Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen does 5 Continents in 5 days - Europe

Day four and I've made it to the European continent today. I pulled out some of my aEngland polish which I have not wore for years.  These polishes were so popular then they first come out, but I don't think I've bought any new ones for ages.  What I love is that they have a soft holo sheen,  but they are generally one coaters.

The two aEngland polished I used were Dragon and And the moonbeams.  I was inspired by the name of the polish, and by the fact that Game of Thrones returns on Monday at 11.00am (which is the same time as the USA). I free hand painted the dragon eye. I figured it was about time I did something freehand for the Digital Dozen this month.  The stamping plate I used is the dragon plate from Messy Mansion for the scales.

I applied OPI matte top coat to the entire mani cause dragons aren't shiny to me, although this did dull the holo effect.  I added a bit of regular top coat onto the eye again to make it glossy, and it also really made it pop!


  1. The best dragon/reptile I've ever seen!

  2. cathy you nailed it, best one i have ever seen. love...

  3. I can't wait for GoT to start!!! :) This mani totally got me into the mood to watch Season 6 (again).

  4. Ohhh, that base polish is so pretty!!


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