Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Picture Polish Revolution as a top coat

As promised yesterday, tonight I have another mani featuring nail art foils.  Since I discovered how amazing Picture Polish Revolution was as a top coat on foils, I've had a complete renewal of my passion for foils.  

A couple of years ago I bought a kit that had a bunch of colours in it with some glue.  I liked the effect, but I was never about to keep them looking good.  No matter which top coat I applied it would wrinkle the foil up and lose it's fantastic mirror appeal.  If I didn't apply top coat at all, then all the foil would be worn off within an hour.

Then, one day last month, for no apparent reason, I decided to try my sample bottle of Picture Polish Revolution as a top coat on the foil.  After I applied it I sat and watched the top of the foil, waiting for it to wrinkle like it aways does, only to be amazed that the foil was still perfect.

Since that discovery, I have purchased a whole bunch of new foil colours and finishes and am really enjoying integrating them into my nail designs.

Tonights' look features Ozotic Mr Big black with OPI Matte Top Coat on the index and pinky fingers.  I then applied nail foil glue to the tip and put on a nail foil in a dark mirror pewter shade.  Lastly I applied PP Revolution just to the foil tip.  

On the two middle fingers, I applied Layla Mirror effect Metal Chrome as a base for beneath the foil.  I then applied glue and covered the entire nail in the same pewter foil.  Next I covered then whole nail with Revolution, painted the black tip, and then put the Matte top coat over the black tip. 

I don't think these photos quite show how shiny the foils are.

This mani was edgey, chic and sophisticated.  I really loved it. 

Some polishes provided for review.


  1. Beautiful! I've never used foils but now I may have to!! :)

  2. This looks amazing. I may need to try the matte top coat now. Great job! I recently posted my review of Motives nail polish on my blog.

  3. Wow, I love the contrast between shiny and matte!

  4. Thank you do much for posting this. Ive been trying so many top coats all of which fail, I cant find anywhere that stocksPicture Polish Revolution tho. Please can youvtell me where I can buy it from and if there are any other newly discovered non wrecking topcoats. Massive thanks. Zoner94@yahoo.co.uk kel :)


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