Sunday, May 5, 2019

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Games of Thrones nail art - Cersei Lannister

I'm here a little early this week with my next weekly Game of Thrones themed nails.  Firstly, what did you think of last weeks episode 'The long night'.  I really enjoyed it. Because I can't watch it live here in Australia, as it airs at 11am Monday morning whilst I'm at work, it mean't I had time to be warned about how dark the screen would be.  We turned all the lights off, and made sure to stream it in high definition.  I feel like we were able to see everything pretty clearly.

The end was certainly a shock, and I do kind of feel a bit a bit torn about Arya doing the deed, I think it's super awesome that she did, but I also feel like he was made out to be such an unbeatable bad guy, that it needed someone with a special blood line to do it.

Anyway, lets get onto today's nails.  I've gone with a red, black and gold theme this week and taken it back to Season one, episode seven I believe it was, where Cersei is talking to Ned Stark and tells him.  "When you play the game of throne, you win or you die".  I've got the hand of the king pin to represent Ned, and the House Lannister sigal of the Lion on my pinky.

Let's home it's a good one!

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  1. Did you use a stamping plate or hand-paint all this? It looks amazing!


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