Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Digital Dozen does Holo - Day 3

Look, look, I did a double rainbow thing. First a gradient and then holo rainbows too! I'm loving this look so much, cause it's such 'me' nail art.

I recently grabbed a whole bunch of the JOSS creme polishes during their sale, I also think I bought the last of their stock of "Will Not", which is my absolute favorite white creme polish cause it's perfect in just one coat. I got them for about $4 each but these shades are now only $1.95 over on the Nail Super Store website.  For this gradient I used:
  • Red - Out of control
  • Orange - Space Shuttle Orange
  • Yellow - Yellow by Van Gogh
  • Blue - It's Blue. Period.
  • Green - Viridian Green
  • Pink - Fandango Pink

I then applied some nail foils and a thin coat of Orly bonder - which is decent sticky base coat that burnished powders seem to stick to quite well.  Finally, I burnished in some holo power and peeled the vinyls off.

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