Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Mythical Creatures - Demogorgon

Day 4 and I've started to do a little freehand today, on my way to tomorrow which is all freehand work!  Today's mythical creature is the Demogorgon.

I only recently watched Stranger Things. Well it was in mid December last year, but that is still pretty recent. I really loved the two series and I'm looking forward to season three next year some time I'm guessing.

For this mani I started with a black to white gradient. I then stamped some bare looking trees in grey and black and added some tiny white dots to represent the floaty white stuff that was always around in the upside down.  I then attempted to paint the open mouth of the demogorgon. I think it looks a bits more like a flower, but if you squint your eyes a little you can pretend those white dots are it's sharp teeth.


  1. I'm not a fan of mythical creatures, but I love your forrest ♥

  2. Oh this is so awesome!! Love stranger things!

  3. It's so mystical and dark. I love it!

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes the Demogorgen!!! (I literally brayed that out loud when I saw this!) You just completely made this theme for me!! And so beautifully executed!


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