Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Enchanted Polish: Rare Magic and Wicked

I don't purchase nail polish very often these days, as it's unusual for something to grab my eye as something I wouldn't similar in my already immense collection!  But I did receive the recent restock email from Enchanted Polish announcing some new releases, and to my surprise two of them caught my attention enough to join in on the pre-order.  The two I got were Rare Magic and Wicked.  

I have to say I'm really glad I got these two and I certainly don't have anything like them in my collection, plus they really feel like 'me' sort of polishes, having a strong golden shimmer, being duochromey, holo and then in my top colour choices for polish, green and blue.

One think that absolutely frustrates the hell out of me with Enchanted Polish is the lack of swatches available before she does the pre-order.  I really wish Chelsea would send them out to a few bloggers so we could get a better idea of what each one is, in fact I might end up purchasing more if I were able to see more swatches before hand. 

Anyway, I've done some google image searches and there still aren't many swatch photos available out there of these two photos, but it's probably not that relevant now as unless you grabbed these in the pre-order you are sweet out of luck.  Let's take a look anyway.

Rare Magic - whilst this looks quite bronzed in these photos, the base polish colour for Rare Magic is actually a rich royal purple, but the heavy load of the copper/gold/green/blue shimmer makes it look like a much more metallic golden shade.  The duo chrome shift in this is excellent, and so is the holo flame, it really is a delight.

Wicked has a grassy green base that looks much more olive toned due to the same copper/gold/green/blue shimmer that is in Rare Magic.  The green base for this one makes the green shift in the duo chrome stand out even more. This is such a stunner.

What was the last Enchanted Polish you bought?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Picture Polish Collaboration Polishes from 2015 Spam

I recently received the latest collaboration shades from Picture Polish and whilst reviewing my stash and then my blog I realised that there were a few of them that I hadn't actually worn, and some others that I'd only used with nail art and not actually swatched the polish on it's own for inclusion in my colour guide.  

So now I'm on a mission to get them up all updated and today I'm starting with some spam of all the Collaboration polishes released last year.  I'll then have the opulence polishes released in another post and then the 2016 Collaboration Polishes, which I'm currently working on swatching and wearing with nail art.

So without further adieu, here is my swatch spam, which has now been updated on my Picture Polish Colour Guide. I've also updated that page to reflect any polishes that have been discontinued, and there are so many.  You know there are only three collaboration polishes from 2013 that are still available - and I'm so honored that mine is still there with Cosmos and Demeter!

(a)live - created with Sois Polish

Allure - created with Nina_D83

Arabian - created with Didoline

Autumn - created with The Polishing Life.

Big Bang - Created with La NPA Mouton

Bordeaux - created with Nil Nails

Cabaret - created with u_nona

Calm - created with Rafi Nails

Cherish - created with Anna Gorelova

Karma - created with Sveta Sanders

Magic - Created with LakkomLakkom

Nebula - created with The Nail Polish Project

New York - created with Color4Nails

Ornate - created with Lacquered Affair

Paris - created with QuicheGirl

Rebelle - created with Mary Monkett

Superior - created with Jessface90

Pretty awesome hey! Which is your favourite? I adore Superior, but another surprise favourite is Cabaret and of course I love the golden tones of Magic and the versatility of Cherish.

All these shades are available from the Picture Polish website and through the various Picture Polish international stockists.

Polishes provided for consideration last year - bad blogger!.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

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26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Blue and Silver

Today begins another year long challenge, but this time it isn't quite so intense with a mani every week, this time it's only a mani every fortnight, so two mani's a month is quite a breeze really.  There are also a few more girls participating, so hopefully there will be a few more inlinkz added than what was happening with the last challenge.

The first prompt is simply Silver and Blue, which means you can interpret it in any way you want. I created a mirror chrome silver base using Dance Legend white peel off base and then rubbed in chrome power.  I then did some gradient stamping in shades of blue.  I finished it off with a coat of water based top coat, specifically, Picture Polish Revolution.

Friday, October 14, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Vampy: Day 5: Red, black and gold

And so ends another week of the Digital Dozen, and all I can say is thank goodness this Vampy theme is done and dusted.  It was most definitely my least favourite prompt so far, and having to do five days is a really killer.

