Thursday, January 29, 2015

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ILNP Multichrome Flakie - Supernova

I have a whole bunch of photos from various manis I've worn recently, but I get worn out with the thought of having to write something up to go with it.  So bear with me whilst I'm a bit lazy with my commentary, and hopefully just enjoy the photos instead.

This one is I Love Nail Polish Supernova.  This one is similar to the colour shift that was in Ozotic 505 or Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal or the glitters in Ozotic Elytra 528.  That is, it shifts from a bright turquoise green through pink to purple.  This is sponged on using a makeup sponge and would be equivalent to about four coats of Supernova, minus all the thickness of the clear polish base.

Once I'm finished with my swatches of each of the ILNP Multichrome flakies, I'll put together a blog post with all the swatches together to help you choose which ones to get.  So far I haven't been disappointed with any of them, although I think I've been choosing the more shifty ones.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Lacquistry - Inadverdant

Do you love green nail polish? I sure do, and if you do too, then get ready to add another lemming to your wishlist.  This is InadVerdant by Lacquistry and it's a dark forest green version of Amazeballz fine.

It's so hard to capture how glowy this polish is, even for such a rich dark shade.  The formula is thick, but smooth and easy to apply.  It's a one coater, but I did two coats for extra depth and sparkles.

After I did my swatch, I just couldn't take this one off, so I put it onto both nails and then added some nail art.  I stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold polish and added a charm from Hex Nail Charms.

I bought this from the Lacquistry Etsy store last year as part of the Christmas collection, but unfortunately InadVerdant is not in stock at the moment.

Monday, January 26, 2015

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Australia Day 2015 - Green and Gold Kangaroos

Happy Australia to my Australian readers.  I hope you had a wonderful day off.  Mine didn't really turn out as expected.  We went to Bunnings early this morning to grab a few things to do around the house.  The plan was to do those things, have a swim in the pool, maybe a BBQ and relax and then head out the the fireworks around Lake Burly Griffin.

But instead, our sewer backed up and we had to get our Gerni and drain hose down into that icky mess.  Six hours later it was clear.  In the mean time, the pool pump packed it in, so I installed the spare pump we had in the garage.  Whilst the pump was off we high pressure cleaned the pool filters - more yuck all over me!  Putting it all back together, the pump installed nicely, but then we couldn't get the filter housing to seal properly and it kept leaking! I think we need a new O-ring seal, but we eventually made it work using a lot of plummers tape around the rim.  By this stage I was covered in stinky sewerage, a slimy pool backwash, so a late afternoon shower was delightful!

We grabbed a pizza for dinner and took the kids to the fireworks.  My littlest had never seen fireworks before, she was mesmerized, although the loud bangs were a little frighting for her.  We certainly packed lots into our long weekend - although I didn't get any swatching done at all, and I have a mountain of amazing Dance Legends to show you too.

Lets check out the nails I had on for Australia Day.  The base is Lacquistry Glitterally. Glitterally has a deep yet bright blue jelly base with green/gold/blue color-shifting glitters, accented with micro holo glitters.  It's a real stunner and unfortunately my photos dont capture the holo shine.

I then stamped some gold Kangaroos along the tip of each nail using Hit The Bottle polish in Hello Buttercup.  It doesn't get more Aussie than the green and gold kangaroo!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Australia Day Glitter wraps

Last Wednesday I was out at my local shopping mall with the kids and we walked past our local 'dollar shop'. I'm not even sure of the name of the shop, but 'dollar shop' is our generic name for any of those shops that sell all sorts of random products imported from China for just a few dollars.  Given that it was a week before Australia Day, they had a whole isle dedicated to Australia Day crap.  Hat and headbands with flashing lights, full sequined Australian flag dresses, face paints, giant blow up hands and thongs (the Australian kind that you wear on your foot, not the American type that go up your bum).  Anyway, you get the idea.

They had the same range of nail wraps that I tried out last year, with the flags, kangaroos and koalas.  This year they also had these glitter ones, so I grabbed a pair to try out.

The wraps have a white sticky base and then the glitter appears to be sprinkled on.  I took a macro shot at the end to show you.  The texture of these was quite rough, and I had a hard time getting them to stick down properly on the sides of my nails.  So to combat both those issues, I add two thin coats of Gelicious gel top coat to seal it all down and to give it a super glossy finish.

After I was finished, I was really pleased how good these nail wraps looked.  I loved that they actually looked like I had gone a little crazy and sprinkled glitter over striping tape and star shaped stickers.

I wore these down to the beach today.  We live two hours away from the beach, but seeing as it's a long weekend, we decided to take the kids down to play in the Pacific Ocean for a few hours.  We would loved to have stayed the night, but no where had availability, and those that did had at least three night minimum stays.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Australia Day watermarble with Red, White and Blue

The last three years I've always managed to do a series of mani's dedicated to Australia.  If you are looking for some inspiration for Australia Day manis, then check out the 19 different designs I've done in the past.  This year I've just not had the time and capacity to pull a whole week of designs together.

