Monday, November 2, 2015

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Superchic Lucid Lala Land with MILV Water decals

This is how I recently wore Superchic Lucid Lala Land, teamed up with these pretty MILV water decals.  I bought the decals from Picture Polish, who have a pretty decent range of all the MILV water decals.  

I love water decals where I can't stamp the same design.  I was worried that these blue ones would be a bit to simple and look stamped, but the shading across the flowers and petals gives it so much more dimension that I would be able to stamp.  They remind me of that china you can get with the blue flowers on it. In fact it doesn't just remind me of it, it looks exactly like it.

Oh, and can we also just look at how gorgeous Lucid Lala Land is again, remembering that this is just one coat! Stunning!


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