Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Hit the bottle - 5 new stamping colours

Don't forget to enter your guesses for my 5 year blog anniversary giveaway, entries close in just over 24 hours time!

One of the prize packs in the giveaway is a rainbow set of stamping polishes from Hit the Bottle.  Tonight I have some quick stamping swatches of 5 new colours from Hit the Bottle, just to remind you how awesome these polishes are for stamping.

As you can see I have stamped each over both black and white, and it's quite incredible how different each shade looks over black and white.

First swatch, Magenta at your own risk - a bright magenta pink and In the Limelight, a mid tone yellow leaning green.

I wash I was a mermaid - a strong metallic teal.  Green arounds the gills - a gold leaning green.

Lastly, Chromeo - I ended up showing this over a skittle of blue shades.  Chromeo is a good solid silver.

I found all these to stamp beautifully. The pigments in the bottles do separate slightly over time, so I recommend giving them a good shake or grabbing a tattoo mixer for a few dollars to do the mixing for you.

Hit the Bottle polish is available through their Big Cartel shop, and they now ship internationally. 4ml bottles are $3, 9ml bottles are $6.75 and Shipping is capped at $8 Australia wide with tracking.  Plus they have two international stockists, Rainbow Connection in the UK and Beautometry in the US.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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I Love Nail Polish ILNP Mega (S)

How many linear silver holographic polishes is enough for one gal? Two? Seven? 13?  Well as far as I'm concerned, if they are all different, then you can just keep going and going. I'm at 18 linear silver holos now, and there are still some out there I would like to get my hands on.

My latest addition is ILNP Mega (S).  I was able to get in on a recent Aussie group buy during the pre-sale, and this is one of five ILNP shades I picked up.

ILNP make the claim that Mega (S) is the brightest, most intense pure holographic nail polish out there. I have a comparison photo below of all my silver holos, and while I thought this looked totally stunning on my nails at the time, when you compare it to other silver holos, there is no way this is the most intense pure holo out there.

First up, this is three coats of INLP Mega (S) on it's own.

I was swatches some other shades the other night and decided to try a singer layer of Mega (S) layered over a dark colour. WOW!  This is gorgeous! This is a dark brown polish, and I love that you can still see the warm shade beneath.  You can actually tell it's a brown and not a black polish.  Lots of rainbow flame. Me likey! 

Now here is my holo comparison.  With 18 silver linear holo shades it's just too many to do them in a finger swatch.  I think you will find this comparison interesting. A friend of mine recently acquired a bottle of Chanel Holographic, so I'm hoping I might be able to sneak a swatch stick out of her bottle to be able to include in my silver holo comparisons going forward.

1 FNUG Psychedelic
2 GOSH Hiolo
3 Nfu Oh 61
4 Layla Mercury Twilight
5 Ozotic 509
6 Color Club Harp on it
7 Dance Legend T-1000
8 Dance Legend prismatic top
9 Jade Psicodelica
10 ILNP Mega (S)
11 China Glaze OMG
12 HIT Hefestio
13 Ludurana Esplendido
14 Color Club Worth the risque
15 Orly Mirror Ball
16 Born Pretty Color 1
17 China Glaze Cosmic Dust
18 Ludurana Notavel

Above said friend clearly has an issue with silver holos like I do, as she is the one I first saw with her amazing silver holo Guess handbag.  After seeing hers, I had to buy one immediately! You can't tell from this photo how totally amazing this silver holo bag is, but it is incredible! Love rocking my matchy matchy nails and bag.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Picutre Polish Cherish

Are you a fan of nude shades.  I just love them.  There is something so chic and sophisticated about nudes.  Today I have a new nude shade from Picture Polish.

Cherish is a collaboration shade with Anna Gorelova. I have to say that I don't actually read Anna's blog, although I do follow it though my RSS reader. The reason I don't read it is because it's all in Russian, but her photos are to die for.  Every single shot is perfection.  She obviously has someone to assist her in taking her photos due to the number of double hand shots, but still, the photo composition with complementing polishes and backgrounds are always beautiful eye candy.

Cherish is a pale cream nude shade with a scattered holographic finish.  The formula was good, although quite transparent and patch at first. I needed three thin coats for full opacity.

I ended up stamping on this with a four seasons design, summer, autumn, winter and spring.  I used Emily de Molly plate EDM07 for this.

Picture Polish Cherish is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock. 

Don't forget to get your entries in for my amazing giveaway, by having a go at the guess that polish.  I can happily say that every person who has entered so far will be in the running for a prize, plus there is already a lot of girls that have 20/20 polishes right, so those ladies will be in the running twice!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

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Guess that polish - 5 year edition

Brace yourselves ladies (and gentlemen) it's finally ready.  I have finally organized myself enough to bring you an amazing giveaway to celebrate my 5 year blogging anniversary last month.

First up I'm going to tell you about the incredible prize pool I have on offer thanks to the support of some AMAZING Australian polish makers.

Hit the bottle stamping polish - a set of 8 rainbow colours for stamping.  Check out my review of these Hit the Bottle polishes. Prize provided by Hit the bottle polishes.

Emily de Molly - Set of three multichrome flakie polishes and the new green holo called Enchanted Isle. Prize provided by Emily de Molly.

Dance Legend - Aquarelle Top coats, full collection of 12 mini bottle. See my review of the Aquarelle Top coats. Prize provided by me.

