Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Marble - Day 2 and it's hot as hell

Shit has just got real this week here in Australia. It's hot as hell down here as we are in the midst of a massive heat wave.  We hit 39 degrees today, with 41, 40 and 41 again for the next three days.  For you American folk, that's like 102 - 106 F.

So what better to go with the heat than some scorching neon hot nails!  I cheated a little with the prompt here and used some funky appearance water marble appearance water decals.  But I did fancy them  up a bit by cutting them up and applying them in an arty sort of way.  It also meant I only used 5 decals across all 10 nails, which means I'll be able to make another manicure out of these water decals.

Stay cool out there!


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