Monday, February 20, 2017

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Picture Polish Nail Art Challenge - Gradient

This week I decided to participate in the second Picture Polish Nail Art Challenge. The day to post was yesterday, and I actually only decided to participate at about 9.30pm last night.  I was able to get my entry uploaded to Instagram with 20 minutes to spare before midnight last night.

The theme for the challenge was 'Gradient' and you could use between 2 and 5 Picture Polish shades. Upon reading the instructions again today I noticed that they were clarified to say Gradient only, which means you weren't suppose to put stamping or other nail art on top.  I'm therefore not sure if this two toned recipricol gradient would still count because of the two white vertical lines, but really I entered cause I really wanted to create this nail design again.

I did a similar pattern last year, but I had the colours reversed, with the red on the outside and the blues in the middle. I also used more colours and had stronger and deeper shades. So whilst this is very similar, it felt very different.

The five polishes I used where. Bright white for the base. Crazy and Love for the red/yellow gradient and Swagger and Tingle for the blue/green gradient.

There were hundreds of entries for this challenge, and I wish there was an easy way for everyone to see them.  Because it's run through instagram and using a hashtag for entry, not everyone's posts show under the hashtag. It's really stupid how instagram limit the number of results returned.

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  1. Love it! I really need to take the time to do some more creative gradients like this.


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