Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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Digital Dozen - In my Garden - Pool

It's day 2 in my garden and I've actually done some nail art rather than being lazy and posting some water decals.  

Today's inspiration is the pool in my garden.  I did a radial gradient use two shades of blue and white, then applied a thin layer of this Ozotic scattered holo 603 and stamped a water reflection pattern on the top. A pretty quick and easy mani to create in about 40 minutes.

It turns out I haven't taken a photo of the back yard on it's own for about 10 years. The pool are has changed so much since this photo. In the garden bed near where the umbrella stand is is now where the cherry tree stands.  The wisteria was removed at that location because it was becoming a destructive menace and of course we have now built the water slide. I'll have to make sure I take some more pictures this year during spring time when everything is in flower.


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