Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Different Dimension Family with Butterfly Wings

Well where did that last week go?  I'll tell you where, it went back to work.  I've been off on personal leave since I had my surgery in December for my shattered foot.  The bones seemed to be healing well, but my surgery wound split open, and as such I was under doctors orders to keep off my foot and keep it elevated until the split wound healed. My wound finally healed over and I was given the ok to return to work after 12 weeks off.  

Returning to work after such a long time was weird. I felt like the new girl again.  Much of my first day was spent being a social butterfly and filling my colleagues in on what had happened to me.  I'm still being briefed about what has happened at work in that time.  It's odd because it seems like everything has changed, new people in new jobs etc, yet nothing has changed at all.

So with the return to work I've really not got to the polish table much. I actually had the same mani on for the full week last week! I sure hope I'm able to do some new nail art in the next day or two.

This nail art is old. This is actually the mani I wore for my birthday last year!  It's been sitting there waiting for me to post for three months.

I've got another Digital Dozen next week, so I'm really going to have to get my act together and prepare my five manis for that.


  1. This is so pretty, I can't believe you waited 3 months to post it!

  2. Glad things are getting back to usual...although I hear you on the transition, it's not easy. These are lovely butterfly nails! Look forward to your upcoming DD manis.


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