For my final many I've gone back to the classic red and black combo, as well as including some matte in there too.  I was inspired by a similar design created by Bad Girl nails on Instagram.

Once again in this challenge I've used Pretty Serious Hell on Wheels as the red base, it's a pretty great red I have to say. I then did the black half nails free hand and then mattified them.  Finally I used a little bit for matte top coat to stick down the golden studs across the join.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Vampy: Day 4 Matte Kryptonite

I actually had another red mani ready to post today, but I decided that it wasn't really that great and I was a bit over seeing red and black for another post this week, especially as tomorrow I have one last red and black look.  I decided to move completely away from red and pulled out my kryptonite. Again it feels like ages since I last wore this too. 

This time I decided to wear it matte, because I've never worn Kryptonite matte before.  I love how smooth and velvety it looks with the matte top coat.

There isn't too much nail art on this one, just some Swarovski crystals and a little bit of free hand lace. But something I've really noticed with the other Vampie manis this week is that often simple is best when it comes to this theme.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Vampy: Day 3 Lacy undergarments

I've had Messy Mansion plate MM70 for ages now, and I hadn't yet found the right time to use it. The plate has a number of different lacy, lace up and undergarment type images on it and with the definition of Vampy meaning sexy, highly appealing and risque, I figured these images would be just right for this prompt.  Although I have to say that having a bra stamped on my nails was a little weird.

For my base I used a couple of coats for OPI Don't Touch my Tutu.  The bra is just black stamping, but the lace up bits use Picture Polish Obsession, which was from their Vampy collection, so that was a perfect choice too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Digit-al Dozen does Vampy: Day 2 glittery drips

Here are my Day 2 nails for the Digital Dozen Vampy week.  I'm not totally loving these, and they are actually the mani I painted for the challenge.  I'm really wishing I had mixed up the vampy theme with with other colours now - such as green and silver like someone suggested on instagram.  Oh well.

I did pull out a polish that I haven't wore in forever, and doing that always makes me feel good. Its funny that with so many polishes I tend to reach for the same ones time and time again.  I seriously reckon I could reduce my stash to about 100 polishes and still be ok.  But then I realise I have at least 100 golds, and I wouldn't want to get rid of any of them.

The polish I pulled out to wear seemed very appropriate for this prompt, Lynderella's Very Pretty Vampire.  The colours in it are definitley in the Vampy spectrum and it's name is just right too.

I then did some free hand drips using a very dark ox blood polish from Face of Australia called Mulled Wine. It was from their Autumn Romance Collection released here in Australia for our Autumn back in March.

I did some shadows on the drips using black polish and tried to add some highlights to the drips to make them more realistic, but I'm not sure that I really achieved that.

Monday, October 10, 2016

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Digit-al Dozen does Vampy: Day 1 Matte gradient with glossy stamping

Today starts another week of Digital Dozen manis, and this weeks theme is Vampy. I think it's fair to say that this would be one of my least favourite themes every.  I'm not a huge fan of really vampy dark shades on me and when I think vampy my mind draws straight to red and black, both colours that I actually don't wear a helluva lot.

That said, if you like dark polishes, and have a particular fondness for red and/or black, then you will really love this week, cause that's just about all I have for you!

I've already finished all my five manis for this week, and this one is actually the one I like the most. I figured I'd start on a nice high note before pulling out the other rather ordinary designs.

For this mani I used Ulta3 Black Satin and Pretty Serious Hell on Wheels in a two toned gradient.  I topped that with OPI Matte Top coat, which I'm in desperate need of buying a new one!  I right down to the dregs and it was a miracle that I didn't end up with white lumpy bits on my nails from the matte top coat. 

Once that was dry I used Essence Gel Look top coat and stamped with it over the matte polish.  That's it, you don't need to top coat otherwise you loose the cool effect of the glossy and matte finishes.

This was actually the first time I had used Pretty Serious Hell on Wheels. In the bottle it looked like a bit of a pinky red, but on the nails it was pretty special, and that's really saying something from someone who doesn't really love reds.  I like the colour so much that I actually used it for two more manis this week.

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