Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Game of Thrones nail art - dragons

Well I guess after last weeks episode, I really should just title this post, Dragon singular, not plural.  I can't believe they killed off another. I've gotta say, I was a disappointed in last weeks episode.  How could Jon not pat Ghost and tell him he's a good boy.  Where did Euron get those head seeking giant cross bows that allowed them to shoot down Rhaegal without them seeing the fleet in front of them! And I'm pissed that they have cut this season so short and then left so much story off screen, like when Sansa and Arya find out about Jon, and then when Sansa tell Tyrion.  Arrgggghhh, they better not screw up the last two episodes.

Tonights nail art didn't exactly turn out how I planned them  I actually did a gradient using Emily de Molly Goddess of Rays and I Love Nail Polish Brilliance.  They are both the same colour shift, except one is a shimmer and the other is flakies.  I was going for smooth skin verses scales, but it didn't really translate tot he nail.  I also wanted to stamp some extra text or images, but the scales stamping mean I couldn't see it.  I ended up sponging a back background on my index finger so I could stamp the three headed dragon from the Targaryen sigal.

Ok, let's hope this next episode is better, and also my next mani! LOL



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