Monday, February 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Black - Multichrome flakes from Emily de Molly

It's another Digital Dozen week already, which is great because it means I will be posting new nail art for five days in a row.  

This months theme is Black. Blah, I have to say that wearing black nails is not something I really like.  Plus its the middle of summer here and I want to wear bright neons, not black.  Oh well, thems the breaks when you live on the other side of the world to everyone else when deciding on challenge prompts.

For today's black nails, I simply started with a black base.  Dance Legend Glitter base in black to be exact.  I've always had really good results using the Dance Legend Glitter base polishes as a base for chrome powders and the like so I thought I would use them for today's experiment.

Last week I went and visited Hayley from Emily de Molly.  Whilst I was there she gave me some of her multichrome flakie jars that she now sells through her store.  I applied three of the colours using my finger and dabbing on each nail. I then just rubbed them in to get a smooth finish.  I'll have a video uploaded to Instagram tomorrow on how I did this, so look out for that.

This is what it looked like after I had applied the chrome flakes.

And a pretty amazing looking macro of my index finger.

I then did some gold stamping on the top using BM-406 plate

Chrome powders provided for consideration.


  1. I love the Color's looking together. I don't want miss the video tutorial. Would you tag me when you post it, coz sometimes ig behave weird I miss some posts. TIA.

  2. Oh wow this is amazingly beautiful! I feel inspired to try something similar although I'll probably mess up.

  3. Beautiful ! I use mermaid powder or foils to have this effet but it's not really the same thing

  4. These look phenomenal! And that macro is to die for. I want them on my nails
    Tracy xx

  5. I CANNOT get over how amazing this is. I love the base look so much.

  6. Those flakies are drool worthy on their own, but together like you did...fabulous pay off!

  7. Wowzers; maybe I need some flakies in my life!

  8. Oh my, these are stunning!! The flakes look so cool!


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