Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lynnderella - Mercury's Rainbow

Look, I'm pant-less, I'm wearing no undies!  That's right I'm wearing this Lynnderella on it's own.  

This is Mercury's Rainbow, which is at least eleventy bazillion times better than these photos show.  Glitter polishes are tricky to photograph, and holo glitter is even more impossible.  This was actually one of the first Lynnderella's I wore when I got them, and I have learned a heap about how to photograph glitter polishes better since these were taken.  But I shouldn't deprive you all of a post today because of my shitty photography skills.

Mercury's Rainbow has a sheer shimmery charcoal grey base, with fine silver glitter and gun metal grey holographic hexes.  Here are a lot of ordinary photos of an extraordinary polish.

This was three coats of Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow on it's own, one coat of glitter tamer and then Seche Vite.


  1. Spectacular - never knew this one could be so opaque! Your photos are always good

    1. You're so kind. I was checking your photos of this before posting, yours are amazing and you really captured the holo!

  2. Pretty! It reminds me of a souped of version of China Glaze Some Like it Haute.


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