Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Butterfly Wings nail art

I have a really pretty one for you today.  Butterfly wings, and not just plain wings, multicoloured metallic foil gradient butterfly wings.

I created the foil gradients using a whole bunch of the Salley Hansen Color Foil polishes. I know someone is going to ask me what stamping plate this is, but damn it, I did this mani about three weeks ago and I don't remember now.  And because I'm turning into a pretty slack arse blogger, I didn't even write it down.  And because I have a sleeping cat on my lap, I'm not getting up to go look.

Anyway, ignore my attitude, I don't really have my cranky pants on, I think I'm just tired.  It seems everyone is tired at the moment!  Instead, check out my pretty nails.  Shiny!!


  1. I always keep a notebook with me when i do my nails for this purpose alone. So that when a mani from the draft folder goes live, at least I will know what stamper and polishes I used.

    Your butterflies are very pretty.


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