Monday, April 9, 2018

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Digital Dozen shows Indie Love - Picture Polish Colour Block

It's a Digital Dozen week already and I have prepared precisely zero nail art manicures ready for this month's prompt, which is Indie Love.  However, the Indie Love theme throws me a lifeline, because I do happen to have a bunch of draft posts that I can post, which happen to use polishes from different indie brands. 

Today's mani is from a brand that doesn't really call themselves an indie brand, but I certainly classify them as an indie. That is because it's a brand that is created and run by just a few girls, not an organisation or corporation.  Even though the polishes are lab made, the creative input is absolutely from the creators (and those that create collaboration shades).

This mani features five Picture Polish shades that were all released in the latter part of last year.  The green is called dandelion, yellow is cozy, blue is clouds, mauve is tash and the pink is embrace.  

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  1. Love the way you use many colors in one mani. About Picture Polish i was confined that is it a indie. But now you made clear for me :)


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