Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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31DC2014 - Glitter

Yep, you know it - if there is ever a day you are suppose to attempt a glitter placement mani, it's today!    

A few weeks ago, a caught up with my close group of nail polish friends here in Canberra over at Hayley's (aka Emily de Molly polish) polish making lab.  I was just in awe of this shelf unit with all the boxes of glitter.  It was sorted by colour and then each colour had different sizes and shapes.  Now this was only a small portion of her glitter, and I was like a little girl in a candy shop!  

Then a pretty cool thing happened. I commented how I wished I could grab a teaspoon of a bunch of glitters so I could do some glitter placement with them.  Low and behold, @LilyandJinks say's, hey I have a box full of tiny contains in the boot of my car - do you want them to grab some glitter!  WHAT! It was like it was meant to be!  So then for the next hour, I sat there grabbing little samples of glitter, I think I ended up grabbing about 40 containers worth.  How awesome are these girls - right!

As I was sampling the glitters, I noticed Hayley had a nice range of pastel satin finish hexes that would be perfect for a glitter placement.  I planned this mani right there and then.

I used a white base and then used my wax pencil to pick up each glitter and placed them into a thin line of top coat.  I used the technique explained by Polish all the nails where you do the line down the centre of the nail first, and then work outwards from there.  Oh, and if you guys aren't following her work in the 31DC2014, you've got to check it out. She is almost managing glitter placement every day of the challenge.

So I was a bit lazy when it came to this glitter placement.  Because the glitters were pastel, I didn't bother cutting any glitters in half to add to my tips, hence there are some little gaps there.  I also started going blind doing this and didn't realize I mixed up a pink and purple glitter on my middle finger - which is of course infuriating me now (it's like it has flashing lights on it saying, look here, look here, the pattern is wrong!)

And look, Yay for the spring blossoms on the trees!  This is our Plumcot tree, the fruit is a cross between a plum and and apricot and they are so delicious!

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My glitter nails from 2013!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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31DC2014 - Geometric

I can't believe we are at the halfway point in the 31 Day Challenge already!  Top effort girls who are all still hanging in there.

Tonight's prompt is Geometric, which this year has changed from Tribal.  Sarah from Chalkboard Nails made the change in an effort to be more culturally sensitive, which I think is a fantastic idea.  In many cultures, tribal art is a should only be painted by those from that culture, I certainly know that is the case with Aboriginal dot paintings.

So without further adieu, here are my geometric nails.

I did advanced stamping on all ten nails.  I used a fantastic geometric design from one of the new Emily de Molly plates EdM09.  I painted the design with a range of colours, the blue is Picture Polish Swagger, and the rest of the colours are from the China Glaze Sunsational collection.

Remember my full pro set of stampers heads from Messy Mansion? This is what they are perfect for.  I was able to paint in each of the stamps all at the same time and it made the process so much faster.

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My tribal nails from 2013!

Now I don't often do shout outs, but in other news last night, a fellow Aussie and long time reader of my blog was selected as one of the 14 finalists in the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 3.0 competition.  As a fellow Aussie, I can't help but love her inspiration (which I have copied below)

She is finalist #8 and it would be awesome if you could send her a vote - especially all you Aussies out there - lets keep Angela in the top six! You don't need to sign up to anything to vote, but you can only vote once per IP address.

Thanks from me, and I'm sure a millions thanks from Angela. --> Vote NOW

Monday, September 15, 2014

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31dc2014: Delicate Print

Ok, so my interpretation of delicate print is stretched a little far, but I decided to go down the same path that I did last year.  Rather than finding a fine and delicate stamp or something similar to put on my nails, I had a think about things that are delicate.  Last year I used my mum's fine bone china as my inspiration, and this year I used my gorgeous Swarovski crystal glasses.

My hubby bought me these glassed for our wedding anniversary last year and they have a crystal base, then a long holo stem that is filled with swarovski crystals.  The top and the bottom of the stem is finish with silver.

I did a silver tip and cuticle edge and two lines of silver Swarovski crystals down each nail.   My base is JOSS Oh so natural and I used Essie No Place Like Chrome for the silver.

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My delicate nails from 2013!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

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31DC2014: Flowers

How are all the other participants going with keeping up with the challenge?  I'm actually a few days in front, because I allowed myself to start a few days earlier so I wouldn't feel the pressure of having to create nail art the day before I posted it to my blog.  

Lucky, though, cause I actually took a couple of nights off painting my nails over the weekend.  First was to have a movie night on the sofa with hubby and then last night because I was busy editing videos.  I recently purchased a little gadget that allows you to connect a VCR (!) to your computer via USB.  This allows you to make digital copies of any of your old family videos or recordings.  It was awesome to sit there going through a bunch of old family videos from nearly 30 years ago.  It was amazing to see the technology that we used back then (eg the massive video camera that mum had to lug around on her shoulder).  Some of the most special parts was seeing old kitties which I grew up with and and seeing video of my Nana and Grandad, who both passed 15-20 years ago.  I'm so excited to go through all the videos we have just sitting around collecting dust and seeing what is on them. 

