Lynnderella Colour Guide

Here is my very prized and precious collection of Lynnderella nail polishes.

This list is not a listing of all Lynnderella nail polishes, just the ones that I have.

I have nearly all polishes from the core collections, and a couple of Limited Editions.

This page will be slow to load, because there are a lot of pictures. The colour guide is split into three sections

By Colour
By Name
By Collection

Lynnderella polishes are available through Lynnderella's ebay store, and there are lots and lots of auctions making the polishes easily available. Unfortunately for international ladies, they only ship to the USA.

Lynnderella polishes are available in Europe through Norway Nails.

Lynnderella polishes are now available in Australia from Glitter Connect. Aussie should follow Glitter Connect on Facebook for updates and giveaways!

Lynnderella's blog includes information and swatches for all her collections.

By Colour

By Name

By Collection

Halloween Twin Set

Haunted Hearts

Once Upon a Prince and More Man Candy

Talismans and Birthstones

Mixed Feelings

Everything's Coming up Neon

GroundHog Day

Seasons Glitterings

Early Halloween Resurrected

Sweet Something's for a Summer Solstice

Lovely is as Lovely Does

Funny Money

Holiday House Guests

Early Halloween

Limited Edition

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