Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Paper - Day 4 - Paper Towel

Day 4.  Only one more mani to post for this challenge and two more days to go until Aussie Indie Con. I'm a little bummed though cause there is an 80% chance of rain for Saturday in Sydney and I was planning to spend the evening walking the city streets with the Hubby and kids checking out the last day of Vivid.  Looks like we will be putting on rain ponchos and heading out in the wet!

I tried something a little different with today's mani.  My inspiration was a sheet of Paper Towel. Infact I nearly did it with toilet paper and added a poop emoji, but I decided I'd keep it classy, or at least as classy as paper towel allows you to be.

I was aiming to create a waved textured look, and it was pretty much a success.  To achieve his look I painted three thickish coats of ulta3 lily white polish.  I then topped that off with Seche Vite quick dry.  After leaving it to dry for a while, the Seche Vite had dried well on the top layer, but the three layers of white polish beneath were still quite squishy.  I then used my pointiest dotting too to dent lots of tiny little holes into the polish in a wavy pattern. 

A little weird, yes, but I especially enjoy wearing textured designs like this because I tend to fiddle with them and run my fingers of the ripples.


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