No onto today's nail art.  I'm not actually sure what sort of flowers these are that I painted onto my nails, but I don't think it even matters.  I just love how this came out.

I started with a base of Emily de Molly Splendid Vision (more swatches of it on it's own below).  I then free handed the flowers on using white nail polish.  I then added the black lines around the centers and outlined each petal with black polish.  I finished it off with a few yellow highlights to accent the gold ultra holographic glitter in the base polish.

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My flower nails from 2013!
I also have some bonus before shots of just the base polish by itself.  This is Emily de Molly Splendid Vision, which has a dark blue/teal jelly base and is jam packed full of ultra holographic gold glitter.  It is simply stunning and sparkles so much more than photos can capture.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

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31DC2014: Animal Print - Budgerigar inspired

Animal print is such a fun prompt, there are so many amazing creatures to be inspired by.  To find my inspiration, I google image searched the words 'beautiful animals' and browsed through the pictures.  One of the images that I saw was of a gorgeous green and yellow budgie.  

Budgies, or their full name of Budgerigars, are an Australian native parakeet, which a very popular pet birds.  I remember when I was young, that my Nana and Granddad had a blue and white budgie called Chippie. Budgies are also very good at learning to speak, and I remember that Chippie had learned a few words.  I particularly remember him saying 'pretty boy'.

I chose to depict two colours of budgies, the blue and white ones and the yellow and green ones.  The sideways gradient captured the colours.  I then added the three dots that appear on their chin.  I added some free hand fuzzy lines to represent the black feathered lines around their eye and head.  I really love how they turned out.

And just how awesome is this little budgie?  He is a very rare bird with both the blue and the green colourings.

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My animal print\nails from 2013!

Friday, September 12, 2014

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31DC2014: Stripes - holo and pastel right angles

Having received some of the fantastic right angle nail vinyls from Picture Polish for blog fest, I was excited to create another design with them.  For this mani I used the second thinnest right angle vinyls and the thinnest straight vinyls.  These are the nail vinyls from, which a selection is also available through Picture Polish.

My base is FNUG Pshychedelic and I used all six creme polishes from last years China Glaze Sunsational collection.  I did have one problem with this mani, but luckily I was able to fix it all up.

The problem was, because I had the vinyls on my nails for quite a long time (because it took bloody ages to fill in each of these colours) I ended up with a sticky residue left on my nails.  This really bummed me out because it meant I completely lost the holographic effect of the FNUG polish underneath.  

First, after waiting for my stripes to be completely dry, I tried scrubbing my nails with warm soapy water. That didn't budge the stickiness. So next I tried a little bit of eucalyptus oil on a cotton round and it was perfect.  It easily removed all the sticky residue and didn't effect my nail art at all.  I then washed my hands thoroughly to remove the oil so I could put a couple of layers of top coat on.  

Eucalyptus oil might be a bit harder for people in other countries to get, but for us Aussies you can grab huge bottles of it from the chemist.  The other bonus - it smells so beautiful.  I just love the smell of eucalyptus.

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My dots nails from 2013!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

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31DC2014: Dots - Spring scene

I've really taken today's prompt of polka dots to a whole 'nother level.  I was a bit stuck for a new idea to create for a dotticure, especially as I loved my dotticure mani from last year's challenge so much!  So, I ended up doing something completely different.  I created a spring scene using nothing but dots.

The background is a soft blue gradient, but other than that, it's all dots.  I particularly like how the clouds and birds turned out.  Of course the size perspective of the flowers and trees is totally out of whack, but I still love the final mani, and it's just perfect for us Aussies and other southern hemisphere dwellers, given that all the blossom trees are in full bloom at the moment.

Once again, nature turned it on for a perfect blue sky gradient background.

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My dots nails from 2013!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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31DC2014: Gradient - magical butterflies

I feel like I've entered a fairy wonderland with these nails.  The colours are so magical, then there is the glitter top coat and then the pretty golden butterfly nail charms.

I used five of the six creme colours from last years China Glaze Sunsational collection to create a vertical gradient across my nails.  I topped the gradient with Kester Black Milky Way, which is beautifully sparkly fine holographic silver holo polish.  It's also the perfect opacity, because you can do a very thin coat to make it look like this, or you can use three normal coats and get full coverage.

I couldn't just leave it at one nail charm, I add to add both butterflies I had purchased from Hex Nail Charms.  I attached these with the supplied glue from Hex Nail Charms to my finished mani.  They lasted beautifully, until literally just before I went to remove my polish for the next mani.  I checked my nails and noticed that I had lost the large butterfly off my right hand.  I'm not sure if I lost it preparing dinner (ummm, nomm nomm), or whilst showering the kids, but now I don't have a matching set which makes me sad.  I guess I will just have to place another Hex Charms order.

The only problem I am having with the 31 Day challenge is that I'm struggling to find the time to check out everyone else's manis.  I'll probably end up looking through them all when the how challenge is over - so make sure you link up to your blog, or even to instagram.

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My gradient nails from 2013!
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