Sunday, August 28, 2016

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When your nails match your Trefiel anti-ageing face mask

I was recently contacted by Australian brand Trefiel to see if I would like to do some nail art inspired by their hydromasks.  Intrigued, I jumped over to their website to read about their product. What I discovered was they offer a plant based face mask designed to be moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging.  

Anti-aging, hello, this chicky is going to be 42 in December and I need all the anti-aging help I can get.  Plus, the masks are a very chic black lace, and who doesn't love black lace nails!  So the collaboration was on.

My package arrived super fast and I was very excited to try out the mask, which I did yesterday on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  Now I'm a face mask virgin, so I had no idea what to expect. The texture of the mask is really cool (both in the fun sense and the temperature sense), you can't feel the lace at all, all you feel is a thin gel layer that is super smooth and cold. It was really refreshing and relaxing.

You may have noticed that I don't show my face around here often - not that I'm some hideous monster or anything, it's just that my blog is about nails and nail art, not really the whole beauty thing. In fact I think I'm a bit too old to be considered a Beauty Blogger!  I'm certainly not going to plaster my saggy wrinkly eyes over my blog, although I might post an Instagram story with my full mask on.

A single package contains both an upper and a lower face mask. You can position them and overlap them however you need to get full coverage.  I would definitely recommend lying down whilst wearing them, otherwise they do tend to slide down off your face.  It is definitely a good excuse to have a quite moment to yourself (or not, if you are like me and have your kids coming around and poking at your face saying it feels slimy and you look funny).

Let's look at my matching lacy nails.  My base is Picture Polish Cherish and I stamped with Mundo de Unas black polish. the stamping place was Messy Mansion MM44, and I used a lace image that I hadn't used yet.  I think this stamp really matches the lace in the mask quite well, right down to the round circles.

Here I am, outside scoring some vitamin D on yesterday's glorious late winter's day with my anti-aging lace mask on. Canberra winter's really are the best.  Ok we get cold mornings, but we also get so much sun shine.

So what did I think, did I look any younger and were my wrinkles reduced?  I can't say that I noticed much significant difference in appearance after one application, but I can say that my skin felt different.  Much smoother and more hydrated.  After applying the mask, I also rubbed the excess liquidy goodness that was dripping off it, into my hands, fingers and cuticles.  They too felt a bit softer and more hydrated.  Man how I would love a lacy pair of hydro gloves to wear to make my hands more moisturized and less wrinkly too - what do you reckon Trefiel??

These super elegant lacy face hydromasks are available from Trefiel. Look out for my nails on their instagram too - @trefiel

Hydromask provided for nail art inspired collaboration.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

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Inspired by inspiration

Gee we are getting close to the end of the year long 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge.  We started with about 60 participants, but every week now it seems to get smaller and smaller, and I think we are down to about 10 regular participants now.

This week's theme is inspiration, which is a really broad theme. Sometimes with really broad themes it can be more challenging to think up a design to do.  I ended up doing some google image searches for nail art until something caught my eye.  Something did catch my eye, and when I did a reverse google image search on the image, I discovered it was created by YouTuber Have Less Travel More - previously know as Juliatmll.

The reason this design struck a chord with me was that it was an intense dotticure, and dotticures remind me of the lady who organised this whole nail art challenge about this time last year - the Crumpet.  So my inspiration nails go out to the lady who inspired us to take on this monumental year long nail art challenge.

Friday, August 26, 2016

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Dance Legend Angel Wings Collection

I have some simple geometric nail art with some soft shades from Dance Legend tonight.  These two shades are from the Angel Wings collection, which is a collection of six neutral shades all with a strong shimmer and a semi matte finish.

The two colours I chose to review are Fly Away and Over Cloud. I teamed these up with some holographic grey striping tape.

Over Cloud is a very pale creme shade with a gold glass fleck and a silvery shimmer.  When I saw these in the bottle I was worried that it would end up looking really frosty on the nail, but it doesn't, instead it has the ethereal quality to it that is very soft and elegant.  I did three thin coats here and topped it with seche vite, because I found that top coat bought out the shimmer so much more. The formula is easy to apply, and the first two coats will look a bit streaky and patchy, but the third makes it look like the outside of a pearl.

Fly away is the darkest shade in the collection and a a cool toned neutral beige that has plenty of silver flecks and shimmer.  This is a lovely nude shade that brings more than just a regular mannequin hands look.  This was three thin coats with Seche Vite Top coat.

