Monday, December 31, 2018

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Lisfranc, Polish hauls and Christmas 2018

Hello nail polish loving friends. It's good to still be here.  I thought I would quickly squeeze in one last blog post for 2018.  I'll admit that this year was a pretty light one around here. I'm still painting my nails with nail art at least three times a week, but just getting the photos edited and then something written up it is the main challenge.  Speaking of Challenges, I'm disappointed it didn't get around to completing the 31 Day Nail art Challenge this year.  With my two month vacation in the USA over September and October, it just wasn't something I was able to priorities. I have done about 10 manis from the Challenge prompts already, and I may end up doing the challenge in February or March maybe, once the new year settles in.

As I did last year for this blog post, I did a quick look back at the previous two years.  At that time I had done a recap of my Lisfranc foot fracture that I got as a result of my motorcycle accident two years ago.  I'm pleased to say that the scar on my foot is now nearly not noticeable, especially compared to the purple scars that were still evident in my post last year. It turns out my sandal tan lines are more noticeable these days. 

I usually post about a little polish haul at this time of year too, as it's my birthday in December, and I usually splurge a bit on some polishes around now.  This year I did a big Emily de Molly haul, she has some gorgeous duo chrome metallics at the moment and some great multichrome magnetics too.  I've wore a few of them already, and taken some nice pictures, which of course are unedited. 

Whilst we are still within the 12 Days of Christmas, I feel it's still ok for me to post my Christmas mani.  It's only just now that I've looked back at my 2017 post that I realized I did a very similar look two years ago.  The base polish is a special unnamed one from Sparkly Vernis from about 2014.  I wore it back at Christmas in 2014 where the photos look totally different because they were taken outside, whereas these ones were taken inside under a light.
With that, I fare you all adieu for 2018.  Many happy returns for 2019. 


  1. Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration. Happy New Year. :)

  2. Beautiful Christmas nail art! :) when are you going to destash? I'm excited to see what beauties you'll be giving away and I might just snag myself a couple (i'm on a restraining order according to my husband lol because of my Black Friday haul) xo

  3. You're making your nails 3 times a week? Is that real? How much time do you usually spend for it? I suppose that you're super-fast :) I'm also making my nails at home, usually once a week or even two ( depends on chip-free ). Usually I'm using UV lamp and gelishes ( order from enails shop as they got terrific variety & fast worldwide shipment). So what are you tips and advices for fast manicure? As usually it takes from me like 1,5h, so I can't imagine doing my nails 3 times a week :) And where do you usually order colours? Do you have any favourite eshop?


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