Monday, March 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen redoes ART - Day 1 - Enligthen Canberra birds

Welcome to the start of another Digital Dozen nail art week. I've actually managed to get my act together for this week and have already prepared all my manis.  Which really is quite impressive considering I've been back at work for the last week and a half and have been pretty exhausted every night when I got home from work.  I'm pretty lucky it was a long weekend here in Canberra so I had an extra day to do me things.

The public holiday is for Canberra Day, and in the 10 days leading up to Canberra Day the city has showcased the Enlighten Festival.  The festival is an night time light art exhibition with lots of outdoor light exhibits. Things such as light projections onto many of the main national building like the National Science and Technology Center, the National Art Gallery, Old Parliament House, The National Portrait Gallery etc. They also have a night noodle market and other stand alone interactive light installations.

My nail art for day one is inspired by one of the lighting installations called The Birds.  It was a long series of sticks into the ground with colour changing LED bird lights. Sometimes the birds were all the same colour, other times they were a rainbow.

Here are some other pictures we took from the night we visited.  This is the National Science and Technology Centre.  That building is four stories tall.

Here is the national portriat gallery. This one was very fun this year, where you could get your photo taken and then is would move along the wall on an animated slide show with gears and sound effects to add to the whole experience.  Both my kids had their photo taken, can you guess which ones they are?

This exhibit was called the Cloud and it was made with recycled round incandescent light bulbs. On the inside was hundreds of lights that could all be turned on and off by the strings that look like rain hanging below the cloud. Very interactive and my kids have never had so much fun turning lights on and off.


  1. That cloud is so amazing! I really like your final look as well

  2. Awesome as usual.LED lights look very beautiful.

  3. These nails are so cool! I love the photos you included too!

  4. The cloud looks really cool! And I love how you turned the birds into nail art :)


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