Saturday, August 26, 2017

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MilvArt dragon scale with Berry Good Looking (which is no longer purple)

Over the last week, I've been working away at preparing some manis ahead of time for the 31 Day Challenge. I was up to the violet prompt so I pulled out one of my favourite purple polishes from the last few years, Cupcake polish Berry Good Looking. I started with two coats of Berry Good Looking, and I thought to myself, wow, this really doesn't look all that purple. But I pressed on.

I created possibly one of my favourite looks in ages.  On top of Berry Good Looking I applied some Gold MilvArt water decals that appear like a snake skin pattern - pattern F151 in gold (you can also get the same design in black and silver). After I had applied the water decals, I used some gel polish to create textured domes between the gold lines.  When my daughter saw them she asked if I had placed jewels on my nails. These were so tactile to wear and were real attention grabbers.

After I finished, and then took photos I kept thinking, this is pink, not purple. I don't think I can use this for the 'Violet' prompt in the challenge.  My pink suspicions were confirmed when I asked my daughter if my nails were pink or purple. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Mum, they are pink!"

Boo, I'm so disappointed my Berry Good Looking isn't purple anymore.  

The blue flash from the holo flame almost makes it look more purple, but you can really tell the base is a much more pink colour.

Check a google image search, you can see how purple they all look. Given my polish is 18 months old, I'm not going to seek out a replacement or anything, but I'm also not going to buy another one, as I don't want to purchase another polish that is going to change over time. Especially when pink polishes is probably one of my least favourite colours.

I'd love to know if anyone else has one that is no longer purple. I've googled it, but not found anything really. Maybe it's been talked about in Facebook groups that I'm not in?


  1. It's a known changer. Mine was replaced but it was just a few months old. Still beautiful but a beautiful pink, not purple.

  2. Mine has changed a bit too. But I noticed that if you REALLY shake it, it helps reconstitute the purple a bit. I mean give it more shakes than you know what to do with!

    1. Thank you. I'll give it a serious shade and see if I can coax that purp,e back in.

  3. My changed as well. It is a known issue with that polish was SUCH an amazing purple at the start!

    1. Thank you. This is why a huge polish collection sucks. I only wore it once or twice when it was still that amazing purple.

  4. Purple or pink it's still a fabulous mani.

  5. Hmm, those nails are looks weird ;-D
    But, colour its beautiful!

  6. I've heard that Berry Good Looking is known to fade over time, but at least it is still a magenta-y pink.


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