Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Holo droplets feat. stencils from What's Up nails

Argh, what is this with the 11.30pm quick blog post before bed.  Usually I do a blog post before I go paint my nails, but tonight I painted them first (and they took ages (and I don't like them very much)). I have a few edited photos of different manis to share, but they are needed me to do something extra, such as edit a video.

I just edited my video for these, and all up it took me 25 minutes to do all the trimming, editing, adjusting speed, adding watermarks etc to the video.  Who has time to do this!  I don't know how those girls with millions of follows manage to post nail art with tutorials every day!  They mustn't have demanding jobs or children!!

As the title suggests for this mani, I used some nail vinyls from What's Up nails for this look.  I started with a solid blue creme base, I used Pretty Serious Type 40.  I then applied the nail vinyls and used three of the blue holos from the China Glaze Hologlam collection to create a soft holo gradient.

I've used the What's up nai vinyls before and they are good quality.  They are easy to peel away from the backing paper without having to push out every hole cause the cuts are precise. They also last well when you have thin sections of vinyl (like between these drops) and then apply lots of polish on top. They don't melt and stay strong for a good peel off.

Don't forget to jump over to Instagram to see the video for these.  I can't wait until Instagram rolls out the 1 minutes videos to everyone.  Then I wont have to do these lightening fast tutorials that are done in 15 seconds.  It's not fair that they have rolled it out to some special users and not everyone!

Nail vinyls provided for consideration.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Shimmery gradient with 3D gel polish shell

It's been ages since I played with some of my gel polishes to create something a little 3D.  I think the last thing I did was the white gel design of the face and hands for the Supernatural prompt of the 31 Day Challenge last yet.

Anywho, I spotted a shell design using gel polish somewhere, and I thought I would try my hand at that.  To give it a mermaid-ish feeling, I didn't a simple blue and pink gradient using Face of Australia Calypso Bay frosted polishes.  I then applied top coat and dipped each nail into some pink iridescent glitter.  Even with top coat applied, it was a very textured finish and super sparkly, but holy sh1t did I get glitter everywhere!

For the shell nail, I just just white gel polish to build up some ridges. I added a gold star fish charm from the Born Pretty store at the top of the nail.

Monday, May 2, 2016

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Peacock nail foils

In my last set of products from the Born Pretty Store, I chose some Peacock design nail foils.  The package comes with a really long roll of the foil, so there is no worries about ensure you have enough for all your nails.  There were some beautiful pictures on the Born Pretty site that showed this foil over pastel shades and natural nails, so I thought I would try it over two darker shades.

What I didn't realise was that these foils have a full holographic sheen over the entire foil.  This reflects light beautifully, but when worn over darker polish it looks rather grey and dull in lower light situations.

I painted two nails with Picture Polish Midnite Meteor and two with Hercynia and the design looked pretty over both, although I think my preference was over Midnite Meteor. 

I also stepped away from my usual go to top coat for nail foils (Picture Polish Revolution) because I was feeling lazy and there was something else in front of me that I thought I would try. Born Pretty store Mirror polish top coat.  The one and same that I used as a base coat for the mirror polish here.  It worked great, although dry time is an eternity! It doesn't wrinkle up the foil and then you can apply a regular top coat over it.

Took a quick photo of Midnite Meteor and Hercynia before applying the foils.  Geez, I can't believe how long my nails are here.  I cut them all down cause they were starting to irritate me, so I must get all these long nail photos out before I show some shorter nail ones.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Three shades of Red/Orange - squares

Another week, another mani for the 40 Great nail Art Ideas challenge.  Although I have to say it's sad how many of the original participants have dropped out.  Last week's inlinkz only had 22 manis, a far cry from the 50+ manis in the first few weeks of the challenge. 

This week's theme is three shades of red/orange and my individual prompt was squares.  This was a hard one for me and my end mani is a bit meh!  And for a mani that I felt a bit meh about, let me tell you that this took bloody ages to do!

