Saturday, January 13, 2018

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Digital Dozen does All that Glitters Day 5

I'm just a day late with this mani, and really it's a very simple on that I quickly put together for the last day of the prompt.  Not much to say about this other than I love the base colour.  This is a relatively new shade from Picture Polish called London, and it's a pale steely blue shade with a nice scattered holo pop.

It's already late and I really need to go off an paint my nails tonight, cause 1) I've have these crystals on my nails for more than two days now and the lumpy sharp crystals are starting to give me the shits. 2) It's my daughter's 7th birthday tomorrow and I can't let the tradition of birthday nails go past! So with that, I'm off.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Digital Dozen does All that glitters - Glitter stamping decals

I tried creating something new tonight. My execution wasn't the best, but it's definitely a technique that I want to try again and get better at.  I combined the techniques of glitter placement and stamping decals.  

I really wanted to do some glitter placement for one of the manis in this weeks prompt. But full glitter placement manis take about 2-3 hours to do, and whilst I do love them (and actually don't mind creating them), I just don't have that sort of time to create a mani when I flying by the seat of my pants to get something painted to post.

I was rather disappointed to have to remove this tonight to paint my final design, because it looked super sparkly and was very eye catching.

I also used Crows Toes Bifrost, which I bought probably a year ago and it's sat, wasted, in my untried drawer.  Bifrost is an amazing microglitter and a totally unique colour combo in my collection.

To create the stamping decals I used some butterfly designs off the layered Clear Jelly Stamper plates as my template.  After I had stamped the solid background colour onto my silicone mat, I painted a thin coat of foil adhesive to just the butterfly wing parts. I then used different hex glitters to place the colours into the butterfly wing shapes. I did then try stamping with the butterfly outlines, but they were too fine and couldn't be seen, so I just outlined each butterfly with a fine brush and some polish.  Next was one last layer of top coat, and then I peeled them off my silicone stamping mat and applied them like regular stamping decals.  

I will try this again soon, and will film it. I'd also like to try it with some slightly smaller hex glitters too, as these were just a little bit too big.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Digital Dozen does All that Glitters - Day 3

Day 3 and I'm managing to stay one day ahead of my manis.  Today's polishes are bought to you courtesy of my friend from work and my daughter.

My daughter received the cutest set of polishes for Christmas from her Grandma and Pa, and I just had to borrow them for one mani. Scroll down to see the packaging to see what I mean.  I used the bright cremes to create a reverse sunset gradient (cause usually sunset gradients have the yellow bit at the bottom of the nail).

The glitter polish doesn't have a name as far as I know, but was gifted to my by my friend at work who creates delightful resin jewellery and sells through various local markets as well as through her online shop..  She mixed up this polish to match one of her best selling sets of earrings.  You can check out her online shop - Glitterbomb Jewels.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Digital Dozen does All that Glitters - glitter gradient

Day two and I've got a pretty boring mani I feel. Sorry about that. It actually look quite pretty in real life, but it's very underwhelming in these photos.

The glitter polish is one I haven't used for ages, and it's one of the OPI Breast Cancer awareness polishes called Pink of Hearts from the 2013 duo.  It's actually a milky pink crelly with pastel glitters and a matte finish. I think it's the matte finish on the original polish that really makes this special, because most of the pastel glitters seemed to just look silver once I applied glossy top coat.

Monday, January 8, 2018

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Digital Dozen does All that Glitters

It's another Digital Dozen week already, and I really thought I had another week up my sleeve before it started, so I'm afraid to say that I'm starting the new year chasing my tail from the beginning.  The upside is that I had already painted these nails and wore them whilst I was away in Queensland before Christmas, and I'm the queen of taking shortcuts!

This mani also provided me with a new found favourite product. The Dance Legend Binary polishes.  I've swatched various Binary shades before, but this was the first real time I put them to a wear test.  I did a gradient base of two Bi shades. Lilia (the pink) and Lisa (the blue). On their own they are both amazing polishes, smooth and gloss to apply and great pigmentation.  

Cause a regular gradient just wasn't going to cut it two weeks before Christmas, I had to add some bling. So I burnished in some of the holo flake powder.  There are bunches of places you can get this stuff now.  I got my little baggie from Spectraflair4U early last year I think, and it's still only $6 USD a gram.  After that was rubbed in I applied a coat of the Dance Legend Binary top coat.

Did this last on my nails. Well let me tell you that this would have survived a nuclear explosion I think.  I gave my nails some pretty harsh treatment whilst away. We visited the Gold Coast theme parks for 7 days straight, including full days at Wet n Wild. At the end of it I only had a little bit of tip wear.  

