Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Lynnderella - Lovey Dovey

I'm not going to go into any of the details that have occurred during the last week with regards to Lynnderella polishes, there are plenty of other places where you can read and comment on it.  

I choose to make my blog about my love of lacquers, and for me, when I talk about my love of lacquer, the simple fact is that I really do love Lynnderella nail polishes.  Regardless of where I may sit in the debate, looking at and wearing these glitter polishes makes me feel happy.

Lovely Dovey is a dusty purple glitter polish, it has smokey purple hexes and squares of various sizes with a light sprinkling of gunmetal grey squares and hexes.

This is two dabbled coats layered over Layla Deep Violet Magneffect polish.  I chose the Magneffect polish purely because the colour match was perfect, and I just didn't use the magnet on it.

This dried relatively smooth and I just added one coat of Ulta3 Non-Chip and a coat of Seche Vite.

Lynnderella nail polishes are no longer available through Llarowe wish lists.  Currently, the only avenue to purchase these is through Lynnderella's ebay store.  Unfortunately for international ladies, they only ship to the USA, which is a sad day for all non-US living Lynnderella lacquer lovers.  Lynnderella's blog is also now open for those seeking more information, including swatches of her upcoming collection.


  1. Holy moley, I just did a google search and read all about it. I hadnt even heard about it till now. Hhhhm....

  2. This is lovely :) I'm with you on the Lynnderella debacle. Appreciate these babies for what they are, and really, nobody should be privy to Lynn's personal details. Her new collection looks stunning :) I just hope they're affordable!

  3. scratch international shipping. Aw :(

  4. Despite all the drama, the woman makes a beautiful nail polish. I have this one, just haven't used it yet. It's gorgeous.

  5. super base for this one! Perfect even

  6. Glad to see someone still posting Lynnderella (I agree with you and Franklyscarletnails.) There is just too much hate surrounding the whole thing. Not saying anything more except I'm glad you posted this color! I just got it and couldn't figure out what color to put it over. Thanks!

  7. That base matches perfectly. Awesome!!

  8. That kinda sucks that we can no longer get Lynnderella in Oz now. I'm so thankful I got my bottle of Connect the Dots when I did!

  9. Oh dear, and to think I thought my chances of ever owning a lynnderella polish before were slim... they're now completely non-existent. Absolutely lovely swatches. I'll have to satisfy myself with the few Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes that I own - perhaps if I squint? :)

  10. I hope she provides international shipping soon. Even with all the drama I'd still like to get a few of my favourites. :)


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