Friday, June 15, 2012

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Layla Group Order for Aussies and Layla Spam

Ladies, it’s Layla time again.

Now that the eight new hologram colours are available for purchase from the Layla website, I am arranging another group order for Aussie gals.

I am happy to purchase any nail polishes from the Layla collection; this includes holograms, mirrors, magneffect or ceramics (or anything else that I haven’t tried).
  • Mirror Effect cost €12.20 a bottle – not available in Australia
  • Hologram Effect cost €11.90 a bottle - Australian retail $22 and new colours not available here yet
  • Ceramic Effect cost €7.60 a bottle – not available in Australia
  • Magneffect cost €11.90 a bottle - Australian retail $20
Exchange rate will be based on the Paypal exchange rate.  Last time I did it based on the current ‘real’ exchange rate and I was out of pocket about $20 because the paypal exchange rate wasn’t as good.

Domestic postage will be $7.70 for 1-5 bottles (packed in an AustPost padded bag) and $8.35 for 6 or more bottles (packed in a AustPost box) – these are the actual Australia post costs for postage and packaging.

International postage will €15 divided by the number of girls in the order (past orders have been about $2 each).

Please email me at with your order details. Australian girls only, ok.

Please email me your purchase details by midnight Tuesday next week (19 June 2012).  After everyone's orders are in, I will email you back with your exact total.  I will need that total paid within two days, otherwise I will proceed with the order without yours included.

Check out the Layla site for swatches of all the Layla nail polishes.

Now here is some past Layla spam to tempt you.

Ceramic Effect #64
Ceramic Effect #53 Red Flakie
Magneffect Metallic Sky

Ceramic Effect 52 Purple Jelly with red flakies
Ceramic Effect #61

Magneffect Sparkling Champagne

Ceramic Effect #62

Ceramic Effect Green Galaxy
Magneffect Purple Galaxy

Mirror Effect Purple Diva
Mirror Effect Red Hot

Mirror Effect Metal Plum
Mirror Effect Black as Ebony
Mirror Effect Titanium Sky
Mirror Effect Iron Pink
Mirror Effect Metal Chrome
Mirror Effect Cosmo Lilac
Magneffect Turquoise Wave

Hologram Effect Flash Black

Hologram Effect Ocean Rush

Hologram Effect Retro Pink

Hologram Effect Ultra Violet

Hologram Effect  Jade Groove

Hologram Effect  Mercury Twilight

Hologram Effect  Mermaid Spell

Hologram Effect Coral Glam

OMG I can’t wait to try the new holo colours!!


  1. OMG green and lime green and purple..... and and my bank manager is going to have a heart attack!!

  2. Wow! These are so pretty! I would love to get the mirror effect ones, but I am going to wait. Kinda on a no buy right now, saving up for a big purchase. :D

    Thanks for the incredible swatches! I love all of them! The flakies are especially incredible! :D

  3. Love this spam haha =D i like

  4. I love this spam too! Such gorgeous polishes!

  5. Just FYI, you put "mirror" when you meant "holographic" for all but the first holo. :)

  6. P.s I can't wait to see the new holo colors! I hope my Ulta will have them soon! Yay for beautiful holos! :)

  7. How do you avoid the %20 tax they have on international orders? Do you order by email or use their website checkout?

    1. What 20% tax - oh crap, I used their website checkout both times in the past, I need to go check this out...

      Ok, I just did a test checkout, and it displays the tax, but it doesn't add it to my total amount. It must recognize that I'm an international buyer from my account type. I did join the Layla site well before they released their first lot of holos and a know a lot of people had trouble registering after that because of the TAX ID field. Ive never had those issues.

  8. Oohhh la la, wish I could afford these. :/

  9. you are so awesome for doing this Cathy & you make it so easy to choose what to buy!

  10. Wow those ceramics look pretty amazing actually! Kind of want those now >.< Btw, I just nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award because I love you blog!

  11. I might have to skip this one, but you can definitely count me in next time! Those new holos are amazing!

  12. mirror titanium - YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh my gosh :/ I want them all!

  14. Wow, thats a lot of fab polish. I want them all lol :-)

  15. I'm in!!! Sent you my email:). I've been stalking the Layla website - it's ah, interesting. But I'm very excited at the group buy. You are lovely to coordinating this!

  16. Ohhh So excited! Actually I think the Mirror Effects will be more available in stores soon. Oz Nails, the wholesale store in Melbourne's western suburbs had the Mirror Effect collection for $10. I cant tell you how excited I was! Hahahaaa! Thanks for doing this again Cathy, I'm send my email asap!

  17. I've got a friend overseas at the moment who's getting me some Layla polishes so I'll miss the group order this time. I still have to swatch the polishes from the last order. I'm so behind.

  18. Waouww !! they're all more beautiful than each other...

  19. Waoouuuh !! they're all more beautiful than each other...


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