Here are all the Dance Legend links for your shopping and social engagement.

Polishes provided for consideration.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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The Digital Dozen does birthday's

It's birthday time again at the Digital Dozen and this time around there are two to celebrate.  Amanda from Lady Maid Nails and Tamara from Canadian Nail Fanatic. Happy Birthday girls.  Together they chose this crazy pop art image for us to all interpret as nail art.

I thought it would be easy peasy, but it was actually really difficult.

I did these on a stamping mat using a bunch of different stamps and then cutting out bits of each of those decals and sticking them on top of each other.  the orange starbursts and the text were done freehand, as well as the line around the dots.

I like that the image had four characters, so I could put on on each nail, although it would have been awesome if its say POW, cause then I could have used the Bundle Monster plate with that on it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

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The Polish Chrome Wars Part 6 - Holo Powder Comparison - Are all brands the same?

This week on the polish chrome wars I bring you the challenge of the holo powders.

I've done this already with the chrome powders in Part 5, and today in Part 6 I bring you the holo powders.  Are they all the same? What do you get for your dollar?  Well lets find out.

Here is a swatch of 4 different holo powders, rubbed into a black base of Dance Legend Glitter base. This was just one application of the powder.  As you can see, three of these powders are nearly in distinguishable, and one is rather different.

The three similar ones all have a coarse holographic flame and all provide about the same level of opacity over the base colour.  The middle finger has a much finer holographic finish and a more silvery chrome appearance when out of direct sunlight.

So which is which, and what do you get for your dollar?

As far as application, they were all pretty much identical.  Very easy to rub in to the glitter base and all had the same level of lasting power (which is terrible without top coat, but excellent either with a gel top coat or an aqua top coat).

So what do you think? Is the linear one worth all the extra money?

Born Pretty holo powder provided for consideration, other powders bought by me.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

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Orange water colour nail art

Digital Dozen week is finished by it's straight into another challenge mani.  This week for the 40 Great Nail Art ideas the theme is Orange and my personal prompt is water colour.  I can't believe there is only 6 weeks left in this year long challenge.

This mani was a bit rushed, and ended up more yellow than orange.  I used the sharpie and isopropyl alcohol water colour technique and I promise that I only used orange sharpies, but obviously some of the oranges have very yellow undertones.    

I was going for a water coloured orange blossom, but I'm not sure if I hit the mark here or not.

Friday, August 19, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Negative Space Day 5 featuring Fairy Dust Glitter and Cats

My day 5 nails bring you my favourite negative space look of the week, plus I played with some of that new fairy dust (aka mermaid powder) glitter too. Oh and CATS!

I used some cat nail vinyls that I received a while ago from Loki's Nail Vinyls. They are adorable and were a nice quality to pull of this design with.

For this look I used a combination of different polish types.  On my nails that were full coverage, I used a peel off base and then white gel polish.  I rubbed the fairy dust glitter into the sticky layer and all was great.  

For my kitty nails I really struggled with getting them to work.  I wasn't able to get the vinyls to work with gel polish, even only curing it for a short time then peeling the vinyl didn't work.  I ended up using the Dance Legend glitter base again.  I had to pull the vinyls off when the glitter base was still wet and then time it really carefully to ensure the glitter base was sticky enough to grab the glitter but not too sticky that it rubbed away.  I did some of the kitty nails about 4 times, but it was so worth it in the end.

Next let's talk about the actual Fairy Dust glitter.  I bought mine from Daily Charme. When I first saw it I wasn't able to really find many reviews that actually described what it was.  All I knew was that it looked so pretty and fairy like and that I needed it.

So what the hell is fairy dust?  Well its actually just micro fine iridescent colour shifting glitter.  This one has a very strong red to green shift.  When applied over a pale colour the iridescent glitter tends to glow blue where the light hits it and shifts to pink and purple on the edges, but over a dark colour its behaves more like your traditional red to green colour shifting pigments.

These swatches show the fairy dust over a black gel base, where I rubbed the glitter into the dispersion layer. The colour shift goes from red to copper to gold to green.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Negative Space Day 4

Day 4 of Negative Space nails and oh, look at that, I've again got the naked bit at the top of my nail near the cuticle.  Tomorrow I finally mix it up with my favourite negative space look ever maybe.

I was playing again with some holo powders and ended up with this look.  I'm not really feeling it in these photos cause those triangle thingos at the top have that real freehand appearance to them, but hey, they looked pretty good in real life. 

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