Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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Cupcake Polish - Ornamentary My Dear

Way back in December when it was my birthday, I received a gift certificate from my awesome girlfriends to Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Femme Fatale stocks a whole bunch of international indie brands for us Aussie gals. I hadn't really bought any indie polishes for the entire year, so it was pretty exciting going through all the available brands choosing polishes just for me that I knew I wanted to wear.  The funny thing was that I ended up getting about 6 different gold polishes. I stayed true to my heart that's for sure.

One of those polishes was Cupcake Polish Ornamentary My Dear, which is a platium gold holo with gold glitter and gold flakes.  It was my first Cupcake polish, but certainly wasn't my last.  Ornamntary My Dear is a little sheer so I ended up doing three coats, over a little layer of latex barrier to create the half moon.  The rest of the mani just sort of happened.  I had this great little set of gold metallic ocean themed decorations that were small enough to fit into the half moon area. The half moon line was done with Lacquistry Amazeballz extra fine.

I really loved the little metallic decorations.  I received them from Lady Queen nail art store and they were much nicer than I was expecting.  Rather than just being metallic printed stickers, you actually peel these off from between two protective layers of clear plastic and each design is a fine cut and embossed thin metal charm.  Because they are so thin, you can actually bend them a little to ensure they follow the curve of your nails.  I gently rolled mine around a nail art brush before applying them to my nail.  I finished them off with a nice layer of top coat to keep them flat and smooth. The sheet has 50 charms, so I still have heaps left over in other designs too.

Here is my 15% off code for Lady Queen for you all to use, YHOS15. 

Metallic decorations provided for review, polish bought by me.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Aqua or Turquoise

I'm sneaking this post in late on Saturday night, just in time for the 40 Great nail art ideas.

The prompt this week is Aqua or Turquoise and my pattern or technique was reciprocal gradient.  

I wanted to try something different rather than just a regular straight line reciprocal gradient, which I done before and also with similar colours, so instead I did a radial reciprocal gradient with some swirl nail vinyls that I got from Loki's nail vinyls here in Australia.  

I started with a radial gradient and then applied the swirl vinyls.  I then reversed the radial gradient colours for the second part of the reciprocal gradient.

I do have an insta video of this, so once I've posted that to Instagram, I'll post it here too.

Friday, February 5, 2016

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Back to school and DRK Cobogo 2 stamping plate

Yay for Friday and the end of yet another very hectic week. This week in Australia marked back to school week after the summer holidays, and for us this meant my little baby girl started kindergarten. 

I usually don't do school drop off or pick up as I'm at work, and I'm lucky that my awesome mum does it for us.  But this week I adjusted my work hours so I could do drop off and pick up.  But geezh, trying to fit a full day of work into just 5 hours at work is pretty unachievable. But it sure was nice to be there at the end of their school day to see their happy little (and tired) little faces. Here are my little chickadees on day 1 of school for my young man and day 2 for little miss.

For the nails tonight, I'm pulling this one from the vault.  I did this gradient stamping combo a little while back before I got my clear jelly stampers, therefore the stamping isn't as well aligned as I would like.  But I am proud of myself that I managed to use a different stamping colour than either black, white, silver or gold.

I used an image from DRK Cobogo 2 plate.  I was sent this place for review and found it to be a beautifully deep etched plate with patterns that were very easy to pick up.

I chose this plate because I thought the designs on it would work nicely for leadlighting, with lots of sections that could be coloured in.  But what I didn't realise until I got the plate is that the designs are actually revered from what I was imagining.  Eg the top two images I thought I would be able to colour in the parts of the circles, or around the stars etc, whereas those are actually the bits that are stamped, and the lines that make the pattern are the bit that is the gap.  Does that make sense?