JOSS Metallic stamping polishes - all six metallic shades.  Prize provided by the Nail Super Store.

JOSS Bold Collection - set of six bright metallic shades. Check my review of the JOSS Bold Collection.  Prize provided by the Nail Super Store.

Messy Mansion Pro Stamper Set - comes with 10 stamper heads in different squishinesses, an XL holder and a priming block. Check out my review of the Messy Mansion Pro Stamper set. Prize provided by Messy Mansion.

Messy Mansion stamping plates - Your choice of four in-stock MM Series stamping plates.  Prize provided by Messy Mansion.

Picture Polish Limited Edition Vampy Chameleons - all six dark and moody shades. There are only just out and I've not worn mine yet, but stay tuned for my swatches.  Prize provided by Picture Polish.

Femme Fatale - Selection of 6 different shades. I don't even own any of these, and it's really hard for me to let them go.  Prize provided by Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Ok, so now it's where things get serious.  I'm not one to just let you fill in a form and try your luck, I like to make you work for the prize, plus I actually think it's kinda fun.  So just like I've done in the past, it's time to:


Below are swatches of 10 polishes, and your challenge is to guess each polish, by both brand and name.  At the bottom of the page is a form where you are to fill in your details, and the details of your guesses.

Polish 1

Polish 2

Polish 3

Polish 4

Polish 5

Polish 6

Polish 7

Polish 8

Polish 9

Polish 10

To make it a little easier, I have some clues for you.

I will tell you which brands I have included polishes from, in no particular order they are:

OPI, Femme Fatale, Emily de Molly, Picture Polish, Dance Legend, Ulta3, JOSS, Chanel, Orly and Nfu Oh.

Another clue is that I have selected one polish that was first shown on my blog from each six month periods I have been blogging. Eg there is one polish that was first shown on my blog during Jan-Jun 2010, another from July-Dec 2010, one from Jan-Jun 2011 and so on through all of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

I recommend that you write down all your answers on a piece of paper first, then come and enter them into the google doc form below. That is much easier than trying to scroll up and down as you go. 

I've done this twice before and I'm always amazed by the number of ladies that manage to guess all correct brands and polishes.  This time its only 10 polishes, so I'm expecting quite a lot of you will get all of them right. 

The boring but important part.

This giveaway is run by More Nail Polish. Entry is open Internationally. Competition begins 12 April 2015 and ends 19 April 2015 at midnight AEST.  Entrants must provide their name and email address on the google form.  Each person may only enter once, but if you use your google account, you will be able to edit your responses once you have submitted up until the closing date. Duplicate entries for the same person will be deleted.

Any users posting comments on this blog post identifying polishes by brand or name will be deleted and disqualified from entering.

The entrant who correctly identifies the most polishes by brand and name will be the winner.  The highest possible score is 20/20 - one point for each brand and name for all 10 swatches.  If more than one person gets 20/20, these winners will be placed into a random draw to select the winners.

One additional winner will be drawn at random from all entrants who get more than 5/20 correct answers.

The prize pool will be split as I see fit to accommodate the potential number of winners. 

Following More Nail Polish is not a requirement, although I do pretty awesome fun things here so you might want to stick around.

Winner/s will be notified via email by April 26. Prizes must be claimed by responding within two days of the email being sent. Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed within two days.

Friday, April 10, 2015

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Cirque - New Moon and Love Stone

Hi everyone.  I'm pretty excited tonight because tomorrow morning I have to go to work (even though it's Saturday and I have a regular office job), because my team is releasing another website after several months of work.  It's another massive weight off my shoulders to get this project finished and I'm hoping that with the end of this project I'll get a bit more of my blogging mojo back. My posts have been pretty light on recently.  Plus I've finally got all my goodies ready for my 5 year blog anniversary giveaway - so I will get that up this weekend too.

Today's post features two more polishes from the Cirque Colors Awakening collection. These too colours just screamed at me to be worn together, I just love pink and grey together.

The pink shade is called Love Stone and is a soft pastel pink with gold flakes.  The grey shade is called New Moon and its a concrete grey with silver flakes.

Cirque New Noon and Love Stone are from the Awakening collection by Cirque. They are available from Cirque Colors and a whole range of stockists, both in bricks and mortar stores and online.  For more details, check the Stockists.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Colors by Llarowe - Jackie

I wasn't planning on showing another Colors by Llarowe polish straight away, but I want to show all the photos of my nails while they were still longer and square, before I jump into the photos where they are shorter and squoval. So another Colors by Llarowe flakie it is.

This one is called Jackie, and it is also from the Doctor Who Collection. Jackie has a clear base and has green to blue colour shifting flakies.  I started with two coats of Jackie over my base which was Dance Legend Binary Lisa.  

The formula of Jackie was good and easy to apply and you get a fairly decent amount of flakies for each coat, but I don't think you could get opacity unless you sponged it on. 

I then stamped over the design using Bundle Monster plate BM-607 and white Mundo de Unas polish.  I really like this image, the lines are really fine and it doesn't hide the beautiful polish hidden behind it.

Colors by Llarowe flakies are available from Llarowe and their is a huge range of colour combinations in flakies in the Doctor Who collection. Due to a sale on old bottle styles, these aren't available in the store right now, but after that sale has finished, these will be back up.

Polishes provided for consideration.
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