Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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Grey or rainbow? Digital Dozen does patterns

Hello blog readers, is anyone out there?  I'm back for another week of posts for the Digital Dozen, which I believe is the only think keeping this little old blog alive at the moment.

As always, I;m still busy doing nail art several times a week, and photographing it, but editing those photos and posting them is a whole 'nother business.

Lets get to the nails shall we?  I really loved these, it was kinda like I wanted to be boring and dull with monotone grey nails, but nope that's just not the way I roll and I had to have the holo peaking through underneath. 

This month's theme for the Digital Dozen is patterns, which is a super easy one and a really fun one to do as well.  Clearly my pattern for day one is stripes.

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