Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Digital Dozen does stamping - Day 5

Day five coincides with St Patrick's Day, so it made sense to do some St Patrick's Day themed nails, especially knowing I had a good stamping plate with shamrocks etc on it.

I did cheat and do a tiny bit of freehand with the rainbow, but can I just admire how neatly my stamping came out for the four leaf clover on my index finger.  I did double stamping on the two middle fingers, and I should have done it the other way around, with the darker shade underneath and the lighter green on top, that way it would have looked more like a shadow, rather than the messy misprint that it looks like now.

Dreamland lacquer Kiss me, I'm a fish is not only the perfect green for this mani, but the name is just perfect for St Patrick's day too, being an autocorrect play on the saying Kiss me, I'm Irish.

That will do for today, and for the end of another Digital Dozen week.

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  1. Wauw this looks insane ! Love it!
    - I


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