Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers out there.  I'm totally jealous you get a day off today, plus I wish I was eating turkey!  I guess I'll just have to wait until Christmas for my turkey.

For celebrate for you guys I created some water marbled turkeys.  I originally saw a youtube video by Collette from My Simple Little Pleasures like this back in 2012.  Most recently Mucking Fusser created some just last last week.

For my water marble I used three of my PAWS brand water marbling polishes that I mixed myself. The turkey's are painted using Ulta3 Chinchilly.  It's only now that I'm looking at these that I realise I forgot to add in the turkey gobbles. So mine look a little more like Mr Hankey's, minus the hat but with a beak - if you know what I mean.

I hope you all manage to score some awesome bargains over the new few days.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Mottled nail foils stamped with stripes

Sometimes I have an idea in my head for a manicure, but then what evolves is nothing like I had planned.  Case and point below.

The base for this manicure is actually a whole bunch of different coloured nail foils applied with nail glue in really random sections.  I didn't really like the look of that too much and needed to add something else, so I ended up doing some black lines.  Before I did the black lines I sealed in the foils with some gel top coat polish.

I actually stamped these lines, which I'm pretty damn pleased with, because I managed to keep the stamping pretty straight and even. They almost look like they were done with striping tape.  Yay for me!  

I finished with a layer of seche vite to seal in the stamping.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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I'm feeling ambitious - gold foil ruffian

Around this time last year, Sarah from Chalkboard nails did a blog post about various black and gold nail art ideas.  One in particular stuck in my head, and I finally remembered to do it.  

Sarah titled this design the "I'm Feeling Ambitious" Foil/Gel Combo.  Mine didn't end up anywhere near as smooth and as perfect as hers, but I was super impressed how the gold holo foils maintained their gold holoiness when sealed under a gel top coat compared to a nail polish top coat.

For this mani, I started by applying and curing Gelicious Sleep Til Noon, which is a nicely pigmented black gel polish. Then, I painted a ruffian shape with nail foil glue, let the glue turn clear, and applied sheets of gold foil over the glue. One it was completely dry I sealed it all in with Gelicious Top coat and cured.  

Close up photos do this no justice, because it really was a blindingly blingy mani.

Monday, November 24, 2014

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Watercolour over glitter

I've seen a few manis like this over the last few months, where watercolour polishes are used over glitters.  I did this mani more than a month ago, so now I don't even remember what glitter I used as my base, but it was a silver glitter than had a mix of small and larger glitters as well as holo glitters.

For the watercolour markings I used all four of the Ulta3 watercolour polishes.  I applied them using a dotting tool in various patterns.  I did two layers to build up the colour, as these Ulta3 watercolours are not as pigmented as the OPI ones.  

I also ensured I used a PVA peel off base coat on this one because the glitter was applied very dense and with the watercolours on top as well as a nice thick layer of Seche Vite, these nails were pretty much bullet proof.

This is such an easy design to create, you can be messy with the colours on top and it doesn't matter at all.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

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FNUG Futuristica stamped

I loved the previous mani I did with FNUG holo with stamping so much, that I grabbed out another one.  This time I grabbed Futuristica, which is the pale blue toned holo.  I stamped over it using Cult Nails Time Traveler, which is a highly pigmented navy blue creme.

The stamping image is from the same plate as my previous design - JR-8, which I purchased from My Online Shop on Etsy.

I really pleased with my stamping placement for this mani *pats self on back* and love the final look.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Picture Polish HQ plus ariel's tale and mardi gras reformulated

While I was away on my holiday's in Queensland, I made a special trip 15 minutes down the road from where we were staying to finally meet the girls from Picture Polish face to face at Picture Polish gallery HQ.

The set up there is so beautiful with banners, framed swatches and bottles, and small chairs to sit at and chat.  And chat we did!  I don't even remember how long I stayed and chatted, but it was so lovely to finally meet Jules and the other PP girls.  You should have seen the tens of thousands of bottles that were hidden behind the walls, and all the bottles being packaged up going out to buyers and network members.  It was very cool.

Naturally I had to wear my Kryptonite for the occasion.  The only problem was that because I was on holiday, I had only taken 4 polishes with me, plus base coat, Seche Vite top coat, cotton wipes and removers.  The one thing I had forgotten to pack was a clean up brush.  So when I was painting my nails the night before heading to PPHQ I had to be very, very careful to paint neatly, cause I had nothing to clean up with.  Luckily it wasn't too bad (I guess I've had plenty of practice).