So with only three posts left before Australia day, I had to get my butt into gear and come up with at least a few Australia Day manis - and preferably something new that I hadn't done already. Australia's flag colours, like hundreds of others, are red, white and blue, so enter the red, white and blue watermarble.

I started which a white base and then marbled over it with red, blue and clear polish.  I find I have much better luck using clear polish in a water marble than white, because usually the white bleeds into the red and makes pink.  Once again I used my personal Paws brand nail polishes that I've formulated perfectly for me to be able to watermarble - remember if you want to make or have good water marbling polishes, the key is pigmented and runny polishes.

Jump on over to my instagram shortly if you want to see a 15 second video of this watermarble.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Picture Polish - That Remover and Those Wipes

Picture Polish has recently started selling a new water base nail polish remover.  They have two packaging options, a 125ml bottle and a travel pack (which is perfect for your handbag) that contains more than 40 pre-moistened wipes. 

I've gotta say that when I heard about water based nail polish remover I was pretty skeptical that they would actually work very well, so lets have a look at how well they did work.

First up, I removed a mani that was three coats of OPI DS Original plus top coat, using Those Wipes.  The wipes are about the same size as a regular cotton round, but they are very thin and strong.

I placed the wipe on my nail and left it there for about 15 seconds like they suggest on the back of the container.

I then just slowly pushed the wipe off my nail and to my huge surprise the polish came with it.

I was able use one wipe to do all five fingers on one hand, so you need two wipes to remove a full manicure.  If you had a darker or more pigmented polish on, you might need to use more.

As you can see in the photo below, the wipes are very moisturizing, it's more like giving your hands a full treatment than actually removing nail polish.

The bottle of remover works in exactly the same way, except you put the remover onto your own cotton ball or round (or whatever you use).

This time around I used it to remove a highly pigmented green polish that was two coats, top coat, stamping and more top coat (you will see that mani soon).  I was able to remove all the polish on one hand using one cotton round and enough of That remover to moisten it.

The process of removing polish with this water based polish remover is definitely slower than using other polish removers, as you need to wait at least 15 seconds per nail for the remover to soften the polish and allow you to remove it.  As such I wouldn't use this when I doing swatching, because it would just take too long and I use so much acetone that it would cost too much.

I love how moisturizing this is!  When I swatch I normally use straight acetone and my nails and cuticles dry out really fast.  I have found that I have started using That remover on a moistened wipe and cleaning my nails after using acetone to remove a swatch.  I find one wipe usually lasts me my entire swatching session and it keeps my fingers feeling and looking human - which I'm sure is due to the Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that is in them.

The remover has no fumes and is non-flammable, which means you can safely take it on a plane if you are traveling, plus is can be posted with no issues! But it's still hazardous - so no drinking ok!

The Remover and Those wipes are available from Picture Polish for $5.50 and $8.50 respectively.  So while they are on the more expensive side of the polish remover scene, I really believe they offer something new and innovative and will be particularly useful for women that have sensitive skin.

Edited to add: Quite a lot of you were interesting in what the actual ingredients are:, so here is a photo of the back of the bottle. Definitely no acetone, but I have no clue which ingredients are the ones that remove the polish though.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Glam Polish Fantasia Multichrome Flakies - Part Two

The great multichome flakie invasion of 2015 continues today with some more stunning multichrome flakie polishes from Glam Polish.  I've previously shared three of the Glam multichromes, and today I have three more.  Once of these was from the original four polish release and the other two are a new release.

Again I decided to wear each of these polishes on their own. I sponged these on, which resulted in what four coats of flakies would look like but without all the thickness of four coats of polish.  There are lots of swatches out there that show what these flakies look like over black, but it's rather amazing how different they look on their own.  I love it when a polish can be that versatile.

Arcana Dark - The main base flakie colour is purple and it shift to warm copper shade.  But there are also some blue flakes that seem to shift to purple when the purple ones go copper, so this polish always has a strong purple look. 

Harmony wind - This one is what I call a classic multichrome colour combo.  It's the same colour combo that my very first multichrome polish from Sally Hansen (turquoise opal) was - a deep turquoise teal through to green and purple.

Star Shadow - this one has primarily blue and green flakies with a some purple and gold flakies as well.  It's hard sometimes to tell if a colour you see is the colour a flakie is shifting to or if that is the base colour of another flakie. 

I really like this collection from Glam Polish, the colour combos appear quite unique and aren't just one straight flakie colour put into some suspension base.

The entire Glam Polish Fantasia Flakie Collection is available from

Polishes provided for consideration.
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