Way I Am, Better Together, Desert Fruit, Santorini & Bright Night. Generously provided by Contrary Polish and Llarowe.

Six Picture Polish Collaboration shades - Mallard, Paradise, Focus, Atomic and Majesty - Generously provided by Picture Polish and Kryptonite provided by me.

Cash prize of $50 AUD - provided by me.

Six original Model Own Beetlejuice collection polishes - Emerald Black, Purple Blue,Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet& Base/Top coat

Total prize pool value: $278

Time to start guessing...

Polish #1

Polish #2

Polish #3

Polish #4

Polish #5

Polish #6

Polish #7

Polish #8

Polish #9

Polish #10

Polish #11

Polish #12

Polish #13

Polish #14

Polish #15

Polish #16

Polish #17

Polish #18

Polish #19

Polish #20

I recommend that you write down all your answers on a piece of paper first, then come and enter them into the google doc form below.  That is much easier than trying to scroll up and down as you  go.

The boring but important part.

This giveaway is run by More Nail Polish. Entry is open Internationally. Competition begins March 23 2013 and ends April 14 2013 at midnight.  Entrants must provide their name and email address on the google docs form.  Each person may only enter once. Duplicate entries from the same email address will be deleted.

Any users posting comments on this blog post identifying polishes by brand or name will be deleted and disqualified from entering.

The entrant who correctly identifies the most polishes by brand and name will be the winner.  The highest possible score is 40/40 - one point for each brand and name for all twenty swatches  Up to four winners may be selected if they all share an equal score.  If more than four entrants have the same highest score, then four winners will be selected at random from those top scoring entrants.   The prize pool will be split as I see fit to accommodate the potential number of winners.

One additional winner will be drawn at random from all entrants who get more than 10/40 correct answers.

Following More Nail Polish is not a requirement, although I do pretty awesome fun things here so you might want to stick around.

Winner/s will be notified via email by April 20 2013. Prizes must be claimed by responding within three days of the email being sent. Prizes will be forfeited if it is not claimed within three days.

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