Because I wanted really neat little squares, I painted my polish out onto my Uber Matt and then cut up the squares of polish with scissors.  After i had stuck them to my nails I didn't like that the side edges weren't perfect, so I added the red lines, and then I didn't like them.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Picture Polish Gala with Swarovski crystals

I have heaps of manis to share, but only a few words. I think I have been staying up to late at night playing with polish, then catching up on facebook groups and browsing through instagram.  How's a girl to keep up!!

Today's mani is a super simple one. I originally swatched Picture Polish gala, but decided it was too pretty to take off and I needed to wear it as a full mani.  So I just added some silver Swarovski crystals and left it at that.

Picture Polish Winter is available from the Picture Polish website and through the various Picture Polish international stockists.

Polish provided for consideration.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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What's up nails - Hypnose vinyls, hot and cold gradient.

What's up nails recently sent me a little package with a selection of their nail vinyls to try out.  The first one that really caught my eye was this Hypnose design with a a crazy jaggered edge swirls.

I thought the design of the vinyl really lent itself to a couple of circular gradients - similar to a previous design I here with aqua shades, but this time I chose contrasting warm and cool colours to really make it pop!

The vinyls are a nice quality and worked wonderfully for this design. They stuck down securely and mostly gave really clean and sharp edges, especially considering that I first sponged on some white before doing the blue gradient. I only had one or two spots where the colour leaked underneath.

This is what the sheet of vinyls looks like. You get 16 stencils on a sheet, so enough to do a full mani, as well as a bunch of feature nails too.

These hypnose vinyls are available from Whats up nails and are $3.75USD a sheet.

Vinyls provided for consideration.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Animals

A couple of weeks ago at work, one of my colleagues was wearing a most funky aboriginal inspired frog tie.  The moment I saw it I new it would translate to so well to nail art, so much so I told him that.  So then he said, well just let me wear it to my next meeting and then I'll take it off and you can take it home to create your nail art.

So that is how I ended up with random aboriginal inspired multi coloured frogs on my nails.  I was going to post these earlier this week, but then I checked the prompt for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas and saw that the prompt was Animals.  Perfect, I wouldn't have to paint another animal mani cause I had this one sitting there ready to go.

Scroll down to see a shot of my nails with the frog tie.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Bow Polish - Dark Days with metallic stamping

Its Autumn school holidays here at the moment, and I've taken this last week off work to spend some time with the kiddos.  Today's was actually my Son's birthday, he wanted to play golf, so the four of us headed out and played nine holes.  He loved having a swing with the golf club (as did I), but I think he enjoyed getting a chance to drive the golf cart most of all.  We went out to Teppanyaki Japanese for dinner, which is always entertaining for the kids.

Earlier this week we visited Questacon, which is the National Science and Technology Centre that is a hands on science based museum for the kids.  My two loved it and I could see their inquiring minds thinking and exploring ideas. However it shocked me just how many children , and I'm not talking little kids, I'm talking 10-13 year olds, couldn't be bothered reading the explanations or listening to the staff about how and why things worked the way they did. Instead they would run up to an exhibit and grab whatever it was before some else could and then shake it, or bang it or spin it to see what is did and the would run off. I can't imagine that they learnt anything!  

Anyway, enough about my life, lets look at my nails instead.

It had been ages since I'd used some of my metallic Hit the bottle stamping polishes, so I pulled out three complementary colours and noticed that they looked fabulous next to a new Bow polish I had. The Bow polish is called Dark Days and it's a black jelly polish with multicoloured flakes in it as well as scattered holo shards.

Here is the finished mani using PUEEN46 plate and purple, blue and green stamping polishes from Hit the Bottle.

I remembered to snap some swatch photos of Dark Days on it's own before I stamped over it.  The formula was great and it was opaque at two coats, although I did three thin coats to get more depth to the multicoloured flakies.

Here are all the Dance Legend links for your shopping and social engagement.

Dance Legend Online Shop
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Dance Legend Instagram

Polishes provided for consideration.
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