Sunday, June 18, 2017

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Pretty Serious - Daphne's Masquerade Party - 5th Anniversary Polish

Hello and look what I picked up yesterday!  It was a hard choice going through all the polishes I picked up at Aussie Indie Con yesterday to select which one to wear first. But seeing the Pretty Serious 5th Anniversary shade, Daphne's Masquerade Party sparkle under my LED lamp was the clincher.

First up, let me say that Aussie Indie Con was fantastic. I met so many Aussie nail enthusiasts, both vendors and customers and I had a ball doing my workshops and demos. But I just don't have the energy tonight after the drive home from Sydney to do the write up justice.  So it's going to have to wait. Plus I have a confession to make. I made a serious rookie mistake on the day!  I met so many people and talked so much that I didn't take a single damn photo. So I'm gonna have to find other people's photos and see what I can link to.  

Let's talk about Daphne's Masquerade Party. Firstly, it's not available just yet on the PS site as they are still filling order from their massive sale this last week.  But I wouldn't think the wait will be long.

I used it here in two ways. Firstly, a single coat as a glitter topper over a gradient using four of the pastel pets shades.  On my accent nail I used the sponging technique to get full coverage.  I was impressed that it built up very quickly using the sponge technique. I only applied the sponged on polish three times to get this looks, but the best thing about that sponge technique is that you don't end up with a thick lump of polish on your nail to get all that glitter.

I have some macros down below so you can see the types of glitter in this polish. As well as the silver holo there is also a gorgeous iridescent pink flash. Formula was thin and smooth and it works beautifully as a topper with a even distribution of glitter across your nail. I'm sure you could build it to opacity on it's own, but clearly sponging it on is the best way to not end up with an accidental polish mountain.


  1. Ooooo, I LOVE these! The colors, and that glitter are gorgeous!

  2. So pretty, the gradient plus glitter, and that glitter nail photographs so brilliantly!


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