Friday, June 10, 2016

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Picture Polish Holo on top with comparisions

Where did that week go?  My 'Oh I'm too tired to post tonight' run of nights has given me nearly a weeks absence.  I have heaps of manis to post too, I just need to edit and write them up, but seriously that is the boring slow part isn't it.

Tonight I have Picture Polish's latest shiny new scattered holo polish called Holo on Top!  Holo on top is a silver scattered holo and I'm pleased to say it's right up these with other brands in terms of holo sparkles.

First let's look at it on it's own at three coats.  You can nearly get away with two coats, because it is much denser that I expected.  As it was called Holo on top, I expected a rather weak holo pay off per coat, but this doesn't hold back.

Here is just one coat of Picture Polish Violet Femme.  As you can see, the holo particle are strong and dense at one coat.

The holo particles are also a nice size, so they give of lots of holo reflection without being rough.

So how does Picture Polish Holo on top compare to other scattered holos?  Here is a comparison with Dance Legend Steel Panther, Ozotic 609 and China Glaze Sexagon.

One coat. Picture Polish is the most dense at one coat.

Picture Polish is almost opaque at two coats, the other three still had slight bald spots.

Three coats.

Picture Polish and Dance Legend are both really similar, which is awesome because I considered Steel Panther to be my best silver scattered holo.  They both throw off a good rainbow and both have nice larger particles whilst still being very smooth.  Considering that Picture Polishes have pretty much replaced and in many cases duplicated Ozotic polishes, I'm so happy that Holo on top looks like an improvement on 609 to me.

Holo on top is available from Picture Polish.

Polish provided for consideration.


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