Thursday, March 15, 2018

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Digital Dozen does stamping - Day 4

It's Day four for the Digital Dozen stamping week and I just went through and edited my photos for the last two posts. After editing the photos I uploaded here into Blogger and saved them without any text, just with the photos saved.  Now looking through my draft posts I have 15 of them! 15!. So it turns out I love doing fun nail art, and taking the pictures. I apparently even don't mind editing the photos and uploading them. What I can't be bothered doing it writing them up as blog posts. Do you think it matters, maybe I can just post the photos and say nothing and that would be ok?

Onto this mani. I started with a base of my favourite ever gold polish, Lacquistry Amazeballz extra fine. For some reason I wanted to make it look a little chromier, so I rubbed in some unicorn powder from the Born Pretty Store.  To the ordinary eye you couldn't really tell, but it did give it a smoother finish, and a very slight duochrome red to green shimmer over the top.

On top of the base I did some stamping decals. After the previous white stamping on Tuesday, I decided to do some more white stamping (with just a dash of colour). I think the image is sunflowers, but in white they looked like daisies.


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