Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Glam Polish Fantasia Multichrome Flakies

Multichrome Flakies have exploded onto the indie scene in the last couple of months, and I for one am so excited to see a new finish!  These multichrome flakies bring all the glorious colour shifting qualities of regular multichrome polishes, but because they are flakies they have a metallic reflective shine that makes the sparkle so bright.

Today I have three of the four multichrome flakie polishes recently released by Glam polish.  There was a little mix up with my package which meant I received two bottles of Eternity Dragon and no Star Shadow, but I gave my extra bottle to my mum, who was delighted with the polish, and promptly layered it over Lacquistry Amazeballz (and it was awesome x1000)

Let's take a closer look.  For all of these pictures I decided to show off the polish without layering it.  I really wanted to see the effect of the polish all on its own.  These polishes are definitely layering polishes, but it's very easy to achieve full coverage on the nail without a thick gloopy mess when you use a make up sponge. 

I started with a single layer of the polish and then working one nail at a time with the sponge.  Paint some polish onto a small bit of sponge, and then dab it on.  The flakies transfer perfectly and the base polish is soaked up by the sponge meaning you don't end up with any thickness.  The key though is ensuring you use a small sponge and only dab on your nail, because otherwise you will end up with flakies all over your skin which are a pain to remove (unless of course you use Liquid Latex or Liquid Palisade)

Comet Storm - The flakies are mostly purple and pink in this one but they colour shift through to green and yellow.

Dreamscape - The base flakie colour is actually a reddish copper colour which then shifts through green to yellow and blue.  The main base colour is best seen in the photo in the sun.

Eternity Dragon - a warm copper base that shifts to light green.

I'm really loving these multichrome flakies and am excited to see so many indie brands coming out with them.  I've always been a huge fan of regular iridescent flakies that you need to layer over dark colours to get full effect.  But because these multichrome flakies are totally opaque, you can wear them over any colour and still see the full colour shift.

The Glam Polish Fantasia Flakie Collection is available from Be sure to keep up with the Glam Polish Facebook page for more Fantasia Flakies and postage details for Christmas - yes there is still time!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Picture Polish - Paris, in a scaled leopard print

When I put Picture Polish  Paris on my nails a few weeks ago it was very hard to resist grabbing my stamping plates and stamping the Eiffel Tower and various other french stamping designs.  But I managed to step away from the obvious design and go with something pretty crazy.

I'm going to call this a scaled leopard print design, scaled because it goes from big to small just like a scale.  My thumb has super huge leopard print dots and they graduate down to tiny ones on my pinky.

The base was Picture Polish Paris, and the leopard print dots use Picture Polish Moscow.

Which is your favourite sized leopard print?

While we're here, lets take a look at Paris on it's own. Paris was created by French blogger Quiche Girl. I'm always so impressed when I see bloggers posting bilingually - but it also makes me feel dumb for only being able to speak one language.

 Paris is a lighter toned coral pink with the Picture Polish signature scattered holo. This one can look quite different if photographed indoors (or in a light box) compared to in the sun.  My photos are in the sun and you see more of the coral tones, whereas the Picture Polish stock photos by Lacquertude look much pinker.

Formula is good and the polish is opaque at two coats.  This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Picture Polish LakoDom is available from Picture Polish. International ladies can purchase through one of the many Network stockists.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Tami Nail Polish - Lady of Lomond and Skibo Sunset

I have some swatches of two polishes from a new to me indie brand out of Scotland.  I love discovering new indie brands from every part of the world! 

The Tami Nail Polish Scottish showcase collection is a collection of 3 nail polishes, Gleneagles Glamour, Lady of Lomond and Skibo Sunset, which are inspired by some of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

Skibo Sunset - a rich holographic magenta pink with a creamy smooth formula. What a gorgeous polishes. The holo finish isn't super strong, it most like the holo effect that you see in the aEngland polishes.  This is almost a one coater, but I did two coats.  Shown here with Seche Vite top coat.

Lady of Lomond - a light blue with soft holo effect as well as holo microglitter in various shades of blue.  The mix of both holo pigment and holo glitter is new to me.  It certainly as plenty of pop in the sun, but the microglitters also keep it strikingly interesting in low light too.  The trade off is a slightly less smooth looking finish, although one layer of top coat makes the finish nice and smooth.

This is two coats of Lady of Lomond with Seche Vite top coat.

Tami Polishes are available from their BigCartel Shop at, are 10ml and are £8.99. They ship worldwide for £4 per order.
Polishes provided for review.

Monday, December 15, 2014

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Picture Polish LakoDom

Remember me telling you how far behind I am on my swatching?  Well there have now been two releases of Picture Polish Collaboration Shades that I haven't even shared here yet!  But this last weekend I spend about 5 hours doing swatching, and caught up on a whole bunch.

The first one I have to share is Picture Polish LakoDom created with the Russian Picture Polish network member of the same name. 

This polish is probably as close as you will come to finding a white scattered holo.  Because the holo pigment is grey, the base colour is a soft off white.  The polish formula was actually much better than I was expecting.  I did three thin coats and had great coverage, no visible nail line but still sheer enough to see the holo sparkles. It also dried quite fast and I was able to stamp on it after only about 10 minute (with Seche Vite fast drying top coat)

Here are some better sunlight pictures of Lakodom on it's own.

Picture Polish LakoDom is available from Picture Polish. International ladies can purchase through one of the many Network stockists. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

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The amazing glittering crowd

It's been absolutely ages since I wore a Lynnderella polish, and recently I grabbed for one of the most amazing polishes of it's time.  Back in 2011 when this polish was released, there really wasn't anything else like it on the planet.  With it's mix of over 100 different glitters, it was the glitter bomb to rule all other glitter bombs. It was one of the first Lynnderella polishes I ever owned and it holds a special place in my heart.

For this mani I wore The Glitter Crowd over Lacquersity Amazeballs and stamped in black with Messy Mansion plate MM20.  Sadly these photos reflect the wet dreary day that I photographed them on, and not the bright blingy sparklies that they actually were.  I also forgot to put a PVA peel off base coat on, so this was a biotch to remove!

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