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Alanna Renee Magical World Collection - Part 3

Yesterday I discovered there is a 'spam' category in Blogger comments that I have never in fact clicked on to see what what in it.  I clicked it last night and low and behold there was a whole stack of comments that I had never even seen before, and when I say a whole stack, I mean nearly 100!  Out of those 100 comments, only three were actual spam.  I'm so sorry if you ever commented on a post and wondered why I never published or responded to it.  I'll make sure I check there more often.  And other bloggers, I suggest you check there too.

Today I have the last four polishes from the Alanna Renee Magical World collection.

Chocolate Frog - with a name like this I thought the polish would be some sort of chocolate brown colour, but it turns out the inspiration for this polish is the packaging for the Chocolate Frogs in the Harry Potter movies. Chocolate Frog has a mix of gold and brown glitters in a blue jelly base. This is two coats with Seche Vite.  I love how the jelly base sits on top of the large gold hexes and makes them look a teal colour.

Drink of Despair - if your a lover of green polish like me, then your going to need this one!  Drink of Despair has a mix of emerald green glitters in a green jelly base. I used two coats in this swatch with two coats of Seche Vite.

Fawkes - a mix of red and gold holo glitters in a red jelly base. This is three coats with two coats of Seche Vite.  My photos fail the capture the holoness of the gold hexes - they really sparkled.  This polish is inspired by Dumbledore's phoenix and if you happen to google image search either pheonix or fawkes you're going to see the perfect inspiration match.

Horcrux - has a black jelly base with a combination of blue/green flakes and sterling silver flakes.  The overall tone is a blackened blue glass fleck polish.  Horcrux is a of a dark and mysterious polish, which makes it the perfect match for it's name.

The Alanna Renee Magical World collection went on sale Monday from her store at for sale to Australian customers only. Polishes are $7.99 AUD.  Alanna Renee polishes are also available from Shoppe Electicco in Singapore and Color4nails in the USA, although this new collection will not be in stock until the distributors re stock.
Polishes provided for review.


  1. Drink of despair and Fawkes are my favourites of these ones. You're right - the colour of Fawkes is perfect! I'm trying really hard to talk myself out of buying the whole collection!

  2. It's so cool how these are named/inspired by the Harry Potter movies! I think my favourites would be Chocolate Frog and Fawkes- so pretty!

  3. Chocolate Frog is so awesome! <3

  4. LOVE all of these; t's not often that I feel the need to get an entire collection!! How many coats did you use for Horcrux? :)

  5. Yeah I thought I had trouble commenting sometimes! Like things disappeared. But jumping through hoops to get an OpenID etc was too much and I didn't need an extra platform to manage.

    In the end I caved and set up a Blogger account just so I can *finally* comment on half the nail blogs I stalk. EASILY. Prob use GFC for moral support -- though I've always followed on Blog Lovin' for the better images & UI :)

    Epic amount of nail swatching this week for you!
    What is your favourite of the whole AR Collection?


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