Monday, January 14, 2019

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Digital Dozen does Marble - Day 1

Happy New Year everyone. I'm still here, not very often, but I'm still here posting nail art.  58 blog posts last year - that was a pretty lame effort.  Lets see if I can improve on that stat this year?  I'm guessing that once I get to post all the 31 Day Nail Art I've been doing then I'll be well over the half way mark pretty quickly!

This week is the first Digital Dozen week of the year, and the first prompt is Marble. There are so many different marble techniques now that this prompt was pretty easy.  I did start out with some classic watermarble nails.  I did these by leaving the pattern to dry on top of the water and then cut them up and applied as decals. Its so much easier this way!  

The stamping on my middle finger was for my daughter. Today she turned 8 years old and I wanted to add something to my nails for her today. Naturally as soon as she saw my watermabled nails she wanted matching ones too, but I told her I'm not putting in this sort of effort until she learns not to pick them off. She's a picker my daughter (she gets it from her father!) She would have amazing nails applied and they wont last longer than an hour until she picks them off. I wonder what age she will out grown that behaviour?

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