Friday, June 17, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Rainbow - stripes with black and white

Day 5 of the Digital Dozen rainbow week already. I was lacking inspiration big time.  When that happens I like to just onto instagram and do some hashtag searches.  I was searching #rainbownails and came across a design very similar to this one by @yagala  I didn't see her tutorial video before I painted these, so I painted mine the original way. That is, starting with a white base and then taping off diagonally and doing the black. I then left that dry for about 30 mins before I taped off each finger with striping tape and painted each colour a line at a time.

I did all ten nails and holy stripes from hell this took forever. Luckily I had to stay up until midnight to do some out of hours IT work for our departmental website, so it kept me busy.  But man, doing tape manis like these would have to be the slowest nail art I can do.

I really love the contrast of the rainbow colours against the black and white blocking in the background.  It's very retro to me.

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  1. I love the stripes over the black and white. It looks so sharp!!


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