This little corner is my corner at HQ!  I've talked about it before here.  There are framed swatches of my nails on the wall, plus a little plaque on the wall with some words I wrote. It was so AMAZING to see this in real life!

This was has picture boxes filled with every colour they have, and on the top of each box is a nail wheel with the colours swatched.  It really makes these bottles into art and fits so perfectly with the brand name of Picutre Polish!

While I'm talking Picture Polish, here are a couple of comparison swatches I did a good while back. I'm such a slack blogger and really should have posted these earlier.

First up is a comparison of the new reformulated version of ariel's tail.  It still contains the multiple sizes of turquoise glitters, but the new version is much more densely packed.  This is one coat of ariel's tale on each nail.  As you can see, the new version has amazing glitter payoff.  You could easily get full nail coverage with two coats.

Just like with ariel's tale, mardi gras has under gone a reformulation and come out at the end with a much more densely packed glitter.  This is one coat of mardi gras on each nail comparing the new formula on the index and ring fingers and the old formula on the middle and pinky.

Whilst I was at the PPHQ I also picked up the latest collaboration shades. So stay tuned for some swatches and nail art incorporating those.

I also got to have a sneak peak a few polishes they are working on, including the new topper called Holiday.  Holiday is a special release and contains the signature PP scatter holo flakies as well as the multi coloured flakies that are in Festival.  The swatch I saw looked totally gorgeous, so I can't wait to get a bottle of that.  Plus, Picture Polish will be stocking Liquid Palisade - I'm so excited for this.  I've tried PVA glue and painters masking fluid with very average results, so I can't wait to try this!

Friday, November 21, 2014

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I'm back with a pink and blue skittlette

Hey everyone.  So that little break turned out much longer than expected!  You know I had about 12 draft blog posts with photos uploaded into blogger ready for me to just punch out some text, so I thought it would be really easy for me to do some blog posts from while I was away.  

Turns out I totally couldn't be stuffed doing it whilst I was on vacation. Go figure? I much preferred to sip a glass of wine and enjoy some quite time after the kids had crashed for the night.  I think if there was a decent blogger app that would allow you to type up your blog posts easily, then I would have done some, but booting up the lappy was always going to be a stretch I guess.

Just as well I still have those blog posts up my sleeve, because holiday's do terrible things to your nails!  I only changed my polish 3 times whilst I was away, so including the polish I wore when I left, I only wore four colours!  But because of that I did get some chipping of polish on the corners of my nails.  The worst thing for you nails is chipped polish, because that's when you usually break a corner off your nail.  I think I lost about 4 corners, so my nails are looking rather rounded at the moment.

Anyway, lets get onto one of those mani's that I had stored up to post whilst I was away.

This pink and blue number was a skittlette that just came about rather organically.  I started with a white base and then painted rough stripes down the thumb, index and pinky fingers using some pink and blue polishes I mixed up for watermarbling.  I then used those same polishs to do a watermarble on my ringer finger.  I stamped a daisy design using Mundo de Unas polishes and place Swarovski crystals down the middle on my index finger.

I love these next two photos taken in front of our flowering Azalea plants.  The flowers are all finished now that I'm home from holiday's, especially as it's been so stinking hot for Spring! Today on our drive home it reached 42 degrees celsius!  We are getting this massive heat wave whilst the USA is snowed in!

I'll be back soon, I promise!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Rainbow houndstooth with gradient and stamping

Are you guys missing my daily posts?  Oh I'm sure you all are, cause you're just hanging by your phones or computers just waiting for me to post something new, right?   
Well I'm having a wonderful time on our family vacation.  Every day has been so jam packed with activities.  Since arriving in Queensland we've visited multiple theme parks, enjoyed dinners out and lots of meals catching up with the in-laws. We've played mini golf and hung about in the hotel pools and water park.  I've even found time to visit the Picture Polish HQ and meet the wonderful Picture Polish girls.  I'll do a post about that when I get back and show you a few photos
Here is a mani I wore from before I went away.  Just a little something to tie you over for a few more days.
It's a bit of a mix and match with a gradient, stamping and coloured water decals.   I think the polishes I used for the gradient were Picture Polish swagger, wisteria and candy and Ulta3 Corsican rose and Honolulu.  I stamped in white with Mundo de Unas white and a new Emily de Molly plate (but I can't remember which number sorry).
The hounds tooth gradient pattern and star are actually water decals from the Born Pretty Store that I purchased. They are item #14783 and I still have plenty more in the packet to do more manis.
Have fun and I'll be back when I can.

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