Basically what you see below in black is what will stamp onto your nails.  This is of course the same way that all plates are shown, that is the dark part is what stamps, but I just imagined it the other way around.  So instead of using these for decals or regular lead lighting, I'll have to try out some reverse leadlighting, where you stamping in white polish over a darker colour, and then colour in the white stamping with jelly polishes.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Stamping plate provided for review.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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Dance Legend - Sparky Constellation and Aviator

A few weeks ago I received an epic package from Dance Legend with a selection of polishes from a whole bunch of recent collections.  So many exciting polishes and only 10 fingers to paint.

The first polishes I'm showing you are two polishes from the Sparky Collection which is a collection of six jelly polishes with a fine scattered holo effect.  I'll talk about the finish of the polishes below with my swatches, but first let me start by showing you the nail art I wore with these polishes.  

I created a gradient with the two shades and then stamped using gold Mundo de Unas polish and the hanging constellations from BM-610.

With the scattered holo finish on these is you might think they are similar to the Dance Legend WOW prisms, but these actually have a much finer grade irregular pigment.  They have a similar jelly finish though.  

03 Aviator - A mid toned royal blue.  

04 Constellation - a blackened midnight blue jelly with fine scattered holo particles.

My swatches show two coats with Seche Vite top coat.  If you were to see these in the sun then two coats would still show a slight visible nail line.

The formula on both of these was excellent with a nice smooth consistency.  In fact I didn't even need to do any clean up after applying these.  Without top coat you will see a very slight pocking where the scattered holo bits are, even though its perfectly smooth to the touch.  A layer of top coat will give that glassy finish.

Here are all the Dance Legend links for your shopping enabling and social engagement.

Polishes provided for consideration.

Monday, February 1, 2016

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Color Club Halo Hues 2015

Today I have swatches of the Color Club Halo Hues 2015 release. There are seven polishes in the collection and I have to say I find the colour choices a bit odd.  There are two stronger, more saturated colours and then there are five colours that are all very similar with only subtle colour differences.

This whole collection has a much more metallic finish to it compared to the previous Color Club Halo Hue polishes and the holographic effect isn't as strong as the earlier releases either.  On the up side, the formula was good and application was easy, albeit a little on the thick side.  I used two coats for the two stronger colours and three coats for the pastel shades.

Crystal Baller - a cornflower blue holo.  While this is one of the stronger colours in the collection, I wouldn't say its a bright colour, it's still on the pastel side, especially in the shade and indoors.

Sidewalk Psychic - a pinky red, rusty copper brownish shade.  Definitely the most opaque of the lot, but not necessarily a colour that everyone will love.

Date with Destiny - a soft pastel shade with a strong lilac purple shimmer. Really pretty and at least it looks purple and slightly different to the other polishes.

Fingers Crossed - I'm going to call this one a platinum gold. It definitely has a gold shimmer, but it's not the goldest polish in the collection, it is more silver, but it's definitely not a silver holo either.  I actually love it, cause it's gold toned.

Just my luck - Same metallic finish with a strong shimmer, this time in a pastel green, a very, very, very pastel green.

Star light star bright - Ok, now here is the gold holo in the collection, but it is still a very soft cool toned gold, which I would normally call a platinum gold, except that there is another even paler gold in the collection. Love it.

What's your sign - finally, the last pastel shade, in the except same vain as the other pastel shades, a strong metallic finish with a heavy pink shimmer. 

I was and still am confused by how similar some of the polishes are in this collection. As least with the pink and purple pastel shades you can tell they are those colours, but for the three gold/green shades it's pretty damn impossible to tell them apart.

Here is a comparison of Star light, Star Bright, Fingers Crossed and Just my Luck, together with Kismet, the gold holo from the 2013 Halo Hues. First in the shade and they are all so similar.  

In the sun you can see that Kismet is much more holo than the new polishes, and you can see that the new ones are very hard to tell apart.

I still think they are pretty, but I just don't know why Color Club would release so many shades that are so similar to each other, it just seems like a wasted opportunity.

What do you guys think? Will you be adding these holos to your collection?
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