Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Snake skin gel drops

With my last selection of goodies from the Born Pretty Store to review I selected a bottle of Snake Skin Gel drops.  The drops allow you to create a very easy blobicure, which when grouped closely together can give the effect of snake skin.

I tried it out with a range of different colours. This first one is a very bright hot pink gel base, and then a single layer of white gel polish.  Before curing the white layer, you apply small drops of the snake skin drops using a dotting tool.  Because the gel polish beneath is not dry it easily spreads to for the pattern.  I found it was best to do one nail at a time and then cure, otherwise the edges of the drops started to blur a bit.  It also worked better with a very thin layer of the top polish, otherwise you can hardly see the snake skin drop outlines.

I did also wonder whether this was a special product or if you could achieve the same look just using gel top coat. So of course I gave that a try.  Interestingly I couldn't get top coat to work very well.  It just kept leveling out and blending into each other.  So it turns out that this Snake Skin product is at least a little bit different to just a clear gel top coat, because it worked very well. 

Here I tried a different combo.  The base is a sparkly silver foil gel polish. The top layer is a smooth jelly finish bright blue.  This one was a bit harder to see the snake pattern because the blue gel polish was so pigmented.

The Snake Skin drops gel polish is available from the Born Pretty Store. I've got a discount code somewhere, but I'm pretty sure every reader has their own discount code by now.  If not, just google it and you will find about 1000 of them.


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