Monday, April 30, 2018

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26 Great Nail Art Ideas- Creatures with scales

Hey there, look, it's a new blog post.  It turns out I can still do them!  I have to say that my la-z-boy recliner is getting way too much love from my round butt each evening, instead of me sitting here and writing up interesting blog posts about nail art.

Last Friday's prompt for the 26 Great Nail art ideas was Creatures with Scales. As per usual, I completely forgot about the prompts until I started to see the other girls manis pop up in my feed. Then of course I wanted to paint my nails.  So I did.

I took the interpretation very literally and did scales, in the mermaid kind.  These are actually water decals that I got from the Born Pretty store.  I actually thought they would be like most water decals and require a white base and the film would be transparent with the greens, blues and purples. Because of this I painted my nails with a very metallic silver polish with a hope of that shimmery shininess showing through. But it turns out that these decals are total opaque, so my silver base only showed through on the edges where the decals where slightly too narrow.

I added little stones, shells and star fish charms and caviar beads, also from the Born Pretty store.

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