Thursday, October 1, 2015

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31DC2015 - Honor nails you love - Russian magic by Sveta Sanders

Yay we made it to end of the challenge.  It's been a tough slog this year don't you all think!  Well done to all those ladies who managed to finish it!  I'm on holiday's next week and I'm hoping to spend some time being finally able to check out everyone else manis that are linked through the inlinkz.

Onto the last prompt, honor nails you love.  This one is always a hard pick for me, cause I'm constantly falling in love with designs I see other do. But I really decided to push myself for my last mani of the challenge.

Who else was mesmerized by a drag marble design created by Sveta Sanders six weeks ago?  Let me refresh you memory with this image and this video.  I watched that video over and over again, hypnotized!   

I'm not saying that this is anything close to hers, but I'm still happy with how it turned out. Or at least I was until a guy at work said it looked like I had squashed bugs on my nails!  I like that my dots were smaller which meant more of the pink base colour showed through.

I did film this, so be sure to check out my instagram once I've had a chance to edit the video later tonight.

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  1. OMG Cathy, you did it! You accomplished the Russian wonder! haha :)

  2. These are gorgeous! You're so incredibly talented, I'm always mesmerized by your designs :)

  3. That's super pretty! They don't look like squashed bugs at all, hahaha! :D

  4. Thank you very much for the pleasing words) I love your nails too) Design looks great! :*

  5. I see nothing but beautiful nail art here! So cute!

  6. Squashed bugs?!? They look like some lovely heraldry designs! I love them!

  7. Such a pretty nail design! I love the colors! =)


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