I've actually started using the Binary top coat as my go-to top coat for the last month instead of Seche Vite, which is really quite shocking for me, cause I'm a Seche Vite girl through and through. Sure, the Binary top coat doesn't dry quite as quick as Seche, but I sure can't beat the staying power when I want my mani to last for several days. 

Dance Legend polishes provided for consideration.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

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26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Metallic with one colour

Happy New Year.  2018...can you believe it!  Here is my first mani of the year, and I've actually remembered ahead of time to complete a prompt for the 26 Great Nail Art ideas challenge.  The prompt is Metallic with one colour. I was going to burnish chrome powders into my nails, but in the end I decided to pull our my  Born Pretty Store Mirror Polish, because since we got the chrome powders, the polish doesn't get any love anymore.

I also chose to stamp with a colour that I would usually never choose. Orange.  I really wanted to go with green or blue, because generally I prefer cool toned shades, but I forced myself to step out of my usual comfort zone and got with this. 

The stamping image is from plate KN-27, which I got from DRK nails.  It's actually a slightly curved zigzag patter, bt I like how it looks like something you would create with nail vinyls.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

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Digital Dozen December Birthday mani

Look at me doing two posts in two days.  Don't get used to it ok! I just needed to squeeze in this Digital Dozen December Birthday mani before the end of the month.  As my life was so busy, and I was hardly on Facebook, I didn't even get around to contributing to the selection of the inspiration image for my birthday month, but it certainly didn't matter, cause the inspiration image chosen was just adorable.  

I didn't go for a perfectly literal interpretation, instead I used these Neko Atsume water decals that I bought from the Born Pretty Store months ago.  With some added free hand hearts, music notes, and similar colour tones, it ended up feeling pretty accurate to the inspiration picture.

My base polish for this is the reborn version of Picture Polish Summer. I love this new version of summer so much more than the original. The colour is very similar being a peach coral shade, but the new version loses the holo hex glitter, adds gold shimmer (yay) and seems to have more concentrated holo flakes. A big improvement for me, an one that means I will wear this polish much more often.  It kind of reminds me of a coral version of Picture Polish Majesty.

Happy Birthday to the other Digital Dozen girls born in December, Kristi and Kerry.

Friday, December 29, 2017

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Lisfranc, Polish hauls and Christmas 2017

Hello, is anyone there? Is this thing still on?  Once again it's been a while. The last four weeks has just been an absolute blur of life.  My birthday, a driving trip to Queensland for two weeks (which is 12 hours each way) plus of course Christmas.

I have of course been painting my nails the whole time, and usually with some sort of quick and easy nail art, so I will endeavor to edit those photos and get them up on Instagram and the blog, even if they don't come with much commentary.

Unfortunate I missed the December prompt from the Digital Dozen, it was during one of the weeks that I was in Queensland, and I didn't take enough nail art supplies with me to be able to paint the nail art prompts, not that I would have had the time anyway.  Our trip was crazy busy doing theme parks, water parks, beaches and roller coasters for me to have any time to paint serious nail art.  But I will be back with the January prompt too keep me on some sort of regular blogging schedule.

Before writing up this blog post, I did a quick review of my Christmas blog from 2016.  It was titled, Lisfranc, polish hauls and Christmas 2016.  This time last year I was recovering from my Lisfranc foot surgery of having the plates and tightrope inserted into my foot. I had some complications after that surgery where my surgery wound spit open and it took months to heal.  In March I had the second surgery to remove the metal plates (but keeping the tightrope permanently). The surgeon also did a scar revision to remove as much of the horrible purple scar that was left of my foot after the previous wound healed.  Here is a photo of my foot now.  It still swells up when I've been walking around a lot, and the purple scar is still visible, although much narrower than the original scar.  I'm told I walk with a limp sometimes, but I don't notice and I generally don't have too much ongoing foot pain. But it's never going to be the same again.  Amazing red nail polish on my toes does help though - thank you Lacquistry Redicilious. 

So polish hauls now, well actually I don't have anything to show yet.  But my awesome local Aussie nail polish friends once again got me a voucher to get some polishes from Femme Fatale. I've have bunch in my cart already, but I'd love to know which polishes or collections were big standouts for you this year.  Maybe I should just wait to see everyone's "top polishes of 2017" posts before I place my order.

Now quickly to my Christmas nails.  I originally wanted perfectly straight candy cane stripes, then I remembered how much I detest striping tape and how long it takes to do a multicolored mani, so instead I just painted free hand stripes.  My base was Lacquistry Amazeballz Extra fine, the stripes are Redicilious and Inadverdant, and a white creme.

I have missed wishing you all a Merry Christmas for 2017, but there is still time to wish you all a very happy new year for 2018.
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