Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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SV by Sparkly Vernis - Palm Trees at Night Spring Collection

I have some stunning polishes to share with you tonight, which I received several weeks ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to swatch in sunlight, but it never came.  We've had a really wet Autumn so far, and if it wasn't raining it's been overcast, so holos have been really hard work to capture.

I bought new lamp from Costco a few weeks back, mainly to assist me in doing my nails at night. I had previously noticed that I was particularly crap at selecting matching colour swarovski crystals for my nail art.  The light is just two rows of led white lights and so far it's produced the best lighting for taking indoor nail shots compared to the various other lamps I've purchased.

Lets get into these polishes shall we.  This is the Spring Collection called Palm Trees at Night released from SV by Sparkly Vernis. 

These are pretty damn special holos folks.  They are one coaters, yet they still have a strong holo flame.  Think of the opacity of the aEngland holos and these are like that, except with a much stronger holo flame as you can see in these photos.

Due to their opacity at one coat, I thought these would work nicely for stamping, which they do.  I've got a stamping swatch for each of the Spring Collection shades following the colour swatch.

Pink Starfish - This polish is a cool-toned, medium pink holographic with purple shimmer.  This is one coat with Seche Vite top coat.

Breeze and Wave Sounds - a dark, cyan blue holographic with blue shimmer. This is one coat with Seche Vite top coat.

Coral Reef - a warm, medium-to-dark pink holographic with a hint of coral. This one has a creamer base and as such the holo finish isn't as strong as with the previous two colours, although it stamps a bit better. This is one coat with Seche Vite top coat.

E. huxleyi Bloom - a creamy, blue-green holographic that leans cyan and teal. Again the finish is creamer and the holo is not as strong as the first two shades - stamping is superb though. This is one coat with Seche Vite top coat.

La Petite Coquille - a multicolored flakie topper in a clear base with a strong purple shimmer. This is impossible to photograph, and it's one of those shades that looks much better in real life than in pictures.  The flakies are so reflective that most of my photos had large reflective spots.  

The first swatch photo shows one coat of La Petite Coquille over a dark purple jelly polish.  Other swatches show two coats.

I even applied OPI matte top coat in an attempt to see the coloured flakies and shimmer better without all the light reflections.

Spring in your Step - This one isn't part of the Palm Trees at Night Spring Collection, but it has been recently released as an additional Spring shade as part of the "Frankies" range.  Spring in your Step is a jade green holographic with gold shimmer. This is a light green with yellow undertones.This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

These shades are available now through SV by Sparkly Vernis.  If you want to see more swatches, check out SV by Sparkly Vernis on Instagram or Facebook.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Hit the bottle - 5 new stamping colours

Don't forget to enter your guesses for my 5 year blog anniversary giveaway, entries close in just over 24 hours time!

One of the prize packs in the giveaway is a rainbow set of stamping polishes from Hit the Bottle.  Tonight I have some quick stamping swatches of 5 new colours from Hit the Bottle, just to remind you how awesome these polishes are for stamping.

As you can see I have stamped each over both black and white, and it's quite incredible how different each shade looks over black and white.

First swatch, Magenta at your own risk - a bright magenta pink and Absinthe Minded, a mid tone yellow leaning green.

I wash I was a mermaid - a strong metallic teal.  Green arounds the gills - a gold leaning green.

Lastly, Chromeo - I ended up showing this over a skittle of blue shades.  Chromeo is a good solid silver.

I found all these to stamp beautifully. The pigments in the bottles do separate slightly over time, so I recommend giving them a good shake or grabbing a tattoo mixer for a few dollars to do the mixing for you.

Hit the Bottle polish is available through their Big Cartel shop, and they now ship internationally. 4ml bottles are $3, 9ml bottles are $6.75 and Shipping is capped at $8 Australia wide with tracking.  Plus they have two international stockists, Rainbow Connection in the UK and Beautometry in the US.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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I Love Nail Polish ILNP Mega (S)

How many linear silver holographic polishes is enough for one gal? Two? Seven? 13?  Well as far as I'm concerned, if they are all different, then you can just keep going and going. I'm at 18 linear silver holos now, and there are still some out there I would like to get my hands on.

My latest addition is ILNP Mega (S).  I was able to get in on a recent Aussie group buy during the pre-sale, and this is one of five ILNP shades I picked up.

ILNP make the claim that Mega (S) is the brightest, most intense pure holographic nail polish out there. I have a comparison photo below of all my silver holos, and while I thought this looked totally stunning on my nails at the time, when you compare it to other silver holos, there is no way this is the most intense pure holo out there.

First up, this is three coats of INLP Mega (S) on it's own.

I was swatches some other shades the other night and decided to try a singer layer of Mega (S) layered over a dark colour. WOW!  This is gorgeous! This is a dark brown polish, and I love that you can still see the warm shade beneath.  You can actually tell it's a brown and not a black polish.  Lots of rainbow flame. Me likey! 

Now here is my holo comparison.  With 18 silver linear holo shades it's just too many to do them in a finger swatch.  I think you will find this comparison interesting. A friend of mine recently acquired a bottle of Chanel Holographic, so I'm hoping I might be able to sneak a swatch stick out of her bottle to be able to include in my silver holo comparisons going forward.

1 FNUG Psychedelic
2 GOSH Hiolo
3 Nfu Oh 61
4 Layla Mercury Twilight
5 Ozotic 509
6 Color Club Harp on it
7 Dance Legend T-1000
8 Dance Legend prismatic top
9 Jade Psicodelica
10 ILNP Mega (S)
11 China Glaze OMG
12 HIT Hefestio
13 Ludurana Esplendido
14 Color Club Worth the risque
15 Orly Mirror Ball
16 Born Pretty Color 1
17 China Glaze Cosmic Dust
18 Ludurana Notavel

Above said friend clearly has an issue with silver holos like I do, as she is the one I first saw with her amazing silver holo Guess handbag.  After seeing hers, I had to buy one immediately! You can't tell from this photo how totally amazing this silver holo bag is, but it is incredible! Love rocking my matchy matchy nails and bag.

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